Nonsense Friday! November 7th Edtion


  • I stole the above photo from Jessie Farrell.
  • What’s Trending in Long Beach: Restaurants are out, foot spas and nail salons are in! #nailsalons #footspas #LBNY #LongBeachNYNotCalifornia #seabythecity
  • It looks like the Neptune to Roosevelt parking malls are getting some trees today!! I see more variety, but couldn’t tell if they were the rotting flesh kind.
  • This morning on Loop Parkway, driving to work, listening to The Pixies: When Frank Black sang “drive my car into the ocean” the car in front of me literally almost veered off the drawbridge. Please no texting while driving, folks!
  • Gentle Brew has a giant coffee grinder sitting in their store.
  • Rumor: iStar bidding to begin shortly?
  • Do I see festive lights on Park Avenue? Yes, I do see festive lights on Park Avenue! I am just not ready for the holiday season yet. I need one more good beach day first.
  • What can you tell me about Lost & Found in the West End?
  • Elections are over. Please dispose all campaign signs.
  • The trees on the Meadowbrook Parkway are so pretty this time of year. How can we move them to Long Beach?
  • Long Beach Matters to You is reporting on more sidewalk poop. Warning: Please move away from the screen when you visit this LINK.
  • This is nonsense friday. Much like Conspiracy Thursday, it will probably not be weekly. Got any nonsense info or stolen photos? Please comment and share!

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