East Park Beverage ….. Lido Wines & Spirits

The old King’s Pharmacy. These are two stores: one a beverage/convenience store, the other is a wine store. They are hoping to be open by the end of November. A new slate facade was installed on the bottom exterior.


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29 thoughts on “East Park Beverage ….. Lido Wines & Spirits”

  1. Saw this today and all I can say is I am hoping this “Beverage/Convenience” store will not be a 7-11 type store…it is not what we need on that strip. IMHO

  2. While, it is not what everyone wants in Long Beach, at least it is not 2 empty stores.
    And remember it is up to all parents to teach our children about drinking .

  3. Would have liked to see a men’s and women’s clothing store that’s NOT a boutique, with higher end boutique prices. All the clothing stores here in Long Beach are sometimes too trendy and takes a certain taste.

  4. It’s exactly what we need on that strip. I live in the canals and we have to drive to the nearest convenience store. Don’t be a snob

  5. Ah yes. Cirrhosis By The Sea. I really think we need more alcohol availability. This is a great selling point for Long Beach. A Bottle of Booze and Body of Water within a 2 minutes walk from every home! Perhaps we should have a new Council to promote more alcohol consumption. We have a new Arts Council, Economic Development Council, and so on. How about MADD.More Alcohol Drinking Daily or something catchy like that. Or maybe D.A.R.E Drink Alcohol Regularly Everyone.
    Park Avenue Wines & Liquors
    Long Beach Plaza Liquor
    Pop’s Wine & Spirits
    Lido Wines & Spirits Inc
    Lafayette Liquor Store
    Point Lookout Liquor Store
    Island Park Wine & Liquor
    Beach Liquors
    Popz Starz
    Sand Castle Liquor & Wine Inc

  6. The National Democrat Council has vowed to bring seven million new illegal aliens into the US and has “empowered” 55 million Americans with food stamps to buy votes from “dependent populations”.

    Locally, the Democrats have brought hundreds of Section 8 “customers” into Long Beach and approved five new bars. Here’s a new liquor store approved by the Democrats. More fruit to attract the poor and dependent voter and chase away the earner and self-reliant who want nothing to do with them.

  7. Long Beach needs a business where a customer can simultaneously get a Tattoo, Alcohol, Mani/Pedi and that accepts WIC/EBT/SNAP.

    guaranteed winner.

  8. So why don’t some of you get together and open a business you feel is reasonable and profitable. I’d like a clothing store that is less trendy, or a place to buy sneakers too. It would be very much appreciated by residents here.

  9. @ Junior, Get thee to Kohl’s. Marshall’s, or T.J.Max. No one in their right mind would open a clothing store. If you’re not a boutique or big box retailer, you either don’t exist, or you’re not profitable. I think the Liquor/Beer Distributor store is brilliant. Let’s see if we can keep track of the uptick in domestic violence, underage drinking, DWI’s, and so on. Hey, when the AA meetings swell in numbers is that looked at by the City Council as pro-growth/pro business?

  10. Hell with all the liquor stores why not open a strip joint or just a good rub and tug? Good for all morale and divorce rates in lb go down lol.

  11. Well said. And when DWIs increase – they will come back and demand checkpoints/roadblocks be put up, or everyone have breathalyzers installed in their cars. But somehow adding more liquor stores and bars is solid public policy. Maybe they can combine the food truck program with the alcohol program – mobile liquor stores that cruise the City, maybe we could deck them out to look like that Long Beach trolley bus, so residents will be comfortable with their appearance and elect the Democrats by even higher margins next time.

  12. Our council bills this city as “party by the sea.” That is part of the problem. Visitors are encouraged to have a great time, get drunk and shit all over us on our dollar. I also don’t think another type of business can absorb the high overhead and taxes in running a business here, and that is unfortunate..

  13. Relax y’all. I don’t think another liquor store is going to be the decline of the moral fiber of Long Beach.

    Were violent spouses, degenerates and DWI’ers not willing to get over a mile to Monarch or the wine and liquor stores or the gas station or Waldbaums to get alcohol?

    Well, unless of course they lived in the canals; as someone pointed out, they were very inconvenienced by the mile between them and the other beer distributor on the barrier island.

  14. its like you people live in this bubble In denial of anything post-1955 and in denial that a world exists off of Long Island. It’s amazing you were able to find the internets.

  15. so you are saying in the case of this store, if it was a republican administration they would know what is best and make laws restricting the type of businesses that can open? That sounds like a “job killing regulation” if i ever heard of one.

    Or is your point that government — and not the landlord (who is trying to secure the best tenant he can for the spot) and not the small business owner (who is making this investment and creating jobs) know what is best?

  16. @box, you’re a tool. You chose a great moniker. Just for you – “Long Beach MUST have a Hospital” I said that to appeal to your good sense. And @West End Tom, forgive me, I shouldn’t have singled the “violent spouses, degenerates and DWI’ers” as you called them. It was unfair that I left out the vast number of functional and semi-functional alcoholics in town that feel the need to numb themselves everyday. To @steve, your comments above are bit delusional if you think that the “small business owner…know(s) what is best”. That lack of knowing, as you call it, is why they are struggling in this town in the first place. Bad chefs, poor service, not understanding supply and demand, and so on. And as for government knowing what is best, it can happen when guided by public discourse. There are towns all over America in which government regulates the actual number of liquor stores, their proximity to schools and places of worship, etc. Typically poorer neighborhoods have a larger number of liquor stores as well as documented greater crimes statistics. It’s just pathetic that beer and liquor is the best we can do. But who gives a sh$% right? As long as they sponsor movies on the beach, welcome to the neighborhood. Cheers.

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