5 thoughts on “New signs popping up on Park (updated)”

  1. Nice work Anthony! Glad the city listened! Only question: Who paid for the new signs the LB taxpayers or the families/organizations?

  2. Our taxes are up 35% and they spend $100K on “memorial signs”. Meanwhile there’s not a single street sign on the entire 2-1/2 mile boardwalk.

  3. I cannot see the sign you are talking about. All I can see is an enormous amount of pavement at a dangerously oversized intersection.

    Oh wait….if I squint way across this intersection the size of the state of Rhode Island I can see something that looks like it could be a sign.

    I’d walk over there to get a better view of this exciting addition but it takes me 10 minutes to cross the street and I’ll probably just get killed crossing anyways.

  4. Damn, these things are ugly! They look like a field of billboards planted on the median of the 400 and 500 block east!

    While other towns create clear vistas of their roadways, we’re planting more advertising signs. The white plastic poles are eyesores, topped with these huge signs.

    Doesn’t anyone running this place have an iota of culture or class?

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