“It’s definitely hurting business, as customers are saying they don’t want to shop in LB anymore” – Anonymous LB-Business owner on Alleged Towing ‘Scam’

An anonymous business owner in Long Beach contacted me regarding the towing article that was posted over a week ago (see –An “Alleged” Towing “Scam” [Heed the Warning]). This person said many costumers are aware of the consequences of getting towed, but the ‘park once, shop in multiple stores’ habit is hard to break, especially in a place like Long Beach that is supposed to be a walkable city. “It’s definitely hurting business, as customers are saying they don’t want to shop in LB anymore.”


Coincidently, as I was drafting this story, I received the following photo with this caption from Richard Boodman who gave me info for the first story:

“At it again slightly after 2 PM today . She paid $50. He had her hooked up for about 14 minutes. Then he went store shopping until he found her. Tow guy told me he had complained to the PD about me. Since I complained to the PD about him, I guess we are even. One of the bystanders said that this is number three today.


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5 thoughts on ““It’s definitely hurting business, as customers are saying they don’t want to shop in LB anymore” – Anonymous LB-Business owner on Alleged Towing ‘Scam’”

  1. I never paid attention until Mr. Boodman made us aware. Saw it happen 11/9/14. Guy was very fast and sped away East on Park with car in tow.

  2. It’s a big scam on the tow company’s part. But bottom line? Don’t park where you shouldn’t. There is a big lot across the street that sits mostly empty. If nobody parks illegally the tow guy doesn’t make any money and looks elsewhere to ply his trade.

  3. This tow guy is a tool watched him hook and hide across the street with car till person was looking for their car then comes back and demands money. One time he is gonna do it to wrong person and get his ass kicked can’t wait.

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