Water main broke at new parking mall (that stinks)

“Earlier this evening, a 12” water main broke on the south side of Park Ave. just west of Roosevelt Blvd.

City public works crews are still excavating to assess the damage and may need to shut down a small area surrounding the break in order to repair it. – City of Long Beach

Yep, our new parking mall at Roosevelt and Park. Workers were hard at work trying to get it back to normal this morning, but damn that stinks. The new mall was looking nice. They still need to add the crossing light to the stores. I also hope they bring the nautical pilings back, or some type of nautical decoration. I miss those.

2014-11-19 09.00.41

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6 thoughts on “Water main broke at new parking mall (that stinks)”

  1. I saw it when it first was happening last night around 9. Cop was blocking the left lane and water was gushing out. I don’t know if that water main was replaced when they performed the work, but this really should not happen – I understand it has been cold, but it takes a long time for the ground to freeze that would make a water main bust.

  2. I was told that DPW is supposed to replace the water lines and sewer lines when they renovate a road. I’m with Lou, did that not happen in this case? And if not, WHY? Its common sense, you have the street open, thats the time to replace everything.

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