Are snowflakes and crabs enough to draw people to shop in Long Beach this Holiday Season?

I like the boardwalk lights. I like how our city is extending them to Park Avenue. Beech Street has some nice holiday lights of their own. Yes, this all looks nice and festive, but is it enough to draw people outside of Long Beach to come down here and shop for the holiday season?

Last year I suggested this idea of having a makeshift outdoor skating rink in Kennedy Plaza: charge for skate rentals, skating, hot cocoa, coffee, snacks, have live music, etc.  It would be a completely different vibe than trying to get people to go to our ice arena, which is nowhere near our downtown. This could be so much fun and make Long Beach a winter destination.

Nobody like that idea. Does anybody have any other ones? Does the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce have some tricks up their sleeves?

I know some of you have that ‘no tourist’ attitude, but we do have local businesses who could really use the business.


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23 thoughts on “Are snowflakes and crabs enough to draw people to shop in Long Beach this Holiday Season?”

  1. I love the holidays and any way LB participates is welcome as far as I’m concerned! BTW Anthony I loved your ice skating at Kennedy plaza idea!!!!just sayin’

  2. I am not sure if “crabs” would really be a draw for any locale, maybe if we had a good seafood joint but ….

    I never really got the idea that decorations would draw anybody to come someplace unless it was a Christmas light show ala Jones Beach Style. When I heard of the boardwalk lights last year, that is what I thought it would be, when I went down to see them my first thought was I was on the wrong block. Then I thought if anyone from another town actually came down to see that they would think twice about whether it is worth coming to Long beach for the next event that is posted.

    Does anyone know if the trolley will be out and about to bring people to the “Boardwalk Lights”? Any chance we could bribe the driver to take a swing through Jones Beach, it is not like anyone is going to even realize if the trolley went off route.

  3. People who live out of LB usually go to Roosevelt Field or that shopping
    center in Oceanside or RVC…….so who knows how it will play out with them coming to LB to shop

  4. Sadly our city is shutting down the ice arena for some sort of holiday thing instead of putting it on Kennedy Plaza where the local businesses would benefit. Having it in the ice arena and covering up the ice is DUMB!

  5. The Boardwalk Lights is just one more scheme to funnel tax dollars into the pocket of one more “friend and family” Democrat. Check out what they are paying this babe for them.

  6. Nice ideas but not really thought through.
    How would the ice be made and maintained? It’s very expensive since piping is required and a cover too since the sun can affect the ice in the daytime. Rain is also a factor. The temperatures fluctuate too widely to rely on nature to keep it frozen.

    However , some more imaginative people than myself might be able to come up with some winter festival type activities for the underutilized Kennedy Plaza.

  7. Ice is fake. Same as they put on a cruise ship (imagine a jigsaw puzzle ). I don’t know the cost but actually seeing activiies at the Plaza in the evening seems a logical step in development of businesses in area?

  8. Forty years ago my mother made me a skating rink in the backyard one winter, and it’s one of my favorite memories. LB teens also need a fun destination, so I love the Kennedy Plaza rink idea!

  9. For the two or so weeks it would be there. It can work. The goal is to bring business and community together not create an Olympic figure skater 🙂

    Again, I’m not sure of price or practicality. I just like thinking out of the box 🙂

  10. Some of the busiest, most successful NYC holiday shopping areas are in Bryant Park, Columbus Circle, Union Square and there are more in Brooklyn. These are bazaar type booths set up by real stores with high end crafts interspersed among them. If the merchants organized and got the Chamber of Commerce on board this could be done in Kennedy Plaza. And unless the weather is absolutely abysmal it doesn’t seem to deter shoppers in the city, so it shouldn’t here.

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