14 thoughts on “[Poll] Which will happen first: Hospital, iStar groundbreaking or Cinemas reopen?”

  1. Newsflash: The hospital will not be reopening, not in any form and not in any location. We might get a free standing emergency room, but after a while SNCH will explain that they can no longer keep it open 24/7 and will cut overnight hours.

    The Movie Theatre will open in the spring, all our elected officials will stand in the lobby of the theatre all wearing blue t-shirts (as opposed to the silly red ones for the hospital)with overpriced buckets of popcorn in one hand while slapping their backs with the other hand. Next fall more restaurants will close their doors explaining “We held on until the theater opened but that did not really bring the additional people to our doors”

    iStar will break ground towards the end of next summer and complete the first tower for Spring 2017 occupancy. Upon the opening of the retail/restaurant spaces on the boardwalk most Long Beach residents and visitors will choose that locale over the other local restaurants in the business districts. In the fall of 2017 explaining their summer was terrible with the added competition more restaurants will close their doors.

    Here is my write in response for what will happen first:. “A nail salon will open in the current location of Lido Wines and Liquors after they move to their expanded location”

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

  2. The hospital will NOT re-open in it’s present location if at all. South Nassau has 1 board member that is Al D’Amato’s VP at his lobbyist firm, Park Strategies. South Nassau has a 2nd board member that has political backing for a “gated hamlet” directly across the water in island Park and is a close friend of Al D’Amato. Long Beach has installed a new Economic Development Director, Patricia Bourne, that worked for the SNCH/VP at the highest levels of county government. SNCH has used Park Strategies as their exclusive lobbyist for FEMA funds that rightfully and exclusively must be spent in Long Beach. Pretty good when you can sit on the Board of a Hospital and then hire the firm of which you are a VP to lobby FEMA for money that belongs in Long Beach and not in Oceanside. This way the other Board Member can get to work on developing the property when SNCH flips it for an enormous profit leaving us without a Hospital. Please get the movie theater open soon, people are really dying having to leave the barrier island. Line 16 – http://disclosures.house.gov/ld/ldxmlrelease/2014/Q1/300650489.xml and again http://disclosures.house.gov/ld/ldxmlrelease/2014/Q3/300686666.xml
    Or look here and change the years of lobbying expenditures http://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/clientsum.php?id=D000056932&year=2014

  3. Total win … Except he forgot about Kitty Condo and the 50 million lawsuit the taxpayers will be paying. I’m guessing spring 2017 too! Yeahhhh Captain!

  4. Subsidized tenants buy little more than lottery tickets. Anything else they need comes from nail salons and bodegas.

    The new tenants will not bring shoppers to our community any more than the 4000 tenants in Rockaway’s Dayton and Seaside Towers have brought Rockaway Beach new shoppers.

  5. Dan, there are hundreds of individual-owned restaurants, variety shops, daycares, clothing stores, doctor offices, chiropractors, yoga studios, coffee places, banks, grocery stores, wine stores, surf shops, etc that cater to the needs and receive the support of the immediate, diverse community of Rockaway.
    Dayton Towers is a Mitchell-Lama co-op with income requirements and thousands of working residents.

  6. Allison, when’s the last time you were there? The business community is Rockaway is like a bombed out sub-Sahara Africa. Obama’s America: Poor, dependent and enslaved.

    I suppose you and people like you see Rockaway as the model which Long Beach should follow.

    It’s no wonder this place is the quagmire it has become.

  7. Alison B. I read your posts and truly/ seriously wonder why you’re here and not in the Rockaways? I also wonder if you’ve ever taken any macro or micro economics classes or run a business at a senior managerial level? Because your perspective is rather askew of reality. Might I suggest the poor man’s MBA for you… read the WSJ every day for a year.

  8. She’s a dependent consumer. It’s all about what she can make the government take from you and give to her, who naturally deserves it more than you do. Also believes the blacks built America which was taken from the really wise and enlightened indians.

  9. NEWSDAY HEADLINE: “4 LI hospitals rate poorly in avoidable patient injuries, infections.” As usual, the Newsday “paywall” stops you from reading which hospitals they are. From their article:

    “Penalized hospitals include several members of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System: Plainview Hospital; Southside Hospital in Bay Shore; North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset; and Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. Stony Brook University Hospital also was cited.”

    Yup, the main hospital of LIJ! I think it’s criminal that Newsday withold info like this from the public. At least no nearby hospitals made the list.

    Sorry to hijack this thread but I couldn’t figure how else to post the info.

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