62 thoughts on “Newsday: Top pay and overtime pay. This is for all of long Island.”

  1. The numbers don’t tell the whole story.

    From Newsday:

    “Long Beach… had the highest per capita payroll expense among cities and towns in Nassau County in 2013 at $1,069 per resident.”

    “Long Beach had the highest ratio of workers to residents in Nassau County with one worker per 21.5 residents…”

    “Overtime as a percentage of payroll increased in 2013 to 12.2 percent from 8.5 percent. The city’s $4.7 million in overtime was the highest in Nassau…”

    “Schnirman was the highest paid municipal leader among Nassau towns and cities at $157,383.”

    It’s obvious that the City is out of control. Corrupt. And that the voters are ignorant, caring more about pumpkins and ice skating than those stealing their hard-earned dollars.

    In fairness to many of the individuals, Commissioner Tangney’s record-setting $315,000 earnings ($150/hour) includes a portion of his retirement sick/vacation buyout. That’s part of the police contract and actually saves money for the taxpayers.

    Overtime for working supervisors is earned. They deserve every dollar they make living sometimes 80/hours a week at work watching over, motivating and getting work out of a band of guys which often include political misfits, nee-do-wells, and ex-cons.

    Last but not least, inflation has pushed a living wage here to the six figure mark. Like it or not, a guy who produces and does so reliably and responsible deserves a living wage. While the Obamaites love stirring up class envy, you have no one to blame but yourself if your Sociology degree is earning you less than a garbage man.

    This is still America. Want to be a Beach Supervisor take the test and put in a resume. Don’t like the fact that the Long Beach Police Commissioner earns more than the NYC Commissioner, Head of the FBI and the President Obama, stop electing Democrats.

  2. Between the reckless fiscal spending and bonding/borrowing and its effect on property taxes, and the flood insurance, this is the end of Long Beach. A typical house is going to see a $20K+ yearly cost for property tax, homeowners, and flood insurance. That’s before you pay a dime of your mortgage. Then renters ask “why are rents so high”, and landlords look to take section8 since the government pays without asking any questions. I see no chance of turning the City around politically because the “new people” coming in are all hard core Democrat voting blocs. The people selling out and leaving (the smart ones) might have voted to change the town, but they are voting with their feet instead.

  3. Sam, you are right on target with your comments. First the owners will be pushed out, then the renters. What will be left will be the Section 8, welfare and those on government doles.

    Same thing happens when any community is run by or greatly inhabited by Democrats. Check the list: Roosevelt, Freeport, Rockaway, Brentwood, Mastic Beach, New York City, Uniondale,
    East Meadow, Elmont, Central Islip, Bayshore.

    Add Long Beach.

  4. Well I expect our 2015 republican and democrat (hahaha) candidates to address this very issue head on! And we should all hold them accountable for a realistic way to manage this since we are being driven off a cliff with reckless spending! And when is NCPD coming in to take over? This way we can hack this LBPD salaries! For what these guys get paid, you’d think this was Beverly Hills.

  5. The only way for the kind of changes you post about here to take effect, would be for the City to lose its charter and be forced back into the Town of Hempstead. Not that the Town wants Long Beach mind you, but I really believe that the eventual course for Long Beach is fiscal insolvency once the bonds come due, and the State moving in to revoke the City charter. That’s the only way to disband the high cost structure of the City government, its never going to be done through the local political process.

  6. The wage earners are most likely your neighbors who put the money back in the economy and spend countless hours working. They have the skill and experience and get the job done. And they are paid a prevailing wage for this region.

    How about asking why the political hacks, with zero experience or skill do not better manage their labor?

  7. Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha! TILB.
    And the streets in many areas are crumbling, empty trolleys cruise around aimlessly, the bus schedule is a chaotic mess, people get shot in the neighborhood near police headquarters, a near total lack of traffic enforcement, no place to park your car in many areas, and on and on and on.

    Time for a third party.

  8. As a renter currently looking to buy here this blog can get a little discouraging. It honestly feels like this is the only way to move forward. Just crash, burn, and start over under county control.

    I’m not really sure when these bonds are up. Does anyone know? Have there been any plans to curb spending to pay off this debt?

  9. Ok how do we go about this process? Ditch the charter and let’s join NC or TOH. I am sick and tired of pot hole ridden streets, “areas” that police will not manage, glass on the beach while Beach Superintendents make $$$, politicians who think they are doing you a favor when it’s their damn job, etc. There is too much BS in this town and it needs to stop, the problem is the avg citizen has no clue. So what are the downsides to getting rid of city status? Anthony, can we start a separate thread on this? Perhaps it’s time this get some serious traction. Eddie, oh sage of LB, you’ve been around long enough and I am sure have heard this before. Help us see the benefits and pitfalls of going from city to town status.

  10. I would have thought “consolidation” with the County was a good idea until this year. Mangano and Cuomo hugging each other? I’ve got a feeling all that vanishing FEMA money got them all in a happy boat together. Nobody rock the boat. The whole State’s run by a Uniparty now. Not just Long Beach, but I think all of Nassau County needs a RICO investigation. Either that, or make the whole barrier island it’s own County, run by the Regulations of Point Lookout. There could be a Coalition Government run jointly by the Point Lookout and East Atlantic Beach Civic Associations.

  11. You can find people who share your ideas and values. Maybe get together with the other commenters on this blog. You can start you’re own third party, call it the Sea by the City party. Find people amongst yourselves that you think could make the changes you’d like to see. Hit the streets and get the petitions signed to put them on the election ballots. Campaign!

    If republicans and democrats can do you can do it too. They’re not geniuses they are just willing to do the work and see it through.

    Or you can get a whole bunch of people together and join the democrat or republican clubs. Vote out the leadership; Zapson Morriority and their cronies. Vote yourselves in. Run candidates candidates with support of the clubs.

    These things aren’t easy but they can be done if you have enough people that care and are able to put in the time to see it through.

  12. Nassau police would cost us more for less service. Look up their pay. Do you think Nassau will do it for free? I don’t think so. Additionally, look at all of the problems Nassau police have. A crumbling police lab, officers including high ranking officers getting arrested, numerous sexual misconduct complaints against Nassau officers, should I go on.

  13. Also being a city keeps our tax dollars here. If we were part of the Town of Hempstead our local tax dollars would be spread throughout the biggest township in the country. Long Beach is far from perfect but why would you want your local tax dollars to fund projects on Hempstead Turnpike instead of Park Ave.

  14. The advantage would be the tax base expansion. In Long Beach there are only around 30,000 residents who share the city’s expenses. The Town of hempstead has around 700,000 residents who share the cost of running the Town. So hypothetically, people in Long Beach may partially fund projects on Hempstead Turnpike but people in Uniondale, Bellmore, Garden City and elsewhere in the town would also partially fund projects on Beach Street and Park Avenue. Its a broader tax base.

  15. Tax base expansion sounds good on paper but look at the reality. How much of our tax dollars go to the federal and state governments that we never get back. Countless dollars. It would be the same thing but on smaller scale if we combined with the Town of Hempstead. We would have less control of our tax dollars.

    Do you really thing the Republican controlled Town of Hempstead would fairly share the tax revenue with a primarily Democratic controlled area. I don’t think so. We would get the short end of the stick like other democratic areas in the Town of Hempstead (Elmont, Baldwin, Uniondale, etc. )

    Some things look great on paper then the reality of politics sets in. Love it or hate it it’s the world we live in.

  16. Yeah. Sandy hit at the end of October 2012. Why would they still be fixing the city in 2013. Everything should have been completely repaired by December 31, 2012!!!!! WAY TO MILK SANDY YOU DEMOCRATIC SCUM!!

  17. He made that money by working. Skilled hourly employee. By loathing the pay of a tradesman, you sound little and envious.

    Why not ask his boss why he had to put in so many hours?

    Oh, that’s right… The Democrats stopped answering questions from residents at Council meetings.

  18. Local control trumps foreign control every time.

    As a small city, the local community decides where their taxes are spent. With county or town control money will be sucked from the working stiffs in Long Beach to support those in Hempstead and Roosevelt who don’t work. A small city can tax income, which Long Beach hasn’t done yet.

    What’s needed is an enlightened citizenry who learns the issues and votes thieves and corruption out of office.

    Good luck with that. In Long Beach, the old vote for the Social Security party and the young vote for the abortionists and volley ball enthusiasts. Then they complain that they can’t afford to live here.

  19. Eddie, what skill or trade are you saying our Supt of Beach Maint .possesses? He is not a carpenter, plumber or electrician. He is good with a spackle trowel but that is not a skill needed on the Beach . He is a guy with very few skills and no education that has been with the City for lots of years. Today he is hanging around Kennedy Plaza supervising the hourly guys put the Xmas lights on the trees. He has been there for hours and the last time I looked he was on overtime which for him starts at 2 PM. HIS supervisor( Director of Public Works) should be the one dumped. Canner and all his crew will continue to run up the bill until someone upstairs has the balls to shut them down.

  20. A quarter of a million dollars a year to patrol Long Beach only to call in Nassau PD when it gets real. A supervisor getting OT for watching guys hang Christmas lights. It actually has me laughing. Just how stupid is this town? It defies all logic. A basic economics class and a junior in High School can see it’s unsustainable. Why even bother to fight such things as pensions and lifetime health benefits after 5 years? Let the City Council go hog wild, Let SNCH, D’Amato, and our new Economic Development Director flip the hospital property, let the sub-divisions commence, build a third stadium for our dwindling student enrollment, make the beach free, fill potholes with sand and move on, allow people to park on their own front lawns and stop complaining about looking for spots. Remember when Harvey decried DeNiro’s “City by the Sea”? Maybe that bleak purgatory of abandoned buildings and pervasive hopelessness wasn’t Asbury Park at all, but our future. A sort of Cinéma Vérité de L’Avenir. The train has left the station folks and a wreck is in the near future. Voting for these clowns (and you know you will) is like watching a train wreck. You’re uncomfortable, but you just can’t help yourself.

  21. There are still homeless people from Sandy
    I was homeless until March of 2013. It does suck but if you get OT God Bless it’s a rarity.

  22. A Jew must vote Democrat, as must a Black. No room for judgement or discussion. The slavery must continue. There’s 60% of Long Beach.

  23. @ Simply Facts, you’re comment is regrettable and only stands to pivot the discussion. I will ask that no one else reply to Simply Fact and pay him/her no mind. I will do the same henceforth.

  24. ALERT! Whether you agree or disagree with my posts please be advised that I am BEACHGUY- one word.

    There now seem to be imposters. Interlopers. BEACH GUY- two words and BEACH GUY 2 – three words.
    They are NOT me.
    What is the old saying? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  25. Wonder who is posting under my name. I love people who not only don’t have the balls to use their own names but go so far as to post under the names of others. Super lame. Can we just sign up for permanent user names, Anthony?

  26. Eddie, Your illogical and steadfast defense of the out of control salaries and OT is uncharacteristic and has given us some potential insight. I’m thinking you may work for LB’s Public Works (or some Department like that).

  27. #1 maybe there are other people in long beach named Mandy.
    #2 are you not outraged by the crazy cop salaries and ot amounts?
    #3 do you just like canner and not want him to think you were upset by his earnings? Are you only mad at democrats who make a lot of money?

  28. These numbers are in black and white. Come to the council meeting and cite dollar amounts. This has got to stop. Enough of the % increase things. It’s not about percentage of taxes or salaries. It’s about $$$$$$$$. These $$$$ are crazy. Focus on what people understand and can see. Don’t single out 16% tax increases. That’s meaningless and sounds like you’re twisting numbers. the specific salaries of Tangney and Canner is what pisses me off. Some guy who went from 45000 to 50000 got a big percent increase but that’s peanuts when compared to this crap. Zero in on the cops firemen and labor guys with these crazy bucks!!!

  29. 1. Maybe, but given the context I’m pretty sure I assessed they situation accurately. I can see why you would be sensitive about criticisms of people who post under other people’s names.
    2. Of course I am.
    3. My contempt for the politics in this town covers all the players who do more for themselves than the residents. That’s why I supported TK and will continue to support those who rise above the pettiness no matter what party they represent.
    4. Duh.

  30. Is any part of Canner’s salary reimbursable by FEMA or other Sandy related grants? Why are supervisors and higher not considered managerial and exempt from OT laws? What does Jack Schnirman bring that makes him more valuable than Kate Murray (Hempstead) or Frank Petrone (Huntington) both of whom manage far larger towns? How do we reverse this trend with the unions?

  31. I suspect that the bloated 2013 comp numbers are Sandy-related and that FEMA reimbursement is involved. The important question, to me, is
    was there a very significant drop down from these numbers for 2014? If not, the Sandy “reason” is BS.

    Further, if we continue to have huge OT numbers, why is that? And if there is no good explanation, residents should complain incessantly at CC meetings and when there is an election rally their friends and neighbors to vote for someone else. If the only thing residents do is b*tch on here, nothing will change.

    To my mind, Schnirman’s salary is not at a level that it is at all relevant to the fiscal condition of the City. The drivers for this City are the number of employees and the comp and benefits they receive. That is what impacts our taxes and why streets have potholes and broken curbs, etc.

  32. I had not seen the “imgur” 2014 compensation attachment above about 2014 compensation. Where is this from? Does this account for a “catch-up” based on the mediation award for “back-pay”?

    Anyone know?

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