Skate or Die! [Skate Park UPDATE]

I just wanted to make it clear that I’m extremely excited about a new skate park. My rant in the last post on this topic was more on location; off the boardwalk could have turned skating into a local industry almost as big as surfing, as well as being good for the community via entertainment. But if done right near the recreation center, this skate park will still make an impact to our local economy (Yes, I believe this).

Skatepark supporters are not just kids looking for a place to hang out, but also business owners and community leaders who see the economic and cultural benefits a good skatepark could give us. One person with lots of knowledge on this subject, wished to remain anonymous, had this to say:

“Having an accredited skate park can do a lot of good for the city, if you visit any skate park in California they are major tourist attractions and help bring revenue to the surrounding area. You don’t even have to look that far, skaters on long island travel to the city, to other places on the island to explore new skate parks that are challenging and fun to skate. There are plenty of good parks on long island. Also the city has a lot of talent and some really good skaters that really have a shot at doing big things, skating is no different than any other “extreme sport” such as surfing and snowboarding. There is just an old stigma that skaters or uneducated, drug using trouble makers… not the case and frankly insulting. We are prepared to put the work in and do what we have to do to make good things happen, that’s all we are trying to do.

Skate Park supporters wanted CA Skateparks for design and construction:

“[CA Skateparks] have experience in building near the water and built parks in places such as Rockaway and Chelsea Piers that were literally under water from Sandy and there was 0% damage to them…

Our city ended up picking Spohn Ranch to construct and design with the help of the community. Spohn won the bid, but it’s strange since there is apparently no design. What did they bid on? The overall budget? There is some concern with Spohn as the choice, but the supports are willing to make it work:

“I have done some research on the Spohn, they build parks in the mid west, but they seem to bring in materials that are made in other places, Pre- fab materials. We need concrete and we need it done right! The city says we will be able to have 100% say as far as the design goes… we have all members on board doing all of our research and reaching out to possible funders/ investers/ building/ volunteers to make sure we continue to take steps towards the right direction.

On the official city announcement, they did outline how the community will be involved with the design:

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.16.13 AMI am curious if the process will be similar to the Phase II Boardwalk meetings from last summer, or the community-driven Magnolia Park Rebuild that I was involved in with Kaboom. I will post the skate park public meeting dates as soon as I find out.



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5 thoughts on “Skate or Die! [Skate Park UPDATE]”

  1. For over an hour resident after resident got up and stated the company the city was going with wasn’t a good one for coastal communities. One resident even question why council votes at all as they have no opinion and do what Jack and Jim want despite what the residents want.

  2. Actually three or four morons with vested interests complained without making any sense and then the rest of the waking community was thrilled with the choice.

  3. I live opposite 209 w park which over the years has been a mini skate park which is vet annoying while trying to relax in my backyard or den
    when i have queried the parents of the young people who frequent this “mini-park” they say they would rather have their kids there than down by the “wreck” where they have to worry about “druggies” etc. we have a skate park now and i have to believe it is under utilized for these kinds of reasons although i never worried about my children going to roller hockey in the rink when it opened years ago
    if we spend the money are these issues going to be rectified
    additionally i thought this city was broke 2 years ago
    where is all this new found money coming from
    new police cars new decorative lights etc

    new tax increases?

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