The bird-crappy Bike Racks at the LIRR

Long Beach Streets has provided us with some wonder photos of bird-crappy bike racks, as well as a clipped bike lock. Allison B, infamous commentator on this blog and CEO of Long Beach Streets, has relentlessly tried to get this bike rack situation solved at our train station. These photos basically spell out the issues clearly:

10420393_793982337324749_4512953223610091650_n 1507105_793982253991424_5135835556581352107_n


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3 thoughts on “The bird-crappy Bike Racks at the LIRR”

  1. Jay Jacobs says the Fuhrer and Handlebars must go? Whoever shall fill those egomaniacal shoes? Inquiring minds want to know? And what happens to Shnirman? Sounds like rough times between Local Cycle and the plumber.

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