“Long Beach, NY: More Than Just the Beach” — City of Long Beach awarded $300K for marketing


43468 Nassau City of Long
"Long Beach, NY: More Than Just
the Beach" is a marketing project,
implemented by The City of Long Beach,
aimed at increasing both summer and
year-round visitors. The 2013 marketing
campaign increased tourism, which
countered the potential economic
downturn post Superstorm-Sandy.

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6 thoughts on ““Long Beach, NY: More Than Just the Beach” — City of Long Beach awarded $300K for marketing”

  1. Oh yea, Rockaway real estate is booming! Here’s a 3 family that sold right in the heart of Hipsterville, Rockaway Beach:


    How ’bout a lovely Far Rockaway cottage. Soaring real estate values?


    What about co-ops? A beautiful 100% Section 8 rat-hole right on the beach… Only six people murdered here this year:


  2. Rockaway was a summer bungalow community which became rundown. Mayor Lindasy had the bungalows condemned and knocked down.
    “Affordable Housing” was constructed and peopled by low income individuals. Schools were built for the children .
    Unfortunately these schools and the neighborhood in general became less than desirable to many people who were of higher income. So vast tracts of otherwise desirable oceanside property has lain empty for decades.

  3. Gee, if they had pursued a grant for extending the employment of our firefighters with the same fervor as the “marketing” grant then I might be impressed. Or a grant for repairing our streets, or flood prevention. We keep patting ourselves on the back for putting up Christmas lights, something the Chambers of Commerce of every other town, village, hamlet or city anywhere else does as a matter of course. The priorities in this area just amaze me.

  4. This stupid city manager and city council spends more time and energy trying to bring more and more outsiders into our city while resident taxpayers are dealing with overcrowding, overdevelopment, no parking, traffic, crumbling infrastructure, sewers that stinks, water pressure that stinks, streets that are crumbling, laying off firefighters, no hospital, etc. all while our taxes and user fees go up up up.

    Wake up long beach residents!

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