Long Beach, NY: Our best kept secret.

I just want to make a quick (or not so quick) comment about two articles that I published yesterday (Rockaways & Identity Crisis). The Rockaway bit was part of a greater article that suggested ALL of Queens was voted #1 destination by a travel blog. The Identity article was more about the ongoing war of residents: Those who want Long Beach to grow vs. those who want Long Beach to shrink.  I wrote how I’d like Long Beach to grow. Not into a mini-manhattan, but as a proper mini-city by the sea that is walkable, safe, fun, pretty to look at and active. Just because I suggested a billion things I would do here, does not suggest that I hate Long Beach.

We all have our own visions of Long Beach and those were just mine. Re-thinking Waldbaums, fixing Park Avenue, Rethinking the Bay area, complete streets, etc -all that stuff I’ve been yapping about since 2008 when nobody even followed the blog (2008:The future of Long Beach being considered.  2009: My Long Beach Wish List.) I write this crap because I am a total Long Beach nerd and love the potential we have here. These ideas are nothing new to this blog. They are pretty much the reason why I started this blog in the first place: not so much as a news source, but a place to discuss Long Beach potential. I know so many of you have great ideas of your own.

The reason why I am bringing this up is because I saw somebody suggest how I must hate Long Beach since I want to change it so much. That is not the case whatsoever. Like I said, I am a total Long Beach nerd, I love talking about this city; just because I have my own vision that is different than yours, does’t mean I hate the place.  All these travel blogs can say what they want about Queens, the Rockaways, NYC, Brooklyn, whatever… none of those areas are like Long Beach. You Long Beach residents know what I mean. You really have to live here to experience the magic Long Beach has to offer. This is a special area, so I completely understand why so many of you want to keep it a secret.


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