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  1. Excited for this! I think the concept will do well.

    Any news on movement in the former Geri’s?
    Has anyone tried the Peruvian rotisserie in the former Muscle Grill?

    Every year I get my partner a cooking class as part of a holiday gift. Butchering stuff, usually in BK. Paninis and bikinis would have been a killer space for culinary classes and as a kitchen incubator. Id love to see a chef or restaurant space hold classes.

    In other exciting restaurant news , another LB restaurant owner has opened a new joint –
    Cha-ba Thai has just opened Tum Thai in RVC on the corner of Merrick and that other street. Under the hot yoga studio. As authentic thai as you can find in LI.

  2. Super Pollo is very good (Peruvian chicken place in the old muscle grill). I recommend! You can’t beat it for something quick, inexpensive and tasty. I’m sad to hear Ra-Kang is going downhill. The decor was beautiful and I loved the noodle bowls- we would usually do Cha Ba (always excellent) for takeout and Ra-Kang to dine in. I’ll think I’ll give it another try.

  3. Can you enlarge on your “down hill fast” comment. I drove past there last Saturday night and they were packed, every table taken.

  4. I like RaKang when it opened- the owner of Cha-ba did the decor and set up the original menu. It was great until the investors saw how much money he was bringing in, how much the waitstaff was making and decided to boot his staff and him, running it themselves and paying staff cheaper.

    Having worked in the service industry for years I’ve seen a lot of backstabbing and dodgy behavior amongst owners, management and general staff- this situation definitely falls in the top 10. At the beginning the investor wife was skimming off the tips from the servers. I not only watched her put money in her bag that came straight from the tip pool but I confronted her on it. She backpedalled saying it was to make up for the credit card fees.

    This is why I will not recommend anyone go there.

    It has been a full year so perhaps the couple has since learned that their business practices may work for them in China but not here. You do not shit on your staffs pay.

  5. The rummer about this place being Himawari is NOT true. It will belong to 3 men who have another place in Manhattan.
    However Himawari will be opening a new place in the West End.

  6. Himawari rumor started because in the Long Beach Herald Magazine, they had an advertisement listing Himarwai plus a new place coming, so I think people (including me) assumed it was Seasons Asian Pan.

    I heard a rumor how another Asian place is taking over Paninis. Is that where Himarawi is going?

  7. The owner of HImawari (Jimmy) IS the owner of Seasons. It is not a rumor. Go to himawari have a great meal and talk to Jimmy. I’m not sure where people get ther info in this city but it’s best to get it straight from the source.

  8. Lets try keeping negative comments about places to yourself…..tough enough trying to keep restaurants open this time of year in Long Beach without you adding your 2 cents……Glad to hear they were packed from the other posters !

  9. It is it is Himawari’s Jimmy, but he will be partnered with 3 other guys from NYC, Jimmy will be staying where he is now, and the new guys will be running it.
    They intend to open in about a week.
    From the horses mouth.

  10. The place going to the old Panini’s and Bikinis will be owned by James from Japan Sushi. It also will be Asian fusion. I didn’t realize that this seasons place opened. Been cooped in the house with the baby. I hope there’s enough business in this city for them both.

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