Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): Long Beach Rally on January 3rd, Public Hearing in Queens on January 7th

1/3/2015 – Hearing Preparation Rally / Event
Saturday MORNING before the Wednesday hearing
Time:  10am- 12noon (may start earlier if we need to)
Place: Long Beach Public Library
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1/7/2015 – Public Hearing on Port Ambrose LNG Project
Time: 6pm
Place: JFK Hilton, 144-02 135th Ave, Jamaica, NY 11436
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Send a message to Governor Cuomo urging him to veto this dangerous proposal! Port Ambrose is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) port that has been proposed for the New York Harbor. This project would damage our marine ecosystem, place us at risk from terrorist attacks, and promote fracking.

Right now, the Coast Guard and the Maritime Administration are soliciting public input on this project. Fortunately, Governor Cuomo, as well as New Jersey’s Governor Christie, has the authority to veto the project.
We need EVERYONE to turn out and send a message to Governor Cuomo that we will not allow our shores to be put in danger. For more information, visit

Spread the word! We will see you there!

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3 thoughts on “Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): Long Beach Rally on January 3rd, Public Hearing in Queens on January 7th”

  1. Lots of misinformation in this post and in nearly every other flyer I have seen on this project. The pipe hookup will be 19 miles out, which is really far. 3 times as far as all the other tankers now anchored off the beach waiting to get into ny harbor. I have seen LNG tankers and chemical tankers sitting in that line. That is a much bigger risk than this project which will have an LNG maybe visiting once a week. This exact same setup has been in use off cape cod for 5 years with no problem. Also it has nothing to do with fracking in our area. Why would we liquify ng when we have more demand here than capacity. The opposition to this project seems to be half baked to me.

  2. I am more about stopping the commercialization of our ocean. yes, we have tankers out there, but I don’t want a fixed platform that could disrupt sea-life migration (whales!) routes or be a target for terrorism or damaged by storms. I would rather not take the risk. If large hurricane is coming, those tankers can move away. This LNG, as far as I know, can’t.

  3. We need to be at that rally to make exactly THAT point Anthony: that we reject the commercialization of our Atlantic Ocean, that we recognize the horrible potentials that lurk beyond this one project (that Rick correctly notes has been the object of some weakly grounded fear vilification) in that Atlantic free trade agreements signed by Pres. Obama opens the door to more and more damaging possibilities. I never want my beloved Long Beach NY shoreline to look anything like the Long Beach CA beach and shore view, ridden with ugly and dirty commercial industry. This is all about that, not this specific proposal.

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