What businesses would you like to see in those vacant West End spots? What is the West End lacking food-wise?

From a reader,  who wishes to remain anonymous:

Regarding the West End, I am wondering what types of businesses will take over the now vacant-Paninis & Bikinis + Joe’s Pizza next door. While we do have a ton of Chinese food, pizza and nail salons, I would love for you to ask your readers what they would like to see.

Here are some of my suggestions. Just to be easy, I used some of my favorite spots in Williamsburg:

  1. Oyster & wine bar: Maybe thought of as seasonal but no where to be found locally and Maison Premiere  (http://www.yelp.com/biz/maison-premiere-brooklyn)  ( http://maisonpremiere.com/) in williamsburg thrives all year round with a ever rotating menu offering a selection of 30+ types of oysters and it’s charming atmosphere.
  2. Comfort Food:  Gourmet grilled cheese’s w/ DIY mac & cheese and mashed potato bar.
  3. French tea room: http://www.yelp.com/biz/roebling-tea-room-brooklyn
  4. Meatball shop: http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-meatball-shop-brooklyn
  5. Argentinian Steakhouse: http://www.yelp.com/biz/el-almacen-brooklyn
  6. Mexican Seafood: http://www.yelp.com/biz/rosarito-fish-shack-brooklyn


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84 thoughts on “What businesses would you like to see in those vacant West End spots? What is the West End lacking food-wise?”

  1. Surf food. How have we survived without a good surf bar – tiki drinks, ceviche, tacky ornaments and a punk rock anthem?

    Far superior to Costco cuisine in surfy jock jam bars for kids on molly.

  2. Wow…. how did you hear Minnesota’s is closing, Elken? I really wouldn’t like a chain drugstore down here.

    Anthony – I love your idea of those restaurants.

    1. A coffee shop on this end similar to Gentle Brew (if not an offshoot of them) – a place to have a nice cup of coffee or tea — curl up with a book and meet local folks.

    2. More clothing boutiques would be great with more of a variety than the one we have now – and not just to see beachy/touristy stuff in summer.

    3. Another grocery store in the West End — closer to New York avenue….carrying a lot of bags while walking from Key Food on Illinois isn’t easy — and the same walking from Waldbaum’s — plus I don’t care for either of those stores and don’t like overpaying (Key Food) for every single item by a big amount. (A Trader Joe’s would totally blow my hat off!)

    4. A real spa/massage/facial place. Would make a killing in the summer and truly be a respite in the West End during the winter months.

  3. Minnesota’s is/was for sale. Long Beach needs another drug store like it needs another nail salon or heroin overdose.
    You know what I don’t get? Since I brewed my coffee really strong and just pounded the rest of my Christmas dark chocolate I am going to tell you- I don’t get celebrating pharmacy openings. One opened in the East End a short time ago and they gave out balloons or hotdogs or something equally inappropriate like that and everyone was like “oooh yay a pharmacy opened” meanwhile this was in the midst of heroin overdoses by people who most definitely started their stupid decision with prescriptions. Celebrating a storefront for the pharmaceutical industry- who does that?

  4. I am all for more businesses opening here in the West End but many things need to change. For a business to turn any profit they need to get people in the door. I hate to say this but I really feel that this is an opinion of many people….the West End looks like a dump! I have been a resident of long beach for many years and would love it if the ARB would get there hands on a theme for the west end where building owners would have to comply. Give them some kind of tax break to offset their cost to comply. We are a Nautical/Coastal town with no theme and no ambiance/no ocean or bay side fish restaurant. I say this bc if you give this town a new look/feel more people will come down to visit and spend money. Huntington village, Babylon village etc all have a common theme and I drive through them everyday for work and those areas are packed with people day and night. So my feeling is that if we don’t change the overall appearance of the town many businesses will continue to struggle. Help me help you!

  5. heroin overdose is directly related to peoples dependence on opioid pain relievers. It’s such a sad state of affairs – some doctors prescribe them like they are giving away free candy.

  6. Yes!!! Agreed!!! cohesive, pretty, clean streets. Awnings that bring color to the streetscape. Benches and flower boxes that aren’t falling apart! Start enforcing window coverings and signage regulations. Little changes would really make a big difference.

  7. Ted –

    I am new to the West End (and living in Long Beach overall -rented first for a year in West End and then bought in the Walks) – although we always made sure we came here for dinner or just a stroll on the boardwalk my whole life) – I do agree that the West End can look a little dumpy.

    Yes – we could take a page from Huntington’s Playbook for sure. But – I think the responsibility is on the homeowners/residents not just the businesses.

    Just this morning, even with a virus – I was out picking up the curb. I did this at the rental I was in every morning too. It is off-season, so we cannot blame it on the tourists and transients – but I often see careless treatment of rubbage and the like. Why am I picking up empty cigarette packs, sweeping up endless cigarette butts, crushed cans, Gatorade bottles and fast-food bags on my street? We have no construction going on right where I am — so no blaming contractors. Same on my former street (there weren’t seasonal renters – although there were a few rental properties). We as residents – whether we own or rent – need to take a bit more pride in our City by the Sea. If each person just were slightly more mindful of the space where they live – it would make the West End look a little better. (am I being a pollyana here??)

    Back to Ted: if there was the ability to do what you are suggesting, I would hope that we don’t scrub the individuality of the West End commercial area/Beech Street of it’s quirkiness. I think that makes it really original and more nostalgic but I agree there needs to be some sort of commonality. BTW – both Huntington and Babylon are not separated from the main land like we are. Folks don’t need to drive through Long Beach to get anywhere….we are a destination that is not easy access whereas those places are — so they are packed for several reasons. I lived in both Huntington and Rockville Centre as an adult — and both villages have very healthy economies – but economies of scale and both are off rather main roadways (Jericho Turnpike, Main Street/Route 25A, Sunrise, Merrick – respectively speaking with Babylon accessible by Sunrise and Montauk Highway/Merrick as well).

  8. I was just in a town Galena, Illinois. It was so chic and trendy. Lots of clothing, shoes, olive oil shops, toys, gifts and collectable shops. Ice cream, fine chocolate and cheese shops. Hand knit yarn stores. Antiques and furniture stores. (Vignettes) It would be a dream if the west end could take a step in that direction. And yes there were plenty of restaurant/ bars too. All Really tastefully placed. I’ll post some pics on my Facebook page. I should also mention that it has been there for years and is always full of shoppers. You want a place where businesses thrive year round. Where people can buy things that they can’t get at the mall. One can dream.

  9. I would also like to add that this town draws people from hundreds of miles around it. And it’s not that big… It could snuggly fit into the West End.

  10. I would love if trader joes came to the west end!!! And I agree with Ted the west end def needs a theme and we need to have a great seafood place…and not just over priced crap…the food in Long Beach is mediocre at best. We need some really good restaurants to liven our palettes. I own a beautiful new home because our old bungalow was one of many that was beaten up by Sandy. My husband and I are here to stay and would love to see the community thrive especially here in the westend.

  11. WE could use a real seafood restaurant serving local Long Island Seafood.

    Decent coffee lounge type place would be good too.

    A “Dive Wine Bar” called “Lost and Found” is supposed to be coming to where “Sausage Shack was sounds like a good idea.

    How about a gourmet foods market; Meats, Cheese, Charcuterie, breads and baked goods, perhaps with a decent “to go” or “take & bake” selection could probably do well.

    And yes sadly WE does look like a dump a lot of the time. Between vacant storefronts, smashed cars stored in front of West End Automotive, (hate to call them out but it is unsightly and they have options) and the litter and garbage along with bottles, cans, broken glass, chewing gun, cigarette butts and the odd puddle of vomit that litter the front of most bars and restaurants. Most of these people do a poor job of cleaning up in front their businesses and when they do they tend to ignore the side street that the business runs along and only clean up Beech Street side. They are required to clean the whole area including the gutter and side streets, too bad no one enforces the law that says they have to. It’s also unappreciated and disgusting that they scrub their garbage cans in the street and dump the water from the filthy garbage cans as well as mop buckets into the street so people have to walk, bike, push a stroller or pull a wagon through the filthy water. I would guess that is probably not legal but couldn’t say for certain.

    I remember years ago when the Chamber had all the businesses in WE put Christmas lights in all the trees out front and kept them up through the year it looked great.

  12. Ted, I completely agree. I blogged about business district themes a while back. I love the idea of actually reminding us that we live between the beach and the bay with a nautical theme. I feel LB lacks that so much.

  13. One thing I think that is being missed in this thread is the realities of Long Beach in general and the West End in particular. LB is, always has been and for the foreseeable future will be a Beach Town with parking problems during the day and certain sections become a Bar Town with parking problems at night. People come to LB to go to the beach, that is it there is no real draw in LB. Anything we offer (besides the beach) can be found closer, in better conditions and often cheaper closer to home for people who do not live in LB.

    The West End is a relatively isolated (due to parking issues – Spare me the Trolley comments) section of town with a population of just over 5K (pre-sandy). People with business knowledge wanting to make an investment (yes they expect a return on their money) look at many things when considering where to locate a business, competition, uniqueness and most importantly potential customer numbers. Long Beach is busy from mid June to mid September and then the West End gets a boost on the Day of the Drunks, that is it. 2 weeks prior to Christmas I drove downtown on Park between Edwards and National and had absolutely no problem finding parking, so much for shopping local (and besides how many heroes can a person buy to begin with).

    The former library location has been empty for how many years? The restaurant on the SE corner of New York has been vacant for how long(yes probably being warehoused for development, but still) These are locations that have been empty for years. Is King/Things open or closed? Anything coming to O’Rourke’s?

    Any estimate on how many people are not back in their homes in the West End? Business people look at these numbers before they choose to open a new location. We have been hearing about how tough it is for the restaurants in town yet people are calling for more stores to open? Remember for each new store that opens will place pressure on another store to close. I am not sure how it works where you work but my boss does not give me extra cash in my check because a new store opened. The money that I spend on increased fees and taxes or that I spend in the new indian/seafood/mexican/Happy Westendings massage parlor is money that I will not be spending in other establishments.

    There are a finite number of prospective customers in the West End, even fewer since the storm and businesses know this. Perhaps this is the time to objectively look at the commercial space in this town and see if it would make sense to convert some to residential. We are not living in the 50’s anymore where we went to the butcher, the baker, the deli, the grocer etc. These days we all have BJs/Costco cards and buy lots of stuff online. Do we really need West Beech to be commercial space all the way from Ohio to New York?

    Not only do we need to count those families that are not home yet and those that are back who now have less disposable income but what impact will NY state placing resilient properties on the market at below market values have on the West End. While it is estimated to be less than 35 properties, those 35low/moderate/workfare (or what ever inoffensive term they coin) will definitely change the West End and future/current businesses will also look to that when making investment decisions

  14. How about a new gun shop, like the one that used to be on New York Avenue? Long Beach has more pistol licensees, per capita, than any other community in New York State.

  15. Love Galena – and it’s in the middle of nowhere where the borders of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa converge. You’re right – brewery, wine bar, cozy restaurants and coffee shops – many with live guitar music during the day, upscale gift shops, B&B’s. Would love it if LB could create that type of ambiance.

  16. Saw mention of a brew pub. That would be cool too or maybe a craft beer house. It could spotlight beers made by all the local LI breweries. Maybe pull off the occasion Beer pairing dinner like Swingebelly’s does with their Beer and Bourbon dinners.

  17. I’m surprised to hear so many people say the WE looks like a dump – I don’t know – to each their own, but I wouldn’t classify it that way.

    Personally, I’m partial to its incongruity.

    If I thought a business could be successful there, I’d open one, because I love the area, but I think the cards are stacked against its success because of parking and distance from the RR. People can complain (rightfully) about taxes, costs, etc., but all of that goes out the window when you have a business plan and know your costs.

    Far too often, I think the average shop thinks all they need to do is flip over an “OPEN” sign and watch the $ roll right in.

    But the parking…

    When it’s hard to get East Enders down to your location because they don’t know where they’ll park, how could you expect out of towners?

  18. I think Speakeasy does a good job of that – doesn’t do the dinners like Swingbellys or The Good Life in Massapequa, but they have good food and a above average tap selection.

    Believe it or not, it’s tough to make $ off of craft beer kegs.

  19. Several people said they’d love a Trader Joe’s. Ask for it! Go to the Trader Joe’s web site, click on Stores, then click on FAQS…the first FAQ enables you to ask for a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood.

    I did it and it only took 3 t 4 minutes to fill out reasons why we want a store and why they should locate one here (I mentioned we have 35,000 residents plus visitors, $85k median family income, lack of stores with similar products/quality/service.)

    It would be great if they received a bunch of these requests from our residents.

  20. West End Tom – I don’t think that it looks like a dump per se, but at times it can look ‘dumpy’ and uncared for: yes. Again, not just at the hands of businesses on Beech – but residents (homeowners and renters, alike) tend to not be mindful of the litter right in front of their own homes. It detracts from home values and honestly – makes it less likely for the West End to appear as a destination…. if we build it – it will come (sorry for the movie quote) but we need to polish things up a bit. It starts at home and not everyone has the pride like you seem to have (or like I have) to just look around and make the effort.

  21. Absolutely, Brian. Drug companys pushing products on pharmacys and doctors via perks, marketing tactics that downplay the harms of their products (Oxycotin for example) and the overwhelming amount of heroin addicts who started with simple presciptions. It is disgusting. Prescribing pills should always be a last resort and celebrating a pharmacy opening with free swag for kids in the middle of a heroin outbreak is just stupid mixed messages.

    Nothing against people who need to take pills to live- my mom being one of them but holy crap at what point did we start celebrating stores that carry pills? Just weird is all.

  22. You know, of all the places I have been offered blow in the West End, Minnesotas is not one of them. Then again, the average age is 19 and they play jock jams.

    This reminds me-
    I am super looking forward to the piecraft place opening in IP. Its going to be awesome. Tommy from Minne is behind it, I believe. I like that guy.

  23. Ted, while I don’t agree that the West End looks like a dump, I do agree that it could benefit from some ambiance and changes. There are a few things underway that, when completed. will help the West End achieve some of what you are suggesting.

    One item, discussed at the last City Council meeting, will be the establishment of an attractive and safe theme for West End Beach Entrances.

    A West End landscape architect drew up a draft design that has a beachy look, requires minimal maintenance, and fits into an overall West End upgrade.

    Design Includes:
    – Plants that thrive in our beach environment and look attractive:
    o Large and small sea grasses
    o Knockout Roses
    o Hollywood Juniper
    o Russian Sage
    – Rock wall border that adds style while providing resilience
    – Seating area replaces the current ticket booths (an ungrade)

    The goal is to discuss this design at an upcoming community meeting, to get feedback on the look and functionality (including bike rack, bench etc.) The Public Works Commissioner supports the approach, and of course has the final say on the design to be implemented..

    In addition, we are seeking more rigourous clean-up of the streets in the summer, as well as other significant Beautification actions. Come to this Tuesday’s City Council meeting and you’ll hear some proposals in this regard.

    Attract some good restaurants and we have a good place to enjoy life.

  24. @Eddie, the gun shop suggestion was tour de force. I am still laughing. As for everyone else, really? Beer, wine, food, smoking, facial and a supermarket. An oyster bar? Unimaginative claptrap. Oh, and Tom, did you really say “Next time your in the burg”. It’s “you’re”, and “your comment made me want to puke. How about trying to make a difference in someones life like the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company http://www.businessinsider.com/brooklyns-superhero-supply-co-2014-7 or the The Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute. Let’s try to stop, for once, with the self serving alcoholic enabling suggestions.

  25. I just found out that the old space for Panini’s and Bikinis will be an asian fusion restaurant. The owner of Japan Sushi will be opening this restaurant with his family. Japan sushi will remain open until the lease expires. Sounds good to me. Captain Obvious has very good points…I guess the desire for new places is not the only thing to consider. There is much more involved so the businesses that are here can remain and the new ones that open can be successful.

  26. How about enough with the bars?? Long beach has enough of a drinking problem. How about Irish day?? The kids are hiding beer in dunes riverine when no one they believe is looking vans the beer pong games I saw last year are no joke. How about legitimate business? Bike store good idea. No more bars. Limit restaurants No more nail places. Laundrymat big box stores. Come on. Think out of the big box!!

  27. @cave – I said “in the burg” because that’s what people refer to Williamsburg as sometimes. I hope this clears up the confusion.

    Also, for someone who considers themselves an English language alficionado – proofread your diatribe, or is it really “the The greater Boston…” One “the” is enough.

    Also, you have some sentences that aren’t sentences.

  28. How about a “Center for the Underserved”? I don’t know any other Democrat-run village without one. Far Rockaway, Mastic, Roosevelt, Freeport, Brentwood all have huge centers.

    These are places where those who are dependent on government aid can get the immediate help they deserve. They can meet with community organizers from NGO’s who will help them qualify for and maximize their benefits.

    Perhaps Sustainable Long Island can run the place. Once the Center is established, the vicinity would become viable for other related private businesses, like a liquor superstore, an Income Maintenance Center, and a Blood Bank perhaps next to a methadone clinic. Just look at what the diversity of a dependent population has done for our neighboring Far Rockaway!

    The West End is easily accessible by bus from Rockaway, where many of the “at risk” populations are afraid to visit their own Centers for the Underserved because of crime that has materialized there.

    Long Beach’s politicians would benefit from the influx of new Democrat-voting blood, and property values would become much more affordable so homes and apartments would grow cheaper.

    This is a win-win for the New Americans, and a slap-down for the rich pigs who took over Long Beach in the 1980’s!

  29. “Center for the Underserved”.

    That’s a Great Idea! That would be perfect for the west end.

    “What Democrap-run village doesn’t have one”?

    So true. It’s a win-win baby!

  30. Every time a store is replaced with a house, the City loses about 70% of the tax on that property.

    Since they increase spending every year, guess who makes up the difference?

    I’d love to see all sorts of stores, but unless the neighborhood supports them, it isn’t going to happen. Seems like all the West End will patronize is the cheapest food sold in North America, nail and cell phone places employing indentured slave labor and perhaps an independent tattoo artist or chef until his bills become due.

    The problem is not unique to the neighborhood. It has and will affect downtown areas everywhere as the Internet pulls a bigger retail share, local expenses rise and incomes decline.

    Match this up with a socialist leadership, and Jennifer’s formula makes is indeed a real danger.

  31. Every time a store is replaced with a house, the City loses about 70% of the tax on that property.

    Since they increase spending every year, guess who makes up the difference?

    I’d love to see all sorts of stores, but unless the neighborhood supports them, it isn’t going to happen. Seems like all the West End will patronize is the cheapest food sold in North America, nail and cell phone places employing indentured slave labor and perhaps an independent tattoo artist or chef until his bills become due.

    The problem is not unique to the neighborhood. It has and will affect downtown areas everywhere as the Internet pulls a bigger retail share, local expenses rise and incomes decline.

    Match this up with the present leadership, and Jennifer’s formula makes is indeed a real possibility.

  32. Eddie, Am I missing something? When I look at the commercial property that takes up the 3 lots on the north east corner of Alabama and Beech (59,237,24-26) I see their school tax as $5,199. The three residential properties on the same lots one block east have a combined school tax of 5298 + 4977 = $10,275. That was the first property I checked at random from the map.

    I know it is not as simple as this but if that property was converted to residential, the school should see a net increase of roughly $5K and the remaining businesses would see an increase in customers of 3 families.

    I don’t profess that this is the solution but with the change of shopping habits (butcher, baker, amazon) I think continuing to lease/rent/buy commercial establishments in this town only to see them close seems to not be a solution.

    I got my numbers from My Nassau Property, is there something I am missing?

  33. And looking at the lots 3 blocks east which are actually 3 lots as opposed to a grouped lot on the block just east. The 3 lots on that block (block-240) has a combined school tax of $14,641 for a next gain of over $9,000

  34. Captain, of course when it comes to Nassau County property taxes, every situation is different.

    Residential rates (called Class 1) are lowest. Rates are based on a multiplier of the estimated “actual market value” as determined by recent “comparable” sales.

    Commercial rates (Class 4) are significantly higher. They use a higher multiplier of “market value” determined by what the County feels would be the highest use or what was historically the highest use.

    While this is as clear a muddy water, a commercial owner of a vacant building is penalized forever if he formerly rented to a very profitable concern.

    Also, in many cases, a commercial lot can be only 20-feet wide and contain a fully taxable stand-alone building. Most residential lots are larger. So generally, more Class 4 taxes can be derived from less land.

    Residential assessment increases are limited by law to 6% annually or 20% over ten years. There is no limitation to commercial increases which often exceed 20% in one year.

    The examples you cite are perhaps true, but they are also not illustrative of the general rule that commercial use usually generates much more tax revenue than residential use of the same lot.

  35. I’m not sure if we really need more bars/restaurants, but it seems that everyone agrees that we definitely need better ones. And you can bet that if a real seafood restaurant opens up (instead of a bar masquerading as one) it will take a good chunk of the pie away from the others. Not sure how that could be a bad thing.

  36. Sometimes it’s interesting to see what is working elsewhere. I realize our LB tastes and income may not be the same as NYC or Newport Rhode Island (a barrier island with 25,000 residents and a big summer crowd), but here’s what’s working/trending there.

    – Whole Hog BBQ (Arrogant Swine restaurant)
    – Southern Comfort Food (Root & Bone)
    – Italian cooked over embers (Marta)
    – French food without the swagger (Dirty French)
    – Neighborhood eatery (GG’s)
    – California light (Upland)
    – Upscale food, service and ambiance (Rainbow Room, White St)

    – 2 most popular are upscale on ambiance, food, service and price (Bouchard and Castle Hill Inn)
    – Seafood, typically on waterfront (Moorings and Spiced Pear)
    – Cafes with some music (jazz or blues e.g. Newport Blues Cafe)
    – Panera bread was surprisingly busy

    Would any of these work in LB?

  37. 2015’s first two Long Island SHOOTINGS: Long Beach!
    Wonder why stores are empty?

    From Newsday:

    “Two males were found shot after Long Beach police pulled them over because their vehicle was spotted leaving the area where gunfire was heard early Thursday, authorities said.

    “One male was shot in the stomach and the other was hit in his arm, police said.

    “Several 911 callers reported hearing gunfire about 3:40 a.m. in the area of Sycamore Court, police said.

    “The first officer on the scene saw a vehicle going south on National Boulevard, and several responding officers stopped the vehicle in front of the Long Beach firehouse, police said…”

  38. Maybe it’s time to actually do something with the stretch between the railroad trestle and the bridge. How can a place like LB , between the ocean and the bay, not have a nice waterside venue with a marina, restaurants, shops, a promenade etc?
    What about all that money earmarked for LB that is apparently being siphoned off by SNCH while the old hospital sits empty and the East End Loop bus goes by for no apparent reason since nobody gets on or off anymore.

    Oh yes, I forgot. TILB
    Time for a third party.

  39. I agree Beach Guy…I would love to see a nice Marina!! I know everyone is over the restaurant/bar thing but a few on the water would be nice…and could potentially liven up LB. That area is run down and could use a face lift. But the west end was always known as Trendy…to maintain a trendy vibe you need more trendy ideas and business occupying that area. I thought Panini’s and Bikinis was a good idea but I guess once they expanded it was not supported financially by the community…the food wasn’t the best in LI but it was good. I guess we need excellent! I don’t know but many of you that stuck with the topic bring up excellent points.

  40. As recounted on more than a couple comments on this blog, paninis and bikinis food may have been ok, but the service was HORRIBLE. So bad that on my last trip I vowed never to return. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

  41. No you are def not…after discussing this with a few friends I’ve heard this. The service industry is almost non existent anymore…it’s really sad. Well hopefully the next place will improve.

  42. I live East (Lincoln) and I don’t even like driving to CVS. I likely wouldn’t go to TJ’s in the WE. It’s easier for me to go to the one in Merrick on my way home from work. Or the one in Oceanside, picking up whatever else I need at Stop and Shop on the way back. And actually, there is one near my job in Woodbury. I go through the WE on my way to the VanWyck, or to eat at Grotto. Not much of any other reason will bring me down there. Would be nice to support local stores if any were worth going down there for,
    PS that damn toll on the Atlantic Beach Bridge doesn’t help! For me I need a pass card but for the person thinking about maybe checking out the WE $2 each way may not be worth it.

  43. Well another one bites the dust with someone else’s wish granted.

    I saw that the West End Coffee Shop/ Greek Restaurant is closed and there was a sign up saying coming soon Tandoor Grill so as one chapter closes another opens and all those that wanted Indian food appear to getting it.

    Sad to see any business close but maybe the new one will survive and again in the restaurant/bar business it is hard to get a business open and keep it running. The statistics are reported as high as 80-90% fail the first year But I think that is a bit inflated and I have seen statisctics saying 30% in 1st year, and 30% in second year and to 90% by third year. either way that is a dismal prospect for opening a business which is why in order to open one you need a realistic and sustainable business plan as well as enough capital to get you through those first few difficult years.

  44. The Eagle Marina is gone, replaced by condo$ and I believe that all access to the bay has been restricted. Imagine, if you will a restaurant on the bay with its own pier where John Q. Public can go fishing for a nominal fee. I, for one would gladly pay $10 to $15 to rent a rod and reel and a not have to schlep it home.Im thinking that the People’s Church would be perfect spot if it could be purchased along with the adjacent house. Let’s face it, I doubt if there are more than a few dozen Protestants in the West End, if not in all of Long Beach so not many people would be inconvienced by it being converted to a restaurant. To me, it just looks like a prime piece of real estate that is being underutilized and would inject some new life into LB. Just a thought…

  45. Sure, Dan, just let those Protestants pray in some basement in the projects so you can fish at their church.

    That says it all. You’re truly West End there Dan.

  46. Actually Don there was a restaurant/marina just two blocks from the Peoples Church on the now vacant property on the northeast corner of Arizona and Park. In the 1930’s it was Gus Tuhill”s Bay Pavillion, later it became Finnan”s . Both had docks for boats an outdoor deck for dining and an indoor bar restaurant. In the mid 60’s it was Papa Aldo’s Italian Restaurant which burned down in a spectacular fire in 1979. The fire occurred on a freezing cold and windy night. Burning embers were flying down Arizona Ave and setting several bungalows on fire. After the fire the land was purchased and a home was built which was destroyed by Sandy.It is vacant now anyone interested?

  47. What projects? Maybe I didn’t make myself clear; the Protestants I was referring to are WASPS and they are quite rare in LB. Go to a Sunday service and you’ll see what I mean. I don’t know how they can survive with so few parishioners. The two stagnant buildings would fetch a nice chunk of change for their congregation.

  48. Exactly Joe, as I said it’s been done before but unfortunately it wasn’t rebuilt. It’s as if Long Beach has forgotten the natural resources that make it so attractive. I still think they should have allowed casino gambling when the idea was being considered years ago.

  49. Anyone know anything about the Lost & Found? Sometimes it looks like there’s people in there but it’s hard to tell if it’s open or not with the blacked out windows!

  50. Had dinner there with friends this week. Food was amazing and service excellent. Small but very cozy/welcoming atmosphere. They don’t have a liquor license yet, so BYOB.

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