6 thoughts on “LNG Rally – Saturday at 10am!!!”

  1. Kool! Eight tree-hugging enviro-nuts showed up. Todd Kiminsky showed his ignorance by saying the pipeline would be deadly, without a clue that New York’s biggest gas pipeline runs right up Long Beach Road for fifty years!

  2. @Randy, you either attended the meeting and still have trouble counting with your fingers (maybe you were wearing mittens) or you see some benefit to having another pipeline and an offshore terminal off of Long Beach and wish to downplay the importance of the meeting. Are you sure Todd didn’t say it “could” be deadly? Or maybe that it “would” be deadly under certain circumstances? Also, I don’t know if the Lower Bay Lateral presently under Long Beach is “New York’s biggest gas pipeline”? It is a 26″ lateral (which is still huge) coming off a long pipeline originating in Texas I believe. If you can please explain the benefit to Long Beach barrier island residents of having a second pipeline, super-tankers full of liquified natural gas, the potential for real environmental/human disaster just 13 miles out, we’ll listen.

  3. Ok I am still not sure where I stand on this issue and I do believe there are some environmental issues and the question of whether it could be used for export but some of the arguments being put forth against it have no merit at all and distract from having an honest debate.

    The City of LB itself in its anti LNG handout lists the issues as:

    “The construction of an LNG import facility (with potential to export) would negatively affect the Long Beach ecology, safety/security, economy and the quality of life of our residents.”

    “Long Beach is still rebuilding from Superstorm Sandy with many residents not back in their homes and businesses struggling to remain open.”

    “Long Beach is also without a Hospital which causes health and safety concerns.”

    “Port Ambrose is seen as an additional burden during the recovery process.”

    Let me work my way through these but right off the bat the last three are just made up. What does it have to do with Sandy or the recovery from Sandy for homeowners and businesses and it has nothing to do with a hospital.

    Now as far as the “safety” issue I honestly believe this is just made up. It will be almost twenty miles out to sea. The blast radius for the Atomic bomb dropped at Hiroshima was only about five miles (with some reports of broken glass at 12) so an explosion (which granted is possible but highly unlikely) twenty miles out would not have a major effect on LB. If there was a leak at the site the gas would be so diluted by the time it reached land that it would no longer be of a flammable concentration and there would be no oil slick. The pipeline already exists and runs right down LB Rd. so there would be no additional danger. It is already existing. Meanwhile, we have large oil and chemical tankers docking just outside the tree mile limit that if they were to explode would likely have a more significant impact on LB and we would have the added issue of an oil or chemical spill that could be brought right to our door step and remain flammable the entire time.

    As far as quality of life or aesthetics go this buoy system is a huge improvement over the original plan that involved creating an artificial island in the same general area that would be much more visible and the construction of which would have a much bigger environmental impact.

    Finally since NY won’t be “fracking” there won’t be a glut of gas to sell so export likely doesn’t make much sense. Also I am not sure the ships, buoys or pipelines involved here have the ability to liquefy the gas for export, but I will admit I’m not 100% sure on the technology so I would defer to an expert.

    I just feel the issue needs to be argued on facts not fiction so we have an honest debate based in reality.

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