Welcome to 2015, Long Beach!

longbeach2015I’m a few days late with this, but it’s better late than never!

Besides hoverboards and flying DeLoreans, what are you folks looking forward to 2015? Long Beach could be going through some major changes this year. Here are a few that I can think of, but please chime in with anything I am missing.

  • Some sort of medical center opening/reopening
  • Movie theater reopening so we can all watch Star Wars: Episode VII next December
  • Unified recycling (should we recycle our old recycling bins?)
  • iStar/superblock/wayfarer groundbreaking
  • More Haberman/Kitty Condo fiasco
  • A repaved Edwards Blvd (via grant)
  • More art (Long Beach Arts Council)
  • A brand new state-of-art skate park
  • All our friends and families back in their homes

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23 thoughts on “Welcome to 2015, Long Beach!”

  1. The main important thing is a hospital even to set up an Urgent Care Facility anything that will be able to serve the people & that they at least be entitled to some sort of SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM………………

  2. I’d like to see some of the roads fixed. I don’t even go down Monroe south of Park anymore because it’s in such poor shape. Should be even worse by winter’s end.

    Also huge pet peeve is the monstrosity of an abandoned trailer in the empty lot between Monroe and Lincoln. Home to stray cats and lord knows what else.

  3. A pivotal year for Long Beach.

    Dozens of flooded houses have been reconstructed and raised. Some have been replaced with new and expensive homes. They are going on the market but virtually none have sold yet. 2015 will tell us if there is a market for these new expensive ($650K +) buildings. That will decide future market values here.

    Retail shopping is changing. Fewer retail establishments will weather the Internet transition. More service businesses (restaurants and bars) will open as displaced workers try their hands at business. Same for small franchise operators seeking to “buy themselves jobs”. Most won’t make it.

    The Army Corp of Engineers will begin their dune and beach nourishment projects which will get Long Beach some great press as well as some bigger beaches. But it will impact the surfing. New boardwalk walkovers and bathrooms are coming too.

    The economy will continue to tank as Washington further inflates the dollar and increases middle class taxes. This may keep more vacationers closer and build beach attendance. The perceived animosity by di Blasio toward working class homeowners may bring those fleeing a hostile and crime-increasing NYC to Long Beach. Look for new hard working homeowners and investors here.

    A huge apartment shortage will bring increased interest in rental properties for big investors, and aging owners will be looking to sell.

    Lets see what happens. By the end of 2015, we’ll know if Long Beach will grow into an upscale beach town or decline into Sustain-able Long Island’s dream of another welfare abyss.

  4. Eddie, You forgot that we will also possibly find out what the NYS Housing Trust Fund Corporation plans to do with the 50+ properties they will/have purchase(d) in the City of Long Beach.

    How many people in LB would be thrilled to have this government entity buy the house next door to them?

    How many of the prospective $650K will be signing the papers if they ever realize this entity may own the property on both sides of them?

  5. Jay if you were genuinely concerned about the safety of skaters and the new skatepark, then where the hell have you been for the past how many years to voice concern over the daily safety of pedestrians, skaters and cyclists on our streets? It irritates the piss out of me to hear you use safety concerns like skaters to illustrate your agenda.

    I have NO opinion on the firefighter thing and will not comment on that and I have NO problem with you- but I do have a sizable piece of pissed off weighing my shoulder over the lack of concern residents have had for PREVENTING hospital trips and EMS calls. We are all waving our arms in the air over getting a hospital- quite literally suggesting our lives are in danger without one. You know what? My life is in fucking danger everytime I leave my house and bike down Park Ave or cross the street. So you know what- maybe I, too, have an agenda. Its my own selfish need to not die or paralyzed because I want to cross the damn street.

    I just cannot take the whole big rallies over firemen and hospitals while noone gives two shits over the hundreds of injuries and dozens of fatalities on our streets. How about a little preventative care that is not laced with an agenda tied to jobs? Not ONE of our civic associations or groups came out in support of reforming speed cameras. Silence, like you could hear a pin drop- meanwhile the LB Needs A Hospital rally cries are loud an clear.

    So Jay do not use skater or anyones safety as a weapon in your fight unless you actually mean it.

  6. @box, hold on there partner. What civic association are you a member of? Did you ask your civic president if they signed the letter that was sent to Shila Shah-Gavnoudias, the Commissioner of Nassau County Department of Public Works regarding the speed cameras? Or did you just miss that monthly meeting? And as far as “no one gives two sh#ts over the hundreds of injuries and dozens of fatalities on our streets”, what do you suppose hospitals are for, shoe shines? Maybe people really are concerned about pedestrians and cyclists, and maybe they are concerned about the extra time it now takes to get medical attention, and maybe adding an additional injury risk, albeit fun, activity is just the thing that puts you over the edge and makes you comment on an issue.

  7. I know we’re commenting about Long Beach in particular, however, the new Costco slated to be built in Oceanside (Oil City) will have an effect on supermarkets, cellular service retailers, tire shops, gas stations (they were approved for a gas station), pharmacies, beer distributors, and anyone in Long Beach that sells anything from boogie boards to Babka.

  8. Captain, I’m sure you know the future of the NY Trust Fund houses.

    They will be renovated (not raised) and sold to low income (Section 8 Rent-to-own Program) families. That’s the published plan, and you know Long Beach’s City Council is a fan of this use.

    They’re also exempt (by statute) from mandatory flood insurance. Ain’t that great?

  9. Eddie,
    They will also come off the tax roll until they are sold by the government. So we will be paying the taxes on that property ourselves.

    And who am I kidding the new “owners” will get an “X” year property tax abatement, so basically we will be paying their taxes to deflate our property values.

    Do you know if the state is required to adhere to the current zoning regulations or can they make these properties 2 family?

  10. How about for 2015 we stop the crime and shootings in NoPa and crack down on the dealers??? That’s north park for the uneducated, you know, the place LBPD never steps foot in.

  11. Oh please, no more government housing! These dopes screw up everything they touch. If this city council supports that type of BS, then it’s time to sweep them out come november.

  12. I stewed on this all day and realized I get my panties all caught up there over these things and I do apologize for dismissing any organization or jay. There was definitely some bitterness that just spewed all over the place. Whatever.

  13. No, not the DUNES! On the one hand, I don’t want my house to wash away…on the other…I moved here to be near a surf able ocean. Conflicted.

  14. Hold up there fellas, weren’t these homes aquired the same way the ones in SI were? In other words, these homes are supposed to be demolished and the land is never to be built upon again. Or were these aquired in and for a different purpose, as indicated above? If so that’s no good and we should all be rebeling against this especially if you live on the same block. How can we find out the addresses of these homes since they were purchased with our tax dollars it must be public record. Eddie or Captain can you shed some light?

  15. GSTQ,
    There are two aspects to the program run by the Governors Office of Storm Recovery. “Buyouts” will be maintained in perpetuity as coastal buffer zones, while properties purchased as “acquisitions” will be eligible for redevelopment in the future in a resilient manner to protect future occupants of this property. The State in consultation with local officials will determine the development of acquired areas to ensure that the properties best serve the future goals of the community. In some cases, the properties will remain undeveloped and be transformed into parks or other non-residential uses, while others will be redeveloped in a resilient manner. (http://stormrecovery.ny.gov/ny-rising-buyout-and-acquisition-programs)

    The 60+ properties in Long Beach are in the “acquisition” program and some have been completed and purchased by the NY Housing Trust Fund If you look at their web site (http://www.nyshcr.org/Agencies/HTFC/ ), you will see that entity has the exact opposite ideal of selling anything at Market Value.

    A friend of mine has a list of the properties that have been closed on and also the prices the state paid for them, when he forwards them to me I will post them here (unless he asks me not to).

    You can see a rough map of the properties on the funding portal web site (http://stormrecovery.ny.gov/funding-portal). The web site is a little clunky, here is a screen grab of the properties in the program (http://i.imgur.com/GwfVpuB.jpg), note this is all the properties possibly in the program, not the ones that have closed

    Welcome to the New Year and the New Long Beach

  16. Wow, that’s an interesting map. The West End looks like a serious problem if those spots are going to be rebuilt as low income housing.

  17. First snow of the year today – come Thursday or Friday, we all will need to set aside $1-2 thousand dollars for wheel and tire repairs, as the gutted Long Beach streets are going to open potholes everywhere, most hadn’t even been fixed since last winter. But hey, weren’t those 2015 calendars pretty?

  18. Never happen, unless they find fools to buy them at that price who don’t know anything about Long Beach. I know some folks who just took a $120K hit to sell their home (fully repaired after Sandy) and sell out of here ASAP to Florida, they see what is coming for Long Beach. And its not just LB, the entire south shore of long island is seeing price declines as the new flood insurance premium structure rolls in.

  19. I like to see long beach fire that thief frank haggerty.He stole money back in 2007 or 08 while working at the rec center.He stole public money from the summer camps.typical long beach hiring crooks.

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