The Largest Undeveloped Parcel In Long Beach is for sale? (updated x2)

2nd update: The listing was pulled from loopnet

update: iStar/Superblock is not for sale


This listing is on the real estate website for $55,000,000:

Beachfront Development Site Zoned For Commercial and Residential Use! Ideal for: Hotel, Catering Hall, Convention Center, Restaurant, amphitheater, Assisted Living Center


The question is: What property is this? I am going to go on a limb and say that it’s not the iStar Superblock, primarily because it mentions various uses, yet iStar has an already approved plan. They would include the development rights in the deal, this listing is for a vacant lot. Also, the Superblock is a 6-acre site. This listing is for 7 acres. Perhaps it’s for the foundation block? Although that lot looks smaller. I’m confused!!!


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  1. That listing is over 365 days old, it says on loopnet that it was updated in October, but that is probably just some kind of automated update. The listed realtor is probably keeping that listing online as a lead generator. “Oh that is no longer available, but can I interest you in this parcel?”

  2. I questioned the age of the listing too, but it also says “Last Updated 21 days ago.”

    The difference in acres is what confusing me too. Superblock is 6, this is 7. Also, if iStar really was for sale, they would sell the development rights, not just a plot of land.

    I am not sure what is going on with the listing, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

  3. Would be nice if the County used a grant from their Open Spaces program to buy it for parkland.

    The listing is for the Foundation Block, which has been virtually vacant forever and owned by the same family for 70 years. It’s also been perpetually for sale, though the owners now feel an increased desire to unload it as Long Beach values tank.

  4. Eddie with all due respect that sounds like a very socialist, liberal, redistribution of wealth type of an idea. Why should government take money from people who live no where near here or who have no intention of every coming here and willy nilly enrich the people of long beach by buying them a beautiful beach front park? i mean if providing food (via food stamps) or shelter (via section 8 housing) is bad for society clearly purchasing a park for the few in long beach to use with the tax dollars collected from over burden home owners and business owners in Nassau County is a bad idea also. I

    Wouldn’t the best – least socialist – idea be getting rid of all those pesky zoning rules (zoning rules are just like rent control or outlawing attic apartments – they impede the free markets are effectively confiscate wealth from individuals).

    Or are you saying there is a time and place for wealth to be re-distributed and used for the public good? That at times Government can be the solution and not the problem?

    Just wondering. And i do not post very often but I really do reading your point of view.

  5. Steve, you got me on that one and I tend to agree with you. The Open Space program is indeed a scheme that redistributes wealth to purchase parkland. One can argue that the money should be apportioned to the communities from which it is extracted. But, a better argument is not to take it in the first place. The program was initiated by a referendum on the ballot, so perhaps it can be argued that the taxpayers voted for this fleecing.

    Naturally, we both know the best remedy lies somewhere between the open market and some careful regulation. And naturally when there are good things up for grabs, we want our share. But we don’t like paying for others’ stuff.

    Nice to read your comment. It reminds me to not forget the other very valid viewpoints and helps curb my propensity to pontificate.

  6. Eddite, thanks for the nice post. Regarding the best remedy lies somewhere in the middle — i could not agree more. Stay warm. its brutal outside

  7. Just to put a final bow on this line of discussion, the county’s open space funds have been gone for a number of years now. zero dollars left in that account.

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