Blog Update: Commenting system needs to be revamp.

UPDATE x4: Full integration should take up to 24 hours, so the site might appear to be buggy for the next day or so. Yes, I will also fix the side RECENT COMMENTS bar. 

UPDATE x3: A bad example of how it all works (note: Old comments are still processing & ‘Recent Comments’ on side bar will be fixed.)


UPDATE x2: Old comments are not deleted. They will reappear once the system is done updating (I hope..). 

UPDATE: So many of you hate Livefyre, so I am going to try disqus. Please be patient as the new system takes a while to sort out all the comments. If disqus is terrible, I am willing to try other comment systems as well. Have an idea? Please let me know.


I am not liking the way the threads are being hijacked with abusive, obscene, defamatory, racist, homophobic and threatening comments. This is not the reason why I started the blog in the first place.

I need to take one of two paths:

  1. new comment system that you will all hate
  2. discontinue the blog

For now I will go with option #1, but please don’t complain how you don’t like new system.You did this to yourselves. I do not want seabythecity to be viewed as a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Thank you.

Please read the terms of service before you comment.


21 thoughts on “Blog Update: Commenting system needs to be revamp.”

  1. I agree with you, it’s become disgusting. While I’ve learned a bunch from some of the comments and it would be a shame to see them go away, shutting off comments completely could be another option.

  2. Anthony, thanks for your decision. If the new system rids us of the unnecessary dirt it will please many of us. People shouldn’t need obscenity, personal attacks or other foolishness to express their ideas and make their point.

  3. i thought of shutting off comments, but some people really have some great things to say. the point of the blog is to share, learn, grow as a community. not as enemies…

  4. To be honest, I was so tempted to register with “Disqus” under the name
    of “Allison Box” or “Eddie”, but in the interest of civility opted
    not to 🙂

    PS, you can now edit messages

    PSS, I don’t like new system

  5. haha well I can upvote or downvote your comment. You can now post a photo if you’d like. You can also sort between NEW and OLD comments on top.

    Give it time. it’s still processing. For some reason it’s not showing the comment count on top.

  6. Yes, I will fix the latest comment system on the side bar once all the comments on the regular posts are squared away. it’s at 70% done right now.

    Sorting: if you look at sorting, it’s for OLDEST, NEWEST and BEST. I don’t think you can sort by WORST.

    Also, take note: this comment system allows paragraphs. The last one I tried didn’t.

  7. Oh this is great news!!! I’ve been getting tons of good info but I was about to stop following because I was really disgusted by some of the commentary. I’m here to stay!!

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