What do folks think of the Public Safety report that was presented at the last City Council Meeting?

Due to the uncertainty of the Long Beach Medical Center, the City hired a consulting firm to evaluate our safety/emergency needs. All this info was presented at the January 13th City Council Meeting and also posted on the official city website.  What do you folks think of all this? 

From Long Beach: “Did you miss the ICMA Center for Public Safety Management presentation on Long Beach Emergency Medical Services Tuesday night? Don’t worry, here are some key excerpts from the presentation.You can find a link to the full report, as well as Tuesday’s presentation here: http://goo.gl/FEhb2t

ICMA_Report_Excerpts_Page_1 ICMA_Report_Excerpts_Page_2

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19 thoughts on “What do folks think of the Public Safety report that was presented at the last City Council Meeting?”

  1. Bye bye paid fire dept.

    Only people supporting MacNamara and Kavazanjiant now will be liz treston, the idiotic project 11561 ladies and “Joe” (mrs. kavazanjian).

    Save us money. Cut our taxes. Go to cheap emt’s and everybody wins except for jay guslar.

    Wait a minute this union rag “labor tribune” says icma is biased against fire unions. LoL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Eddie, this is an example of the anonymous bullying that I was talking about. There is no need to mention some names of people who have nothing to do with the post. 5 votes down and this comment disappears. I gave it one.

  3. It was not about the PD, but about the emergency medical services needed in town, which analysis originated from the City seeking information on same in relation to the shutdown of the hospital. I’ve not read the report, but did go the meeting. The oral presentation was impressive in terms of detail and discussion. I look forward to reading the written materials this weekend. Suspect its the same or largely the same as was on the screen at the meeting.

  4. True cowardice. Posting anonymously. Very easy to hide behind a keyboard. Pathetic online Bullying.
    The fact is that a 24/7 Career FD/EMS response costs 34 cents per day ($124 a year) to the Long Beach taxpayer.
    I have the facts to back it up. Just ask.

  5. Not insulted at all Jay. I made clear that I look forward to your thoughtful response even if your reaction to my very measured reaction to the report seems oddly aggressive. I look forward to reading your post ” completely destroying… ” the “hatchet” job done for “purely political reasons” even as I wonder whether you realize that you sully your credibility when you suggest that only your motives are as pure as the freshly driven snow. The City is management Jay, you are Union labor(appropriately well paid), I trust that we, the tax paying public will be able to judge the report better when all stakeholders, including the volunteers weigh in. I know two things: I want a paid professional fire Dep’t in LB and I want my City Manager and Council to make every effort to achieve cost efficiencies .

  6. Here is what I don’t understand. The report seems to say- Everything works ok the way it is but if you want you could make these changes and by 2016 you will have saved 1.2 million. But, BUT! taxes don’t decrease because money has been saved. Budgets only ever shift. So where will that money go? Is the risk of changing something that, (by the ICMA report’s account) works well, worth whatever the money will be spent on? Where will that money go?

  7. Taxes will not go down. Money will shift in the budget. You will not see a tax decrease, which would only really amount to a 10$ a month decrease anyway. Cost-benefit makes no sense. Can you explain how it makes sense to you?

  8. I’d appreciate if you capitalize my name “original pg”

    I attended the City Council meeting in support of the paid fire fighters as a resident I found it incredulous that both the Administration and the Union were not seeking alternate funding streams. If both parties knew the deadline was approaching why wasn’t something being done to ensure the positions could be retained? I know none of the personnel on a friendly basis. Maybe one of them saved my ass from death once or twice. I don’t know I didn’t ask for names or if they were paid or volunteers.

    I want to know why were Council members, all of them I voted for so silent when asked if the City had indeed looked for the extra money elsewhere?

    The grant which kept these men on is still, from my reading, available SAFER Grant Application is open. Why aren’t we as a City filing for it? I’d love to see my taxes lowered. I’d like to see a lot of things.

    As a resident, I know I am that I not privy to the Union talks with the Administration. The study which was bantered around at the meeting was held out like a carrot stick. Information was already in someone’s hands. It now appears any effort a resident, with no pony in the show, other than asking about Public Safety was in the dark. Decisions have been made.

    I will, as it is my right, send my comments in about the report. I do; however, feel my opinion holds no weight. That Sir or Madam is an issue.

  9. Good John and I hope to start attending more CC meetings in 2015 myself, but rest assured that the City Council and Manager and all our elected representatives read this blog religiously. Sound arguments and incisive questions are seen and discussed. Both you and Publius have made the argument that “showing up” matters, which of course is true, but this blogging form of active participation combined with e-mail/ phone follow up is also valuable. I agree that employing expert consultants for data driven independent comprehensive studies of key departments to reevaluate efficacy and analyze overtime is important and in some cases overdue.

  10. With all due respect Anthony (and thank you for all your hard work on this blog) why would a comment that get 5 negative votes disappear? i understand getting rid of insulting or inappropriate comments but why unpopular ones? Polite, articulate, respectful comments — can also be unpopular with people who read them. that is the point of these type of discussions.

  11. When all is said and done the City will lay off the original 5 Firefighters and spare the other nine until a later date. The public will be so relieved to see that we are only losing 5 they will applaud the City Council and Schnirman. It’s all a game they play with us. The fact that peoples lives are involved is irrelevant.

  12. Whatever they do with the money, they are asking people to make a decision without knowing a very important piece of the equation. What if they create a new job like a “Tree Planting Czar”? I don’t approve that shift in the budget. Saying you are saving money when talking about budgets is tricky. Tricky, tricky, tricky and they KNOW it.

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