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15famousbulliesRunning seabythecity really hasn’t been that much fun lately. How can I be motivated to continue this little hobby of mine when I’m being accused of censorship (give me proof that unreasonably censored a comment). Or when I see neighbors bullying each other in the comments. Or when I read how this blog is construed as a breeding ground for negativity. Or when private individuals and/or local businesses are mentioned in an unfair and disparaging way. I sometimes wonder why the heck I even bother doing this….

Little-House-Praire_lA former-prominent city worker once told me how he loved seabythecity because it not only was a great place to get feedback on local issues, but also found the criticisms to be very constructive. That feedback meant a lot to me and was prime motivation to keep seabythecity as place of progress, not regress. (e.g. Trucks on the boardwalk: Don’t just say that sucks. Say why I think it sucks and offer alternatives.)

It’s really hard creating topics that I think are interesting for discussion. I am very lucky to say how the majority of you who comment do so with endearing and captivating viewpoints & contributions. I seriously love my readers and always appreciate when you contact me with new thread ideas and bits of news or rumors. It’s just those few who are the party poopers.

01-billy-zabka_628While I am not responsible with what you write, I still have to moderate when I am notified of an issue. Those who’ve been following the blog for a long time know how I let the conversations flow. I also welcomed many viewpoints on various topics. Moderating is normally not my thing, but we have gotten to the point where I am forced to it (when I am notified of an issue).

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 5.05.52 PMIn an effort to deal with the bullying, I tried disqus, a widely-used commenting system on many blogs and websites. Self-moderating and extra features seemed like a great way to bring order to this blog. Well, that didn’t work. Stupid me; the system was implemented days before I left on a long vacation where I had no internet access whatsoever. I came back to Long Beach greeted with an inbox filled with emails complaining about the disqus system. Yes, you people have spoken. We are back to our old commenting ways. I apologize to those who created disqus accounts. Yes, It was a buggy failure, but at least I tried.


I actually grew a pretty thick skin running seabythecity over the years, so I’m going to just deal with the bullying on a case-by-case basis. If somebody has an issue, please email me. I do not get to read every single comment that is posted here. I’m also bored with this blog and need motivation or inspiration to continue it. Expect to see a plethora of redesigns, wacky threads (if you don’t like it, don’t read it) and maybe even advertisements. If topics don’t motivate me, perhaps the money will. Oh, and on commenting: Please just try to be nice to your neighbors. That’s all I ask for. I can be testy myself sometimes, so I’m going to give it a valiant effort as well.

Please read the terms of service before you comment.


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  1. You know, I first commented on this site about having to move out of my LB neighborhood because of a rent hike and someone responded (something to the effect of) an apartment is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. That is true but only to an extent, because you can’t have a decent neighborhood without decent neighbors and that’s exactly the problem going on with this blog. Listen up LBers! Your prices are “high” because you are becoming increasingly populated by people who are not welcomed other places and will pay any price for shelter. Good luck Anthony!

  2. I’ve been absent only because I couldn’t work Disqus lol but I was very impressed with the info I gained from the firefighter blog. So I joined! I also loved the West End (as I live in the WE) restaurant blog…I did notice that the threads were being hijacked by a few and it was a big turn off BUT that happens every where!! Every open forum is hijacked by s#+t stirrers. It doesn’t mean that the thread was not good. I admire people that can create blogs such as yours and believe me the people do appreciate it. I wish there was a flagging system that can pick up those outrageous comments but I think it’s largely a great site!

  3. Anthony, you do a wonderful service and it’s one that few of your detractors would undertake themselves. Short of the few events of outright liable, where private individuals were attacked by name, I’ve enjoyed the lively debate.

    As a very opinionated bloke, I’ve received my share of criticism to my posts here. I’ve tried my best to be open to the other views, to be corrected when my errors were pointed out and to learn when I’m wrong.

    I get more out of those opposing my posts than those agreeing with them.

    You signed up for a tough job Anthony. Like a journalist, you walk a thin line. While you must protect readers from liable, you also should recognize that an unpopular, politically incorrect or “offensive” view may be very valuable to your readers. It’s very often the truth.

    Yes, it’s your playground for sure, and you are free to censor, steer, delete, edit as you see fit. But do expect an uproar when you do.

    We missed you, Anthony. Your friends welcome you back!

  4. I already emailed Anthony – with a little bit of groveling! I agree with much of what has been said here in commentary.

    I like lively debates (Alexis – sorry but that is a tenet of real estate — location, location, location – and things are worth what someone is willing to pay – like a designer handbag or pair of shoes – I believe i was one of the people that made the comment you were referring to but I didn’t mean in in the spirit of ill-intent — so apologies if I was offensive to you and I do mean that from the bottom of my heart and happy to have the opportunity to state that to you).

    Outside of the lively debates, which have helped me learn more, see other sides to the story and take into account things I hadn’t considered previously — I do agree that the haters and sh*t stirrers do dampen things and it is very hard to always turn the other cheek – ignore them and move on. Add to that, the written word is often misinterpreted as many comments don’t appropriately communicate tone — it can be difficult to bear the brunt of it.

    I would miss this blog tremendously. I moved here just over a year ago – first in a rental and then decided to make Long Beach my permanent home….I love it here and despite working a lot of hours, this blog has helped me connect and get to know this community. Anthony has an amazing gift at being non-partisan but with an opinion; a contradiction in terms but definitely represented!

    Don’t give up!

  5. Hi Anthony, I just wanted to let you know that I found your blog 3 and a half years ago when I was exploring long beach as a potential place to move to….. I’ve been in LB for 3 years now. I always turn to your blog to get info and updates on what’s going on in LB. People who are nasty on here are just that- if they are nasty on a community blog who knows what other venom their spreading on a family basis. so keep on writting because there are a lot of people that rely on your blog to keep us in the know of what’s going on in LB!

  6. Thank you for the support, everybody! I feel like I’m always complaining about the negativity, but I think the best way to deal with trolls is to just ignore them. I am very grateful that people actually read the stuff that I write! And I know the haters are just a small minority.

    I appreciate the love and support!

  7. Anthony, you have been sorely missed. I think I started following your blog about 6 months after you started it and I can clearly understand why you are becoming disheartened. There has been a huge change in the tone of comments as many Patch readers drifted over here when they lost that bully pulpit. I also notice a few missing names that had been regulars, who contributed funny, well researched, or simply on point comments.

    I know how frustrating running a blog can be especially this type, which covers such a wide range of topics. I co-admin a FB page about cooking (you would think no controversy there, but not so!)
    and I see how many people forget that what they type is read by a human being with feelings and opinions worthy of respect.

    Thank you for what you have given Long Beach. I hope you continue to find interest in SBTC. If there is anything one of us can do to help you manage so it feels like less of a burden, please reach out!

  8. Please know how grateful we are to have you as the host of all that represents LB. There is a serious lack of unbiased coverage in the media these days, so this blog is a godsend for those of us who believe information — particularly in our own backyards — is power. Thank you.

  9. We took great interest in your map illustrating the locations of Day Spas with photos of the trafficked prostitutes who were arrested last week. I suppose that’s politically correct.

    Would you censor someone’s map if it had depictions of a limp-wristed homosexual as a legend of sex cruising locations? That’s not politically correct.

    See what’s wrong with censorship?

  10. Joy, you miss the point: It’s not about censorship, it’s about bullying each other on the blog. The map of the alleged prostitutes has absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote here.

  11. Anthony,
    This is your backyard that you’ve graciously opened for anyone to come and hang out. Some might start kvetch more than others but if they’re bringing up challenging/pointed topics, it’s only healthy for the overall discussion. If someone crosses the line and is being an asshole, you have every right to kick them out of the yard. That’s not censorship; that’s just be responsible and showing respect to the other guests & yourself.

  12. Compared to the rest of the Internet, I think the comment section is about as good as you could hope for! I think everyone who uses the Internet just has their auto filter on where you don’t even notice the spam/stupid/rude content anywhere.

  13. Hi Anthony – Just chiming in to say I love the blog and thanks for doing what you do. You provide an important service for this community. Thank you. And btw I hope you do make more money from this blog; you deserve it.

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