OTB Casino at Jones Beach? [rumors]

I’m hearing that the Westbuty/Fortunoff OTB Casino plan has been withdrawn due to the overwhelming amount of opposition. I guess democracy still exists after all. Well, now this unwanted casino could potential be closer to home. Jones Beach is now being mentioned as a potential site. What do you folks think?

This photoshop below describes pretty much what I think, except replace the Fortunuoff Building with the Jones Beach water tower.


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  1. It is funny that 67% of the voters in Nassau County in 2013 voted yes on the referendum allowing full casinos in upstate locations. It appears that the 33% who voted no all live in the area of this proposed VLT facility. Perfect example of NIMBY.

    The Coliseum location does not look like a possibility since Ratner is planning to spend a quarter of billion dollars on its’ redevelopment and would not to share with OTB. Belmont is probably too close to Aqueduct and their multi-hundred million dollar revenues.

    Trump’s Jones Beach proposal called for 86,000 sq ft, the OTB proposal was for roughly 30,000 sq ft so on a size basis it would fit in the foot print. They would need to elevate the entire structure which could provide additional parking underneath. There would be virtually no local opposition since nobody lives on the Jones beach island.

  2. I was told the “casino” at Aqueduct takes in more money than any casino in the country. Why shouldn’t Nassau taxpayers benefit from this stream of income. We apparently don’t care if drivers speed pass school buildings. Where is the line?

  3. While the City Council threw their opposition at the LNG Project that’s 15 miles out to sea, let’s home they oppose this gambling hell next door to Long Beach.

    Think they will? Even if it destroys your quality of life and safety in Long Beach? Nope. It’s a Democrat proposal.

  4. How is a casino in Jones Beach going to impact the quality of life in Long Beach? Is Howard Beach a slum now because Aqueduct has a casino? Jones Beach is desolate for 40 weeks a year. No one is going to drive through LB to get to Jones Beach, there are plenty of parkways to get drivers there.

  5. Watch out Eddie that falling sky is gonna land right on your head.
    Just think of all the headaches if every one in Atlantic Beach, Lawrence and Inwood, who wanted to gamble,go to work, shop,visit friends or relatives, enjoy a lobster at Jordan’s drive right through Long Beach.
    Wait except for the gamblers I think they do that now on occasion.

  6. I would say just take a look at OTB in Oceanside during race season..gamblers are all over..they said the same thing when they began to open up OTB’s in the area many yrs ago. open a casino where Oak Beach in once stood right off the parkway..

  7. Well said Capt O, NIMBYism ought not be elevated to exemplary participatory engagement in the “democratic” process when what we see here is a mob that is demanding that revenues be raised for their schools to lower taxes in a place called Somewhere Else. Not much different than the little mob of MBIMBY’s(Must Be In My BackYarders) who demand lower taxes but also demand a full scale hospital in LB when a sensible regional approach to high quality, cost effective health care calls for something else. Good citizenship in the democratic process requires some self attention to one’s cognitive dissonance.

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