High Speed LNG, Let’s Not Go There

Derail LNG(3)

The House just approved a bill that will speed up the approval process for fracked gas, also knows as liquified natural gas (LNG), export facilities. The Senate is considering the same bill right now in committee, which would increase fracking and minimize the power of the people to stand up against these facilities.

When it comes to stopping climate-killing fracked gas export facilities, we can’t afford to allow the Senate and their fracking friends to cut us out of the process.

VISIT THIS WEBSITE & Sign up to tell your Senators to derail the fast track for approving LNG facilities.

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7 thoughts on “High Speed LNG, Let’s Not Go There”

  1. “climate-killing fracked gas ”

    Oh-boy! Not this Sh:t again.
    You do realize that you undercut your credibility with this Agenda-driven non-sense.

  2. I’m no fan of this project, but not one fact in this post is correct. It takes all credibility from your cause.

    “fracked gas, also knows as liquified natural gas” ??? Are you kidding?

  3. To make things clear, I did not write the article. It was forwarded to me, hence the GUEST author moniker. I always proof read before I post to make sure it makes sense. I know there is confusion between LNG and Fracking – but there are those who truly believe these projects coincide with each other.

  4. The logic seems clear if one wants to see it. These LNG terminals are not necessary if there is no fracked product, ergo the correlation.

    What is even more of concern to me is the industry’s repeated attempt to subvert the democratic process. Most of these are not even US corporations but they are lobbying for fast track approvals without due discussion and study and certainly without acceptance of the residents of the affected areas.

    Regardless of one’s feelings about the terminal or fracking, the loss of our autonomy should be an issue, IMO.

  5. I could not agree with you more.It appears that our autonomy has vaporized! Another example of the Long Beach Hospital fiasco which certainly warrants an investigation from an outside source.I just heard a rumor that Donald Trump may be scrutinizing the property.Again, with the Casino’s? What are our elected officials doing all day long?We need a Hospital.

  6. I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask this, but does anyone know what this guest author is talking about? The link takes me to a website that has the same vague and incorrect wording as above and does not actually list what bill they are asking us to oppose. All the website does is ask you to join their mailing list and provides no specifics on this bill. Anyone know?

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