[Wacky Wednesday] East Meets West. And who has the best Chinese food in Long Beach?

2015-01-31 12.05.41While Long Beach Blvd isn’t the exact marker where the East End meets the West End, it still could be construed as a central line in our city by the sea. This brings me to my Wacky Wednesday question:

EAST MEETS WEST CHINESE FOOD (227 East Park Avenue) is located right near Long Beach Blvd. Is that a brilliant name regarding Long Beach geography or simply just eastern food comes to the western world? Discuss.

And while we are on the subject: Who has the best Chinese food in Long Beach? (that’s really the real question here)

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28 thoughts on “[Wacky Wednesday] East Meets West. And who has the best Chinese food in Long Beach?”

  1. I would love to know what folks think. Since we moved here – we haven’t found a place with deliciousness AND consistency over the past 18 months. Anyone have a great/consistent place here??

  2. Chinese food in LB is all around awful! There isn’t even a decent place you can go to, and sit down in eat. We need a place like Asian Moon in Massapequa, and Garden City. Some of the Chinese take out places in LB scare the hell out of me, and I wouldn’t eat it if it was my last meal on earth!

  3. We’ve been getting food from Panda Garden for nine years now, and are consistently pleased. The food is fresh, it’s hot, and they get the orders right. But remember, these are takeout places, not high-end restaurants. It is what it is.

  4. Sadly there is no real Chinese restaurant in LB. But for what its worth. I like Asian Wok in WE.

    Will the Paninis location be Chinese or I thought I saw rumor that Japan Sushi was expanding moving there from its current location in WE?

  5. My friend James is opening up an Asian Fusion restaurant where the old Paninis and Bikinis was…he just picked up his menus today!! I don’t think we have real Chinese in long beach period! I can’t eat the “fast food” style Chinese food it’s filled with MSG and chewy meat. I love Xaga in Hewlett they are a bit pricey but they use white meat chicken with the consistency I know and love! They also use lots of fresh ingredients! But they are not in LB so I haven’t had it since we moved back into our home. I hope James can change that with his new place!! His brother is supposedly a really good chef. So I hope they do well!!

  6. No he will leave Japan Sushi as is and he is opening an Asian Fusion place. With a full bar! And I agree that there is no real Chinese food! He’s making his take out menu competive as to drum up business for the main restaurant. So if he uses the menu he showed me this past weekend the prices are spot on. But the sit down menu will feature different higher price items.

  7. For me it depends on what you order. East meets west is best I’ve tried, but they don’t get the oil hot enough so their fried items (egg rolls, dumplings, etc) are soggy. Jade is good for that stuff, but their vegetables aren’t as good.

    Anthony makes a good point though. I think they should change their name to north meets south.

  8. The best Chinese in Long Beach was Sui Szechuan. Those who know continue to mourn it’s loss. Excited about the new places! I always order from Kam Sheng.

  9. At the suggestion of Nick at the Majestic Barber Shop, I tried the Orchid in Garden City. He was right the food was good.
    However, if you want the real deal in Cantonese, it’s Hop Kee at 16 Mott Street in Chinatown. They get the bulk of the after funeral diners. It’s a good sign, that the food is authentic and fresh. Of course, you have to like Cantonese.

    As for Long Beach restaurants in general…. “Could do better!”

  10. I will…he’s planning on having a little mixer where he will serve food for free to give everyone a taste. The bar will be open of course. He’s waiting on the liquor license so I will def keep everyone posted! He’s hoping for an April opening.

  11. Sui Szechuan, was pretty damn good and the last of the real sit down old school Chinese restaurants in LB. Sure Kam Sheng has tables but its not much more than a take out place with real dishes.

  12. “Ah, East meets West in a most bizarre setting.”
    -Milo Perrier, in ‘Murder By Death’

    Yummy Yummy has the best American-Chinese food in the East End of Long Beach. We used to eat at East Meets West (meh), also Jade (double meh) and Panda Garden (yikes) and YY is superior to them by far. I can’t speak for the West end locales, though I will say Golden Phoenix has the best name.
    A place that is dearly missed is Mutiara, a Malaysian joint that was located at the current Brixx & Barley. They had a sarang burung dish that buckled the knees it was so good.

  13. Number 1 is the best!! They pack their food, don’t skimp you at all amazing portions. Their garlic sauce is so delicious. I order it 3-4 times a week. They also have the option of smaller pint orders, instead of just offering only large orders. Beyond super friendly!
    As for panda garden, that place is horrendous. They got slammed with the most health violations. I wanted to heave reading the list of unsanitary food handling they got knocked for. Don’t even bother eating from China wok either. Their portions are so tiny, their dumplings look like mini ravioli size, and crazy expensive.

  14. I’m going to second Number 1. Yes the location is seedy and walking in you think it will be the ultimate greasy spoon (chopstick?) but they always do custom orders for me with the ingredients I want and cook it the way I ask. Plus they’re fast and reasonably priced. Shye-shye.

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