How the heck is Mitchell’s Diner in Oceanside closing?

“The plans call for the demolition of the diner, at 2756 Long Beach Road, and the construction of a bank in its place. [LINK Oceanside is losing businesses.]

Do you people not eat anymore? That’s a fantastic diner!!  Ugh… so sad. Well, if you read that article, it looks like Long Beach might gain a bakery.

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15 thoughts on “How the heck is Mitchell’s Diner in Oceanside closing?”

  1. This truly sucks!! Not 1 diner in a 5 mile radius. The Pantry was destroyed by Sandy with the promise of an opening in April 2014, The sign is still in the window. We have like 30 banks in this town.

  2. The pantry had a fire-it wasn’t destroyed by sandy…and I asked, the owner of Mitchell’s got a nice chunk of money they’ll be closing sometime in the next couple of months…their putting a bank in its place…

  3. The diner doesn’t own the land. The landlord got a better rent offer from the bank. So the bank wins. How sad. It all comes down to money. Oceanside doesn’t need another bank or pizzeria.

  4. They got a lot of Money for the property and it is being torn down and A Bank will be built on that sight.I heard they are opening a small place nearby and certainly no shortage of Diners in Nassau County.

  5. A good location for a diner would be where Nathans had been! That would be awesome!!! Instead of some chicken place going there that I heard about.

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