One can dream…

Newsday: Patchogue mayor’s focus for 2015: Making village more family friendly. Notable Quotes:

“Pontieri said his focus for 2015 is on making the village more family friendly after working for the past few years on revitalizing the downtown area. Downtown Patchogue has drawn residents and artists to new apartments as well as visitors from around the region to the restaurants and clubs that have opened.

“You have to bring in young families. You want to be a walkable community

“Pontieri’s plan is “a logical next step” after focusing on the downtown area, said Vision Long Island executive director Eric Alexander. “He needed to bring more development to improve his tax base, then he brought in more businesses to grow the retail base.”

“After redeveloping a downtown, residents want amenities and attractions such as walkable streets and neighborhood parks, Alexander said.

Our playgrounds in Long Beach are fantastic. The new Georgia Park is amazing. The new Skate Park will most likely be totally tubular. We have the greatest park in New YorkState: The Beach & Boardwalk, but I wish (& hope) downtown improvements come next with walkability being a main focus.

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  1. I love Patchogue. Funny how they did things in a different order… revitalize downtown, then you get the treats that come with a thriving city… skate park, playgrounds, etc.

  2. Add to this list a $million dollar$ grant going to Edwards BlVd so people can walk and bike from the LIRR and past a couple chain restaurants safely to the beach. Meanwhile, a block over, is a hotspot for bicycle and pedestrian collisions resulting in a high amount* of injuries and fatalities.
    A million dollar walkway that connect us to the beach but not the post office, school, a market, coffee shop, bodega, gym, laundromat, nursing home to visit mom, library, surf shop or any other shop to spend money in the East or West End. You know, economic development.

    Georgia Ave is lovely however that part of Beech St is a hotspot for pedestrian/cyclist collisions as well including a fatality a few months ago. We have a safe space for kids but getting there is not necessarily safe and the stats prove it.

    The first step n making this city more walkable would be for the City, Ec Dev, PD and every City dept to embrace Vision Zero policies, to commit to eliminating traffic injuries and fatalities through smarter engineering, reduced speed limits, Law enforcement citing dangerous behavior, holding negligent drivers accountable for injuries and fatalities and educating pedestrians and cyclists on how not to access roads unsafely / like an asshole, and to break apart the street hierarchy that holds the ease of car driving above safety, equality, health and economy of our residents and visitors.

    Currently pedestrian and bicycle outreach in Long Beach is Denise Ford giving out helmets once a year. I applaud her for this. But think about this- people who walk or use a bike are ignored, considered an afterthought to cars. We literally have hundreds of reported collisions involving ped and bikes, predominantly on Park and Beech. You want these areas more walkable and our storefronts to not be vacant?

    This dense beach city has a high amount of cyclists and zero education, poor and unsafe infrastructure. I do not blame anyone for biking the wrong way or on a sidewalk as they do so to save their own life. How can we expect bicyclists to follow the same rules as cars when they are not given any safe space on streets? Why would you expect a pedestrian to cross at a crosswalk and only with a walk sign when it can be safer to cross midstreet bc too many crosswalks are painted IN intersections?

    Back to walkability in our CBDs. People who walk or use a bike need better protection and equal access to streets first and foremost. you can have the cutest shops in the world but until you can cross safely and not be pushed onto a narrow sidewalk- well, its safer to just drive. Ass backwards, this is not sustainable or smart. Park Ave is a highway with dangerous rights-on-red at the most populated intersections.

    Uh, i need to make coffee now I am all riled up about this. Such a freakin no brainer. All of this.

    Its easier to talk about making our streets more walkable if you can demonstrate how NOT walkable or safe they are. Data- or metrics as Ed Glister would say.

    Enter the LB streets Crash Map. Its designed as an interactive map highlighting crash hot spots. A visual awareness and tool to push for change. We have collected hundreds of reported collisions from the DMV and FD.

    But the PD data is a problem.

    The Crash Map is being held back again. The January launch was foiled by a FOIL that the PD has not responded to correctly. The Commish recently reached out and is trying to get the right people to get this sorted out. the PD has mantained its traffic reports on paper despite having a TARU unit and LT getting 6 figures to oversee software that would make the traffic division more efficient, less salary bloated and way more effective in attacking intersections with high collision rates. Its 2015 and they are paper driven? Very rare for a department these days and this is one of those rare examples of size not mattering. I assume avoiding efficiency is to preserve jobs but the problem here is more than rididulous salaries – its lives lost and injuries sustained that were preventable.

    Also, the department has the latest police software that is accessible to officers on handhelds (their smartphones). To be fair, the last update did have glitches that may have pushed the department back but ot does not explan how the traffic dept has yet to embrace technology. So basically I have receive, like, 5000 car collisions, no way (yet) to distinguish what they were because a pedestrian death is treated like a fender bender with their system so i might just have to FOIL every single police report in the past 10 years. Do you have any idea how badly i dont want to do that? Data entry nightmare of epic proportions!


    *high amount of fatalities is defined as one or more. A ped/bike fatality is completely preventable and unacceptable.

  3. I just read what i posted and need to add that I do not dislike cars, and am actually listening to Car Talk on NPR right now (though mostly for the Boston accents). Its weird that I love Car Talk but whatever.

  4. Allison I agree we need bike lanes and better city planning in place, but even suggesting that bikes take to the sidewalks is ridiculous and dangerous.

    I hope you enjoy today’s ride and everyone is safe, but please keep off the sidewalks. Bikes hitting pedestrians may not be causing deaths, but these accidents do cause serious injuries that can be easily avoided.

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