Paramedics Wanted: Long Beach is Hiring. The ICMA report is starting to take effect.

I am very curious to see how this whole ICMA recommendation thing plays out. As a taxpayer, I am very curious. Will emergency services remain the same? Will the city really save money by replacing some firefighters with paramedics? I have seen good arguments on both sides, but this is really beyond my expertise.  Anyway, here is the job posting: PARAMEDICS WANTED: THE CITY OF LONG BEACH IS HIRING!

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  1. I just saw this on Project 11561 Facebook page. I’m not sure why they need paid Paramedics when they can have that in a FF that is trained to do both…that is if the paid guys getting laid off are certified to do both as some has stated. EMT’s and Paramedic have two different scopes of practice…EMT is BLS and Paramedic’s are ALS. So not sure if FF need to have paramedic qualifications which is a higher skill set. My husband as a NYC fire many is certified to do EMT but not paramedic. He can’t place an IV or anything. So to answer your question yes they will save money as EMT’s are not paid as much as a paramedic or Fireman. However to clarify the City does not want EMT’s, the job posting is for Paramedics.

    I’m so confused as to what’s going on with the city and the fire dept of LB…And now I see that someone posted under the other thread that one of our paid guys got arrested. If so there’s no info available…if not that’s not a nice thing to put out there. This whole thing is messy.

  2. Paramedics are more highly certified than emts.

    Medics will make $40,000 according to this posting.

    Avg. LB EMT makes $120,000. So the payscale is insane. I commend Jack Schnirman for having the courage to save taxpayers money through this action.

  3. EMT’s out on the island make about 40,000 a year. A paramedic is like 70-80k. Long Island Does have paid EMT FF so what The City FF make would not be a comparison.

  4. Honest answer… You sound like a volley scab!
    You commend J Schnirman.. Well, I got news for you.. This will be Jacks last term and you won’t see a dime of savings from the layoffs!

  5. Ok so they are Fireman Paramedics not EMT’s…getting paid much like New York City FF after some OT (and depending on years of working) And NYC firemen are not paramedic trained they have a EMS services for that so that explains the LB salaries… Got it!! Thank you.

    Ps it will still be difficult getting ppl to understand paying such high salaries. I am all for trained professionals getting a just pay rate as I to am a trained professional….of course the tax payer is gonna want what’s best for the city and their pockets! I hope this issue is resolved safely for the City and fairly to the Fire dept. We shall see!!

  6. The 120k is also the pay for a lieutenant, not a firefighter. Top pay for a firefighter with emt critical care I believe somewhere closer to 95k. This pay is also comparable to Westchester and garden City firefighters with only emt basic or certified first responders, all of which do not transport to hospital. And responding to roughly 1/4 the number of calls. It may seem like a lot, but compared to others in their field in the area and the volume of calls, it is really a bargain.

  7. What a strange way to advertise a job posting. Why put quotes around paramedic “the City of Long Beach has established a new “paramedic” job title and is currently seeking applicants.”? It’s like being in a restaurant and your server telling you the “chef” will be preparing your food. I can’t wait to see where the money goes.

  8. They are also showing a greater difference in pay by using a positions starting salary against the current firefighters top pay. What will paramedics top pay be? Unsure of what starting salary for firefighter was, but would like to say somewhere around 50 or 55k. Could be wrong on that, but certainly not the 120k of a top pay scale lieutenant.

  9. I believed in you and your arguments – that you stood up for protecting the citizens of LB…now this? And on top of this you now blame the DA for harassment?? You’re a scam artist and will get what you deserve.

  10. Here’s something on point. You’re a scam artist and low life that got caught. It’s not Gordy either — try again!! I’d be worried about jail time as opposed to a small fire union – and getting smaller- which you’re not apart of anyway. Fear not, orange jumpsuits are ‘in’ these days.

  11. No…staying on your criminal activity topic. what do you have to say about so many charges….man…lots of charges….stay on topic mr. scammer.

  12. You’re not a fireman. Just a low life scammer who claims to protect us but steals our tax dollars by fraud. Keep an eye out for Arnold Diaz of Shame Shame Shame…SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  13. It’s actually pretty simple, they didn’t give enough support last two elections and this is retribution. No mystery. This is how the z-man rolls.

  14. Have word that my estimate of 50k for starting salary of firefighter was incorrect. My apologies, they start at 42k. Not much of a difference when you compare starting pay.

  15. So when’s does this train stop at the LBPDs door???? Oh right it doesn’t, cuase they supported the current administration and the z-man (I like that it’s funny) gave them a pass.

  16. Cross trained fire ems is the future, this is a step back. Way more efficient model is the way we have it already. Safety is not improving, the only thing this is for is money and I’ll believe the savings when I see them. They’ll just spend it on something else. Lbfd was cutting edge making all firefighters advanced life support certified. You lack facts in your response.

  17. For someone looking at prison time, I’d be the last one to say anything pertaining to talking out his ‘ass’. Scaring everyone with catastrophic death and despair just doesn’t cut it, its actually down right criminal – which I guess you’re familiar with that. Focus on your court case and let the paramedics and new firemen do their jobs – you’re neither. I’m fine with the city decision as a taxpayer – and feel safe as well.

  18. Jay, I have the greatest respect for you. You are being punished for speaking up at the meeting as a Resident. This is so wrong, and we are all behind you.

  19. Do you know why they decided that the original people getting laid off should stay and why they now they are laying off different guys…I’m probably wording this horribly. What I’m trying to say is was the criteria for the original layoffs last hired first fired? If so how did it change to different guys or Are the people chosen to be laid off now chosen because of higher salaries or something. I’m sorry I’m such an amateur…I’m just truly trying to understand what is going on. Thank you for you info.

  20. The layoff order is determined by civil service law. This bases it’s ranking by total time employed to city uninterrupted. Some of the lbfd members held jobs in the city prior to being hired as firefighters. That being said, I am against any and all layoffs, so the order doesn’t really matter much to me.

  21. I am laid off as of the 15th, 3rd in line and not one of the originally saved members with the grant. I am a 4 almost 5 year employee with the lbfd. Do not let that discredit any of the questions I have answered. I am an honest man and would rather lose my job honestly then be called a liar. Trying to answer questions as fairly as I can. Speaking as a concerned person, not as a member of fire department. Don’t wanna see a thread created for information turn into a bashing that no one wants to read, if you have a legit question and I know the answer I will try to provide it.

  22. Yes. The DA purchased a time machine after Tuesday’s council meetings and went back to 2012 to trick jay into committing all these crimes.

  23. I’ll tell you why. There are 8 fires per year. The city has never said anything about reducing firefighters on each shift or stopping the dozens of volunteers from helping on each fire. They are just reducing the roster.

    you say you’d prefer to be I prison because it’s safer then you should plead guilty Immediately and get out of this dangerous community.

    You are a sick and twisted individual and you thought you were above the law. Good riddance from the lbfd. Good riddance from society. Have fun behind my bars sicko.

    Will the professional fire fighters union speak out on your behalf? Will they proclaim your innocence?

  24. Oh wow sorry to hear that. Thank you for being honest and answering my questions. I wish you the best…I hate to hear anyone loose their job not due to any misconduct issues.

  25. These guys were trying to save their jobs…how can you hate them for that…even if you think they are being dramatic about the necessity of their job. I would do whatever I could to save my job and I think we all would. Unless theses guys were sitting on their butts all day not answering calls and doing a terrible job all the while collecting large sums of money from the. City…I really don’t see why there is such animosity. There’s obviously some other things that we the public don’t know about. Im a tax payer and I will never proclaim that I like high taxes or anything but I also do not enjoy these guys losing their jobs. These guys are human beings not free of flaws…don’t dance on their graves if you will. Getting laid off in this economy is hard enough. Jay it seems as if you have lots of pissed off people after you unless one guy is posting under multiple names…I will say I just hope the accusations aren’t true. I’ve dealt with a scamming contractor personally after Sandy and it’s no fun. Everyone be well.

  26. Jay Is a scamming contractor and a nasty individual. He will be fired. The professional fire fighters Union will defend him until the death.

  27. Nyc has two certifications. Emt and paramedic. Nassau and Suffolk county have a third. Aemt or emt-cc, which is essentially a paramedic. Same skills performed, less school. Both are advanced life support emts. The professional firefighters have 26 working men. 25 are als providers.

  28. PuT down the beer mr gormly. Is it the ufa’s position that an EMtcc is the same as a paramedic? Speaking for your union brothers.

    Next question. How many PARAMEDICS does the career Union have?

  29. if anyone thinks that taxes are going to decrease because of this you are out of your mind. Just one question. There are hundreds and hundreds of homes that had to be rebuilt in long beach and because of this we all got new tax assessments. Obviously everyone that rebuilt….taxes are going up. What are they going to be doing with this extra money?? That’s a lot of money? Also news day had the top earners in Long Island and insanely like 3 or 4 guys from long beach made the list. I find it crazy that some of these people made a few hundred thousand. For What????

  30. Taxes won’t go down. You are absolutely right! Where is the money going to go? I suppose it could go towards paying bonds so there isn’t a huge tax increase but I strongly suspect it will go toward a new, bologna job or more studies on how to decrease taxes. Hiring some new outside firm to take the heat for the city government’s decisions. They were laying off firemen, period. If it doesn’t benefit the city the ICMA report suggests it might (if flawlessly instituted BTW) the ICMA report will be blamed NOT the officials who instituted it. So, here’s a question. The “paramedic” will make 40k a year before taxes and live where, exactly? About a $800 a week gets you into WHERE?????? Not Long Beach that’s for sure! Not a decent place in LB anyway. Ironically it probably puts you in a small privately held rental where the landlords did not correctly remediate after Sandy. While Long Beach resident Firemen lose their jobs and can no longer afford to live here either. But, Long Beach loves residents right? yeah right.

  31. I’m a paid NYC FF… My volley scab comment is at the volley because if you volunteer alongside a paid dept.. YOU’RE A VOLLEY SCAB!
    All the people on here bitching are either volleys or have political affiliation.
    My family and I are lifelong LB residents and I’ll tell ya, I feel a heck of a lot safer knowing the paid dept will respond if needed(and my family has needed) rather than relying on the shoemaker/volley down the road

  32. Good to know. Be sure to let everyone know your address so they can stay away. I used to respect Fdny , just another douche living in the past. Say goodbye to your paid pals here in lb and perhaps they can apply in nyc, but they will hate it – too much actual work.

  33. So when ambulance is busy running back and forth to hospital all day with two ff on it. The engine has the other 3. And there’s a fire. You have 3 now? I Say make it four man engine and turn ems over to paramedics. Whack half the aholes who just bitch 24/7 because they didn’t realize how good they had it and wanted more. Problem solved

  34. Give me a break… Volleys = foundation savers. And YOU’RE the scab pal. How about when these guys lose their jobs they can go do your job for free!..
    Ha.. Love your comment “I used to respect FDNY”.. Just another wana be FF who surely couldn’t pass my test Nevermind make the pimple on the ass of the men I work with!
    Who ya blowing in city hall?

  35. That’s the best ya got?
    So all BS aside, why are you in favor of the layoffs?
    Do you really think LB will be in a better place,, safety or financially?
    Besides your disdain for Jay, what gives??
    For the life of me I can’t understand why the volleys think this is a good idea?

  36. Stay on topic. Tell us what happened jay ? Address the charges and explain why a year investigation produced so many felonies ? FD stuff aside for a moment and talk about your involvement in the crimes ! Waiting …..

  37. Typical… Can’t answer the question??
    C’mon.. Let the residents know..
    Everybody reading these comments are seeing the smear campaign.. Jay is answering all question about the paid FF’s.. Why can’t you do the same??
    Waiting patiently, but not holding my breathe!

  38. I wonder who the City Council is going to call when they need an ambulance… the ones that still live in Long Beach.

    For $40K you get a kid who smokes pot in the ambulance and goes home to Mom’s basement. What a pity that the Council is playing games with our lives.

    For the record, the $90K that the City pays its firemen is less than a NYC garbageman earns and is far less than the average Long Beach household income.

    On the Jay Development…. The situation seems pretty clear to me. The guy is no fool. Anyone who thinks he “used a licensed plumber’s name without his permission” should be sold a bridge. Perhaps publicly criticizing your employer isn’t the smartest thing to do, nor is doing outside work for your employer. Unless you live in Long Beach, though, it doesn’t make you a criminal. Hold off on your judgements.

    If you have done business here you know the vindictiveness of The Party.

  39. You are the driving force behind THIS POST and all things related. It also opens the door to your credibility given your indictment. It’s ok when you hammer any topic you wish to discuss. You are the spokesman for the union cause who’s now facing multiple felonies. Can’t have it both ways. Now I’m sure you’ll reply with long winded rant about something. Blah blah blah. Save it for the judge !!!

  40. You always seem to avoid or say “whatever” when you don’t like the truth and go back to your broken record rambling – still a horrible man and thank you, yes, a heinous criminal.

  41. Jay. Please stop fighting for us – you’re actually hurting our efforts. I’m not sure why you’re doing all this when we kicked one former member out of our meeting and then you stormed out. We don’t need your assistance. Focus on your legal issues and let Union members handle our issues. Not stating my name cause I know you and your tactics. Thank you.

  42. You are gone. Going for 3/4 medical and NEVER returning. There is no “us”. You do not represent our views. Stay well and goodbye. Thank you.

  43. Jay I have a question for you…I understand that you stand by the necessity of the 5 man engine…I’m noticing your still very passionate about this issue…is there anything that the residents can still do at this point to stop this? Or is it a done deal??? Are you apart of the layoff 3-5?? Are your opposers guys from the LBFD or is the leuitenant your referring to is from another house or LBPD? Just curious as too if the guys are all in agreement with not laying off (I don’t see why they wouldn’t but I can’t assume).

  44. Whatever their salary is x 3, 4, 5 men plus their benefits. Is this question in reply to me or Jay? Because I have no clue. I’m still trying to understand the whole thing. And if your getting at money I want to know what we’re saving as well…I Don’t know if this is a political move or financially logical move. If 5 guys make 120,000 plus OT and benefits like someone suggested earlier then that’s over a half of million back into the the city…what they do with that money is anyone’s guess. It def won’t lower taxes so I know that’s not the motivation.

  45. I see your explanations and it makes sense to me but I also know that Long Island (no cities like LB) does fine with the Volunteer guys. I also know that you guys are well compensated and knowing LB the way I do I question the hiring practices of the LBFD. Meaning was the hiring process fair and open to everyone? Or are the guys friends of friends, family etc. that type of practice coupled with the good salary will just make people mad (not me I want ppl to do well).
    My husband is a FDNY guy and I expect him to make a certain salary he def didn’t start high. But nonetheless the salary for the risk is warranted. I own a beautiful home here and want to keep it safe. It does seem a bit far fetched or dramatic to say people will die but yes it is a real possibility. The probability that it will happen is what’s the driving force behind your opposers point. Again I want to be safe and looking at your argument at face value your spot on. But I know all too well that nothing Is to be taken at face value especially in Long Beach.

  46. There is a competitive test, a written, followed by a physical. After passing both, there are medical, psych and an extensive background investigation(same used by LBPD). Rest of Long Island is not managing fine with solely volunteers. Volunteering is down in most areas, especially in the EMS side of things. Most of Nassau county is covered by NCPD ambulances. On the fire side of the equation, our risks are greater then the majority of Nassau. We have a higher population density by far then anywhere else on the island, and are a bridge away from any help. We are very different from the rest of Long Island, closer compared to Rockaways then we are to Nassau County. We also have more High Rises, with the risk of wind driven fires being right on the water. It is a very different place, and shouldn’t be compared to Nassau or Suffolk.

  47. Fair enough. So safety is really compromised with the reduction of the engine. didn’t realize Long Island was not doing great in the volunteer sector as it is not openly discussed in media or the papers.

    For the fifteen years I’ve lived here I’ve never heard or seen an ad for the LBFD test or job opening. This is the most I’ve heard about this fire department since the talk of the layoffs. So no one is related or friends or family before getting hired? It’s hard for me to believe that…same with the police department. But ok

  48. Bottom line is the most vital service the City provides its taxpayers is being slashed.

    All while this administration has hired more political no-show appointees and given us the highest tax hike in history.

    This is an abomination for the highest-taxed city in New York. It’s a disgrace and there lies a place in hell for the scum that puts our families at risk to make more jobs for their friends.

  49. could this be any more exhausting, start your own blog and stop using this as your soapbox!!

    Let the blog be the local site its supposed to be, not your personal venting machine!!

  50. WOW… sorry to bore you two with such nonsense as public saftey!
    yeah,, go play in the ice and snow, but whatever you do don’t get hurt, the kid who’s a volley is in his HS math class and the volley/shoemaker is on lunch so you might be waiting a bit for somebody to respond!

  51. Just came upon this site and post. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions. It appears everyone on here is involved or attached to the issue on one side or the other. If we can add paramedics to answer the many calls given we have to hospital at lower cost while adding ambulances as well to help ease the delay- it’s just logical. I’m sorry a dozen guys loose their jobs, it’s terrible, but necessary at times and thus the hard decisions. The remaining paid FF and Volunteer FF should end the feud and work hand in hand to handle fire calls – it can be done and should be. Best to all going forward.

  52. It’s not really an obvious lie to those who have not been presented with all the facts. Seems as if the DA’s office doesn’t think so either. Just sayin….

  53. Jay, just curious, are you posting while your supposed to be on the clock?? You seem to have an awful lot of free time on your hands to constantly be on this site….

  54. We need solutions not arguments. Solutions that don’t include waiting for the next election. So what’s motivating you Jay? What’s keeping you so hot on this topic? You say that there’s nothing we can do to stop layoffs…so what now? Just curious as to where all of this is going. Your we are all doomed argument is loud and clear but what do we do about it? Having our voice heard means nothing when final decisions are made behind closed doors. What are you suggesting local residents do since we are totally unsafe?

  55. Wow….”shut up you idiot”. ?? My response will be in your own words. “I suspect you’ve grown weary of this discussion because it’s not “going your way”. Tough.”

  56. Ok for the folks who don’t know, the above post was not condoned or promoted by the actual LB GOP. However, these are the tactics of the current administration And the LB Democrats.

  57. The city also doesn’t need all the paid cops they have, way to many chiefs we could save money there also….. I don’t like seeing people lose there jobs ,,, unless they are not doing there jobs

  58. I think I have the solution to all this jay …. Why you feel everyone is after you and it’s never your fault. You don’t have any mirrors in your house, do you ? Lol.

  59. OK, Jay I don’t mean any insult and don’t want to rub salt in the wound but I think it has bearing here.

    Newsday and the cities Facebook page mentioned that Jay was charged with defrauding the city. The city linked a Nassau County press release on its FB page but when they were universally condemned (it seems) for posting the link and people brought up a host of other thing’s the city should be “outraged” at they deleted some of those comments and stopped allowing people to comment on their posting. The city has once again not taken the high road and tried to stifle dissent by deleting unwanted comments and then not allowing any further comments. Glad to see they are remaining transparent!

    Jay and others mentioned that he is innocent until proven guilty which is a fact and since I don’t know all the facts in this case I cant make a determination of someone’s guilt or innocence. But the city clearly is trying to sling mud at Jay by posting this press release and expressing their outrage then not allowing anyone to comment or raise other issues that the city should be so outraged at. makes we wonder if it is all part of attacking Jay is to silence or discredit him.

  60. The guy lives for lawsuits. Sues anyone anytime including former city manger theofan’s wife, cause he passed away…I think her cat is next in line. Can’t silence a wack-a-dooooooo. Let’s see if any of the 5 or so felonies stick — until then, the innocent cape crusader rambles on…

  61. Silly Jay…the Executive Board is NOT asleep at the switch. They sold you out. I bet the union rep has a nice job in place guaranteed by the administration.

    Forget the door to door campaign. The City is clearly in violation of The Taylor Law.

    Just file a 204.4 Expedited Determination under PERB for Improper Practices 204.1

    A school district on the North Shore of Long Island,out sourced their busing and were sued by the union. The judge order the district to re hire the bus drivers and support personnel. However the district had already sold off all the buses. The members did receive back pay and a cash settlement however did not get jobs back , as the district said they could not afford to buy new buses.

    File the 204.1 quickly.

    The city is always ready for suits by employees (think…Canner ,Snow, Radin, Tayne and a laundry list of others)so be ready for a fight

  62. Did you install the boiler Are you a licensed plumber
    Don’t complain about plumbers acting as fire fighters. I have met my share of volleys across long island and their dedication and commitment is second to none

  63. Where u born an ahole…or did you perfect it over time ?? Rambling jackass who’ll be crying a different song when the judge smacks you down. Next court update coming soon folks. Feb 23!!!

  64. I’m actually from “your” side of the department. And very proud, thank you. You give the entire department a black eye and only care about yourself.

  65. jay, that statement ” the more they screw with me…” just made my jaw drop. This isnt a game. This is not the “City’s major problem”, it. Is YOUR major problem.

    And you are/ were a LB Fireman, a paid professional andyou act like this? I dont want you to be rehired with that selfish unprofessional attitude. I just cannot believe what I am reading from you.

    Your lawsuits, the boiler thing and arrest, the relentless / obsessive social media posts demonizing the city – is this the normal behavior of firemen? Is the FD standing behind you, Jay?

    I think my opinion pf the department has just drastically changed.

  66. All City employees just got their “invites” to the upcoming $150.a plate fundraiser. Not just the full time CSEA guys but hourly employees.

  67. Don’t let one jackass tarnish your views. Everything you said is spot on and no one….no one …from the FD wants anything to do with him. The quicker the city makes the changes the better and the nonsense fades into the sunset.

  68. Yes…major sense. The commish will keep guys focused on their jobs and not get greedy. Rather than suing people, installing faulty boilers under illegal bids, filming people at council meetings, general insane ramblings and paying dues to an international Union that doesn’t know or support him.

  69. Jay, you raise arguments and lawsuits that are persuasive to many (fools), I must admit. However, your “love of the city” is FUGAZI as you stage lawsuits against it and only look at the situation from a “PAID FIREMANS” point of view. Please, half the fires could have been pissed out. It’s all about the money? Right Jay?

  70. Good men are getting laid off today…. just like this fine young man, Greg Kavazanjian….. We thank him for his service.,53560

    Suspended L.B. firefighter arrested for shoplifting at Home Depot
    By Anthony Rifilato
    Freeport police arrested a suspended Long Beach firefighter on March 5, after he was allegedly caught shoplifting $63.77 worth of electrical items from Home Depot.

    According to police, the incident occurred at 5:54 p.m., when officers responded to a report of a shoplifter in custody at the store, at 160 E. Sunrise Highway. Freeport Police Chief Miguel Bermudez said that the store’s loss prevention specialist reportedly observed 27-year-old Gregory Kavazanjian, of Long Beach, placing the items in his sweatshirt and attempting to leave the store without paying. Kavazanjian was placed under arrest and transported to Freeport Police Headquarters for processing. He was released on an appearance ticket.

    Last November, Long Beach police charged Kavazanjian with misdemeanor criminal possession of stolen property. Police said Kavazanjian was in possession of a flat head ax and a Halligan firefighting tool, valued at $100 each. The items, police said, were included in lists of missing or stolen items reported by the city as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Police said Kavazanjian turned himself in to Long Beach police on Nov. 24. He was suspended from the LBFD without pay; the case is still pending and the matter is being handled in accordance with a collective bargaining agreement, police said.

  71. I just looked up Greg Kavazanjian to see if this was legitimate and it is. He is one of the guys getting laid off. The real question is why wasn’t he fired already?!?! Why is the union actually fighting for him!?!??!!!! I was against the layoffs until reading this. I don’t want him coming to my house if I have an emergency call. Get another medic with a clean record please. This guy could come in and take all my jewelry. Sorry. I have unliked the facebook pages supporting these guys. I can’t with a clear conscience argue that he needs to keep his job. Does Project 11561 know about this??

    Humberger.. Greg assassinated his own character here. Thank you to Project Long Beach for keeping SBTC readers informed.

  72. “my Union leadership is the most incompetent in the history of organized labor.”

    You find a way to insult just about everyone and make enemies out of everyone. You’re an embarrassment and a disgrace to the Professionals. You’re lucky they don’t encourage the city to fire you with your horrible attitude and nastiness to your own guys. After reading this entire thread of comments, you have done more harm to your Department than good.

  73. “Project long beach” (no affiliation to Project 11561) has been re-posting that article repeatedly on this site, so this seems to be more politically motivated than anything (as opposed to a simple public service announcement)

  74. Political or not you have to admit that is a pretty horrible story and not someone we should be sticking up for. If he is a relative of yours or something I understand why you dont want it out there but its pretty awful and I am done fighting for him

  75. There is no shortage of people – civil service or city gov’t – who we absolutely should not be sticking up for in Long Beach. I agree with you though – just not the tactics used here

  76. It’s not a horrible story. Relax he allegedly stole an ax and a couple things from Home Depot. I hope when you have kids they don’t do something stupid because karma will come back and bite you.

  77. Ok. Then of course, when you have kids, you should also hope that they don’t do something stupid, lest this same karma you refer to come pay you a visit!

  78. Point is humbugger is this really isn’t a big deal that Project Long Beach needs to keep sharing and bringing up. He is only doing it just to put bring this guy down. He did something stupid, who hasn’t? Shocked is acting as if he killed someone! I can’t support the firefighters because one of they allegedly stole a hammer! Give me a break!

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