13 Replies to “SEASONS @ 38 West Park Avenue – MENU!”

  1. We went Sunday night. The food was good. I wish I could say I loved it but I didn’t.

    The place was decorated very nicely very modern and opulent. It was also very loud which was understandable because they were giving away free food and there was a huge crowd. However, they were also playing loud rock music and every tv was on. I felt bad for the waitress who had to shout at us just so we could hear her. There was also a cold draft that filled the restaurant every time the door opened.

    I thought my wonton soup and spring rolls were bland, not bad but bland. Same with the Mongolian beef entree.

    I thought the Spare ribs (on the bone) were excellent maybe the best Ive had.

    The shrimp paradise was also excellent.

    All in all I am very grateful we could eat there for almost nothing. I would definitely go back and pay for a real meal. I’m optimistic they will improve from their opening weekend.

  2. Tried to go Friday night with a reservation but it was a complete shit show, so we left. Why bother with reservations if you’re not going to use them?

    I’ll probably stick with Shogun and Chaba.

  3. the place is beautiful. crowded because the food was free-what a treat! my food was wonderful-i enjoyed the varied menu and the hostess was charming-the only thing i didn’t need was the tv-some nice chinese music/instrumental would be relaxing. will defintitely go back and volley between there and yummy yummy

  4. It’s true, why did they bother with reservations? They gave a reservation to anyone and every one who called and for whatever time you wanted. Thus the mobs that were there.
    By the way BLT, I found Shogun to be a horror .

  5. We also found it to be a crazy sene so we left also and went to Sugo’s.
    There really isn’t a good Chinese place in Long Beach, Yummy Yummy is only fair, and Shogun is terrible . I wouldn’t wast my money on either.

  6. We never got to try it , the scene was so bad with about 50 people ahead of us with no idea of how long we would have to wait, we left.
    Even a Free meal wasn’t worth that act.

  7. We went in wanting to like it because I feel the Chinese food here in town is lacking but we were slightly disappointed. Egg drop was bland, boneless ribs were too dry and sauce was ok, chicken basil was good but didn’t taste like chicken basil. I’ll wait a little while till the can work out the kinks and go back, before I write them off.

  8. Too Bad is right, I was looking forward to s good Asian place in town, yes we do have many, but very few really good ones ( if any). Buy I was not to excited after trying this new one.
    Maybe it was too early, but the food was not at all exciting or memorable .

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