New Development coming to 848 E. Broadway? UPDATE: Looks like work already began!

(Update: New photo added at the bottom of the article.)

Development Opportunity! Parcel Approved For 8 – 1,500 Sq Ft Condominiums With 2+ Parking Spots Per. Please Present All Offers!!


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21 thoughts on “New Development coming to 848 E. Broadway? UPDATE: Looks like work already began!”

  1. I think they had the hearing for that property the same night last year that they had the iStar/Wayfarer/Superblock. It was a Shokrian backed application, if he is bailing on a development opportunity in LB, I wonder what he knows…….

  2. Same builder as white sands. Looks like a real nice building. Much better than what was there. House is completely gone now and workers said building to start immediately. Hope it’s as nice as the 4 green homes across the street

  3. Yeah, just what we need in the Executive Towers and Lido Shores area…more people with driveways that sit in their cars and wait for parking spots on Broadway to leave their driveway open. Those green houses are really nice, but you’re a grade-A selfish asshole if you are pulling that crap.

    I don’t care how many spots these condos have, they don’t use them and visitors are frequent. Parking is at full capacity in this area and cannot accommodate this crap.

    It doesn’t help that every corner has a “no parking” sign eliminating the first spot either.

  4. The builder you mention lives in Brookville and has blockbusted in Long Beach for decades. Buys a property, with the help of the Dems moves to most vile Section 8 into it and creates a slum to devalue the neighbors homes, then buys them out. The slum outcry paves the way for a variance that he buys with political donations. Then he builds a huge condo.

    He owns every slum building on Shore Road and Broadway.

    He has pulled the plug on Long Beach and is selling everything he has here. Spoke with him last month and he said Long Beach is becoming a dumping ground for welfare “Like in the ’70’s”.

    He simply flipped this property, and isn’t the builder.

  5. Well at least he understands the history of long beach and the political atmosphere that made it possible in the 70s, and that is coming back full force here now. Alot of long time LB residents see it too, that’s why you see so many for sale signs on houses everywhere in town – just drive around for a while. Alot of the young/new people who don’t know anything about the history of LB, don’t understand what is happening because they have no historical perspective. iStar will bring the Rockaways housing model to LB, anyone who thinks all those apartments are going to be filled with free market renters at those prices – is out of their minds.

  6. Ask Sustainable Long Island or Eramo’s Working Family Party about their “Freedom in Housing” platform. Like the present Long Beach administration, they believe that anyone should be “entitled to live wherever he wants, regardless of income.”

    Welfare and Section 8 is their voting base, and blockbusting neighborhoods to pave the way for them is how they buy votes.

    Those who bought here after the Coalition’s “renaissance” of Long Beach see the writing on the wall and they are getting out. I watched my property value, on Neptune near the beach go from $640,000 before the storm to $380,000 now. The city just moved 12 Section 8 people into the two family house next door to me on Walnut Street. That’s 8 more votes. The place has been reduced to shambles. The storm door is laying in the front yard next to two junk cars. What do you think my house is worth now? Would you buy it?

    Five of the biggest Long Beach landlords have put their properties up for sale. Three have gotten out already. More subsidized housing is coming to their complexes.

    Meanwhile, even members of the city council are getting out. At least two have bought elsewhere.

    A repeat of the 1970 playbook, by the same families that ran this place into the ground then.

  7. If you think the five shootings here have anything to do with welfare, low income and Section 8 you are just a racist bigot. I would love to have a welfare family be given the home next to me. They would probably be a single mom or an underserved veteran. Maybe an aspiring rap artist. They would bring some culture to this barren sandbar. And believe me, when they become rich and move off of welfare, they will buy my house and pay a lot more than its worth now. I have no problem helping people out of the ghetto and gangster life bu giving them nice homes. Rockaway is an example of this. Years ago, it was a whitebread neighborhood with no culture. Now everyone wants to live there. It became affordable because government made it that way. I look forward to a Long Beach that follows the Far Rockaway model so anyone can live here.

  8. You will get your wish, enjoy your new neighbors. The only desirable part of the Rockaways is Arverne, and they specifically built it to avoid the high rise apartment model that wrecked the Rockaways the first time around. Its sort of a community onto itself, it doesn’t look like anything around it, has its own stores, etc. Its not integrated into the surrounding part of the Rockaways at all, for a reason.

  9. Aspiring Rappers? When they become rich and move off of welfare? Good luck w/ that one! (1 in a million “Aspiring Rappers” make it). What about the other 999,999?

  10. Thats why its important to bring in high end housing to prevent small homes from becoming section 8 rat traps. The worst ofenders are your neighbors who have owned their house for a long time, pass it to a family member who leaves the area and rents it out 2 ways to welfare. There needs to be rational progress in order to maintain the island otherwise we will have a city of old ramshackle houses.

  11. OMG now I’m going to do more research before I buy a condo on Shore Road, even though I really want to live in LB. I was planning on putting my little life savings into the condo. Now I don’t know what to do. I am not a Democrat, this being one of the reasons. Anyway, where can I find more info about this builder? Please.

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