Council For The Arts Application

From the City of Long Beach [LINK]:

Council For The Arts Application

The City of Long Beach is seeking submissions for positions on the Council for the Arts to launch an innovative and effective organization that will “encourage artistic awareness, enhance the cultural environment of Long Beach, promote all media of the arts, arts education, and collaboration, increase the display of public art, pursue dedicated art space, foster creativity and engage the community in the arts”, among other objectives to be set by the formed Arts Council.


The City of Long Beach is looking for qualified candidates to voluntarily serve on the Council for the Arts. As a newly formed Arts Council, time dedication is important as well the unique skills of its members that contribute to its effectiveness and success. These skills include but are not limited to financial, legal, marketing, secretarial, fundraising, and grant writing experience. A strong arts council member would also have a proven track record in local collaborative art projects and are action oriented “do-ers.”


Arts Council members will be expected to have a signification time commitment, dedicating 2-3 hours per month for meetings as well as additional hours for project follow-through. The Arts Council will be expected to establish by-laws and a 501-c-3, grant write and fund raise to support Arts Council activities, and collaborate with local artistic organizations and other relevant stakeholders on projects.

If you are interested, please send the application, which can be downloaded at the link below, with a Cover Letter and Resume to In your cover letter, please detail your proposed dedication to the Arts Council elaborating on how you are a good candidate to meet the objectives and explain the role you envision yourself playing. Please return by February 25th, 2015.

Link to application:

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