Take the Sandy Recovery Survey [NY Rising is not meeting its objective and goals]

nyrisingNY RISING is FAILING many in Long Beach and the South Shore of Long Island. Take the Sandy Recovery Survey and take action:

Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/W5CHM5Y

“The South Shore Recovery Coalition is a joint task force of the most influential community groups formed after the storm across the south shore of Long Island. Joining these community groups under one umbrella provides a strong and unified voice with local, state, and federal politicians. Our members are well respected in the communities and have received numerous awards and recognition for their efforts to restore and rebuild the areas devastated by Super Storm Sandy.

This survey is intended for primary homeowners of one and two family homes affected by Super Storm Sandy in Nassau or Suffolk Counties. Many questions may not pertain to your particular situation, please skip any that do not apply. This survey does not attempt to address every issue that has come up, but rather the issues that are discussed most amongst homeowners affected by the storm. The SSRC is using the data gathered to help shed light on the aspects of recovery that are working and the aspects of recovery that need improvement. Please try to keep your answers brief. Your help is appreciated, and we thank you for participating.

As you are aware, there are often program changes. If any of the questions have become irrelevant/outdated, please skip them. The SSRC is not affiliated in any way with NY State, HUD, or NY Rising. Any information on this survey should not be relied upon, and should be independently verified.

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5 thoughts on “Take the Sandy Recovery Survey [NY Rising is not meeting its objective and goals]”

  1. It’s not that long and it’s yet another attempt for us to get the media, (Newsday, News12, NYT, etc) to acknowledge that this program is failing and not the shining example Cuomo is making it out to be. Problem is the media is either afraid or in bed with Cuomo and don’t want to shine a light on yet another of his debacles. Just take the time and fill it out your neighbors need your help.

  2. What’s amazing here is that there are actually people who thought this program was going to be a success in helping people – it was designed from the start to simply be a “work program” for the NY Democratic party using Sandy relief money to fund it.

  3. Like thousands of others, my husband and I spent all of our savings, insurance money and then some to elevate our home and move back, which took more than two years, a million tears and altered our future. Due to five case managers, constant rule changes and supreme incompetence, we have received nothing from NY Rising. It is nothing more than a ruse — a jobs program for people whose talents are so limited that they could never be employed in the real world. The lack of compassion among these people is astounding. It’s hard to believe, but they and the NY RIsing program have made our life-altering disaster worse.

  4. Carly,
    Well said, and sadly so true for many.
    Where is all that money that was supposed to help us?
    And who, besides people who have experienced the bs could believe what we’ve all been through trying to recover, trying to do the right thing.

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