A Letter to Long Beach [Guest Author]

unnamedTo my beloved Long Beach,

We have been together for a long time. The last 10 years have been some of the best years of my life and I am sad to the bone to say my goodbye. From partaking in all the shenanigans that a single man can get into, to meeting my wife, getting married, buying my first home in West End, and welcoming my first child, you have been a part of all of it. With twins on the way now, and commuting to work, I really have no choice but to move on to the benefits of the mainland and start my life in Anytown, USA.

Most folks think of the beach and the bars and restaurants when they think of or hear about you. But as any other local knows, you are so much more than that. Your beach in our eyes is completely different than what others view it as. It is not just a place to go on a summer weekend. Your salt and sand is in my blood. Your beach is the permanent, never ending sound in my ears and smell in my nose.

It’s the people and the community that I will miss most. From my neighbors that have become family to other locals that are never seen as strangers, I love you all. There is always somebody to pass the time with or give a helping hand when needed.  There is no community feeling like the one you offer and that is what I most cherish about you.

I will miss it all. You will forever have a special place in my heart and my memories which have been immortalized by photos that now don the walls of my new house. It is all so new to me that I have to refrain from calling my new house “home,” as that term is still reserved for you.

Please understand the position I am in and do not hold it against me. We will meet again and I will count the days until we do.

I love you Long Beach!

-A.R.L. (formerly of Kentucky St)… best block in town!

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11 thoughts on “A Letter to Long Beach [Guest Author]”

  1. Love this! May the guest author have many great years in his new ‘home’ but always know that Long Beach is waiting for another resident who appreciates her for the very elements that Long Beach offers – aside from it being just the ‘beach’.

  2. My sentiments exactly as someone who has only moved into the city about 4 days ago. I got home sick today as we flew over the beach break to land at JFK. Looking down on my old home and all of the memories of 26 years there.

  3. Dear ARL, thank you for putting down what LB means to people… Having left 19 months ago;retiring for (warm, sunny) Florida, I get strange Looks when I say I wouldn’t mind being back there..yes even today…LB sand, people, air, etc gets in your life stream, and after 25 years of living there… Well, what you said. Thank you and all good luck with your growing family…

  4. As the expression goes, you will always have “Long Beach sand in your shoes.” Good luck and hopefully you will return with your beautiful family sooner than later.

  5. So true.!! Being forgery move because of weather and taxes, NC is only where I live not my home.
    LB will always be in my heart and toes. Because “these are my people…”

  6. Good luck in your new “Home” and with your family and know that you are always a “Long Beacher”. You will always be welcomed warmly in LB. Long Beach is one big family and will always welcome it’s family members back.

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