2/17 City Council Meeting Mega Thread

brokenseal31What happened at the Council meeting? I am hearing Anthony Eramo is no longer City Council president. His statement:

“In my first absence as a city council member I am deeply disappointed with the actions of my colleagues. I will always continue to represent the people of Long Beach with a true independent spirit. People deserve representation that always puts good government ahead of politics. Long Beach can always count on me to do that.”

Trees are apparently going to cost 1.5 million and FEMA is not paying.

I’ve been out all night, so I’m just catching up right now. Haven’t watched the video yet. Can somebody fill me in? (Thank you to those who have been posting!)

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  1. In a nutshell: They voted him out as president, claimed it was a confidential matter that couldn’t be discussed (really? that’s bizarre) and then acted surprised and enraged that the public would be upset and question their intentions. Anthony is currently on vacation and was absent from the vote. Several people got up and expressed deep distaste for this vote during the good and welfare portion of the meeting. The implication was that Anthony knew this was going to happen…

  2. Anthony, Anthony Eramo was not at the meeting tonight, although a statement that he prepared was read aloud. I won’t try to paraphrase the message, except to say that he disagreed with other members of the Council.

    After that, there was a vote to make Mr Len Torres the City Council President. There were many comments from people who attended. But, rather than try to capture what was said, suggest you listen to the videotape.

    Regarding the Tree Plan: an excellent comprehensive plan, that includes more trees than had existed previously, to be installed during a 6-week period this Spring/early summer. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation should soon be available on the City Web site.

    The cost is estimated to be $1.5 million. There are $1 million available from non-FEMA sources (e.g. Billy Crystal fund). The City will pursue FEMA for the total cost. If FEMA funds are not obtained, either the program will be scaled back or additional funds will be derived from other City sources.

  3. The big question is which will come first – This card-carrying Communist’s arrest or the breaking news story. Watch the papers and the Eastern District’s Web Site.

    The “most transparent” City Council’s corruption is beginning to unravel.

  4. What the F is going on in this city?!? I’m really trying to hold out hope that it’s worth staying here for the long haul but it’s getting harder and harder to see myself raising my family here w the constant BS …..

  5. “This was a decision, there were many conversations with Mr. Eramo between the council, this is administrative. Everyone on this council … has the best interests of Long Beach, including Anthony Eramo, who this council continues to want to work with positively going forward.” -Fran Adleson
    I guess we know who the fall guy is going to be, poor bastard. Let’s hope he kept a diary.

  6. we need New Democrats. We need honest democrats.

    This town will not elect republicans. We don’t want Angelo Lomonte and Mona goodman.

    Anthony Eramo and two fresh names is who I will support in November.

  7. Truth is… you are the problem. Anthony Eramo is on the horns of several federal indictments, gave us iStar, raised your city taxes 50%, campaigned for “freedom of housing” to bring in thousands of Section 8 and welfare families, who brought 6 shootings to Long Beach. This is the chairman of Nassau’s Communist Working Family Party. His administration gave us a $320,000 police commissioner and $1 million in “bonus” payments to overtime-exempt management hacks. It is gutting out emergency services, replacing working homeowners with Section 8 – qualified low paid workers. It gave us child abuse violations at the city-run daycare.

    This is the guy you want to see lead Long Beach.

    You, and those like you are truly f*cked up.

  8. I thought the move by the City Council last night was probably a good sign. It would be hard to believe that the Dem Leaders would want this dirty laundry aired in public. So they have obviously gone against the leaders and made their “own” decision. Right or wrong the position is not supposed to be amore powerful one but according to the charter its supposed to give the council someone to run the meeting. Maybe he tried to make this a power seat?
    I also find it hard to believe that this was a suprise to him. All the local papers have been chirping about his presidency so I think that there has been friction for a while.
    Also I haven’t heard a word of support for the laid off UNION firefighters from this supposed UNION leader. I also heard his campaign promise was no layoffs of city workers. If true then cheers to the Council for bucking the system and sticking together.

  9. @Just the facts. Great response. It must have been difficult to pare down to only a paragraph what’s wrong with this picture. You’d be hard pressed to find a more politically illiterate town on Long Island. Wouldn’t you love to get inside a Long Beach resident’s head at a polling station. “Umm, I work, I have a family, I love to party, duh, I’ll vote for this guy, he’s the chairman of Working Families Party”.
    People have no clue what a leftist agenda is. They have no idea what an ultra-liberal Working Families Party or Sustainable Long Island is doing to this City. The guy climbs telephone poles for a living and people think he’s qualified to do anything but that. This “shock”and “outrage” (and stupidity) is so typical and yet it is so enthralling at the same time. What is it about this place? Don’t you just love that our School Board President can’t even produce a high school diploma and that her Vice President used to be the janitor? We really look for the best and brightest. Maybe this isn’t a barrier island after all, maybe it’s really a ship of fools that ran aground long ago and only the deck is above water.

  10. It’s not a surprise that the people who post nasty accusatory comments on this site are the ones who don’t have the decency to do so under their real names. I applaud anyone, even when I may not agree with him or her, who gets up and tries to serve our City on the Council. It’s a thankless job, but at least they do so with their own names.

  11. I heard from a very reliable source that the Feds are looking into eramo, zapson and the democrat’s fundraising lists. They have gotten large and small donations from some people and entities that have benefitted greatly from this administration. Keep your eye on the news out of the eastern district in the coming weeks. You always have to follow the money. Anyone who donates to these guys should beware.

  12. Of course you will, Allison. Like you stated in Newsday: You are a single mother who doesn’t want to work. The taxpayers are paying your rent and food bill. You blame the White Man for your bad choices.

    Eramo is your man!

  13. @Kim, that’s hilarious – “I applaud anyone…”. I just pictured a council meeting full of those wind up chimps that slaps cymbals together in approval. It only becomes a “thankless job” when people’s disillusion joie de vivre of a trapeze on the boardwalk wears away and they get pissed off that they can’t afford to live here anymore because of decisions made by the city council.

  14. Well it looks like the word of the night was “decorum” but I think the anger expressed was justified. I would love to hear what the real story is but our transparent city council has decided to shut us out again and pull a fast one by slipping stuff into meeting without prior notice. I’m sure something will come out eventually. The city council meeting is just like everything else they; do one sided. You can ask a question they don’t answer., I have also noticed that now on the city’s Facebook page if you make a comment against what they are doing or saying they block you from commenting on their posts. isn’t that all part of a social network, it is supposed to go two ways not just be one sided. It’s just like they run the city council meeting. They love the praise but oh whatever you do don’t be a voice of dissent or criticize them.

  15. My favorite nugget of the night was Fran finding it inappropriate that outside unions would come to town and try to voice their opinion on the matter.

    You know, because the last time she ran nearly a third of her contributions came from 1199 SEIU. I’m sure that $3,000 check means their opinions mean nothing to her.


  16. It is true that Anthony Eramo has a liberal agenda that seems extreme for local government. I know he has proverbiallly blackmailed Zapson to give him a position. But Eramo has been transparent and open in his ideological leanings which distinguishes him from the usual Long Beach political fare.

  17. Sigh indeed John. Anonymity reveals no conception of civic responsibility all too often. Anthony offers a powerful stage for engagement, but despite his pleas…

  18. Why would the Heathcare Workers Union donate $3,000 to Fran Addleson ? The rest of the slimy has been Dems I understand but what does she have to offer the Union?I hope they are they aware of her administrations Union busting tactics (first the CSEA now the Firefighters Union). I think they may withhold any future
    donations to Fran and her pals.

  19. Anonymity will help prevent your building permit from getting “lost”. This of course would not apply to me as my real name is Hamburgle.

    Speaketh my name.

  20. a lot of things are suspicious about eramo.
    the abridged list, not showing up to meeting that he was removed from his position as president of the city council, blind faith and commitment to union bullying ideals, campaign statements related to his house being ‘destroyed by sandy’ (if the several people I know on florida street are correct they tell me that his house was the only one that I am aware of that was ‘destroyed’ by sandy- heard he left his house to rot and did not go back to his house until months after storm), when he chose to elevated his house I am told that he overbuilt and took away parking spots on the street. I, for one, cannot trust someone with this track record and reputation.

  21. It’s even more suspicious to post inane comments about someone and something you know nothing about under a false name. That’s a form of slander. Maybe next time you could take as much time using proper punctuation and capitalization as you do slandering someone you don’t even know.

  22. You are correct, LB will never elect Republicans – demographically impossible here. If you think that choosing between Democrats is really going to make any difference in City governance, it isn’t, its just a shell game. LB is on a path to decline just like in the 1970s.

  23. kim, sorry you feel this way.
    Mel Pan – real name.
    I do not make a habit of posting statements that I know nothing about. my previous statement may be inconvenient related to what you might want to believe – I understand how you might have such a desire – but I cannot help you with that. the statements in question are substantiated by reliable sources. in an online format such as this – concern with punctuation simply speaks to ones age. I do not partake in slander.

  24. Talk about using a false name Kim Mushman.. You might know Eramo but you wouldn’t know Florida St from Shore Rd. Go back to New Jersey and stay out of our business.!

  25. Your comments are false and slandering. Period. And to the guy who claims I am from New Jersey…I have no words for that. It’s so stupid. This site sucks. I am out.

  26. So what’s everyone’s best guess on this story? The Herald article is interesting and adds some mystery. Theory 1 – Anthony had a change of heart with the firefighters union and now wants to reverse course on the ICMA report and thus he gets punished. Theory 2 – (as hinted at in the Herald) Anthony does have “his own interests and political career” on his mind. He wants to make a run against Denise Ford and the Dems already have their person chosen, not to mention the slap down he and got from Todd in his assembly bid. Theory 3 – That he and Zapson really are under investigation. Anyway, it really doesn’t matter if he’s president, vice president or rear admiral, the city council are just lackies for the party bosses, are they not?

  27. Mr Eramo’s ideological leanings have always been common knowledge for those who cared to open their eyes.Sustainable LI, NYCC, Working Families Party, his dedication to most things the common LB family would detest was right there on his sleeve.

    Before you get on your high horse, what would think of someone who wrote an article for a magazine that describes itself as:
    “In the subsequent global upsurge against capitalism, imperialism, and the commodification of life in the sixties, Monthly Review played a global role.”

    Writing for a magazine that has a global role against capitalism? That is what I want my children to aspire to for sure. I am sure the local businesses are thrilled to have an elected member of our council who played his part against capitalism.


  28. Joe.

    Instead of posting your real name I will just ask a couple questions .

    #1 why do you post from the tax department during your work day?

    #2 didn’t your son earn enough money as a fireman to not steal city property and tools from Home Depot?

  29. Theory 4- the Council and Zapson are anti-hipster and voted him out for his thick, ironic beard, lumberjack shirts, skateboard and progressive politics.

  30. Jay, your equation of the City Manager with Goebbels is insulting to the Mr Schnirman as well as to the thousands who suffered death and indignities under Goebbels. How dare you be so insulting to anyone!

    I’ve heard you slander individuals at the Council meetings and in this blog. Your insults are excessive, and detrimental to this city. You owe apologies to all who you have castigated, including our wonderful community.

  31. Jay, that you think you have offered a “reasoned analytical” response to Ed’s most appropriate reaction to your Goebbels analogy is proof that you are really missing the point. I have been impressed by many of your Sea posts on many subjects over the years. Allison makes sense.

  32. I didn’t realize that Schnirman was a German nazi and also spends his entire day controlling media outlets and civic organizations. If he’s the supreme PR director, when does he have time to actually manage the city?

    Jay, you’ve reached a new low….. and a new level of deranged lunacy.

    Also, when you’re in the community shower, don’t drop the soap.

  33. Here’s my question… If we have ONE guy controlling everything then why do we need to pay the rest of the council? LB is so corrupt. I read over and over about how this SELF – GOVERNING City is hurting the residents/taxpayers/homeowners of this city and I for one feel helpless. WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT THIS? Town of Hemstead sure looks good to me. At least there is a fair amount of checks and balances. I love Long Beach but I hate the politics here.

  34. “I’m not accusing Jack of atrocities, I’m accusing him of manipulating public opinion. I further accuse of him of doing so under cover of governmental authority, and to serve his own political ends.”
    In that case Jay, you merely make that case. That your reference to Goebbels became part of your argument and your indifference to its inappropriateness and its viciousness continues,no, gets amplified in your new claim that it is YOU who is the victim of “blanket condemnation” , speaks volumes. I wish you the fair trial and decent treatment you seem to deny your opponents.

  35. “Trees are apparently going to cost 1.5 million and FEMA is not paying.” Ok, so that’s about half of what we are expected to save from union busting the fire department. Where’s the rest going to go?

  36. Alexis, suggest you listen to the video of the Feb 17 City Council meeting when it’s available, since the Public Works Commissioner answered that question. He indicated that $1 million comes from various sources, including a Billy Crystal contribution. And, he also says that the City will continue to seek FEMA funding. Further, if there is a shortfall that some capital dollars might be able to be applied. Hope that answers your question.

  37. Listen, dicknuckle, I have plenty of bones to pick with Schnirman but being censored or silenced is nowhere near an issue with him or the Council that hired him. Then again, I don’t go around slapping lawsuits on the city because I can’t handle rejection or half-ass boiler installations and then cry because everyone found out I don’t know what the fuck I was doing. I wish Schirman had editorial power here then we wouldn’t have to listen to your hole-digging shovel every time you open your mouth. You should be in China by now, dude.

    You got caught. The timing was fishy, sure, but you got caught and no amount of wining or blaming is going to save you.

  38. Wow, he just doesn’t get it Allison… now it’s you who deserves a life in NKorea even as your only clear and accurate point is that it debases the discussion to equate the City’s media management to the vicious dehumanizations of the Nazi propaganda machine. Never did you call for censorship, just decency, voluntary decency. When your case gets heard, your evidence of orchestrated arrest presented, your vitriol will be better understood, but your analogy will remain repugnant.

  39. Again you people and your party politics. Get your heads out of your asses and look at the person and their record. do you realize how ignorant you sound? “Oh we don’t want Lomonte or Goodman, we won’t elect republicans….”

  40. My question is “how is the money that is saved from implementing the ICMA plan going to be allocated and is that money going toward tree planting?”. Maybe they just put it into a Public Works sort of account, if so there wouldn’t really be any shortfall or perhaps the “shortfall” would be covered by the saved money (capital dollars). I would like to see a Public Works budget. Do you know how I could view that?

  41. Alexis, the budget info is available at the LongBeach web site. Click on “City Government” link, then on “City Budget”. You’ll see the adopted 2014-15 budget. The Department of Public Works budget starts on page 36. Ed.

  42. We are now in debt for over $150 million. The debt was $6 million when the Dems took office. The spending spree continues. Now we have a new judgement for $10.6 million that nobody’s talking about, and another crippling tax increase coming your way. Let’s hire two more Brookhaven commissioners to run the new EMT Department.

    How many more businesses are closing? How many more City councilmen are leaving Long Beach for Hewlett Harbor?

    You fools are being ripped off. But you keep voting for the same thieves.

  43. Don’t hold your breath waiting to become part of any other governing body. We are destined to be a independent city. Why?
    There is far too much money to be made.

    Example#1 The LB Memorial Hospital. If the City leaders truly wanted a hospital it would happen. First , they would not issue any permits for demolition, not just write a letter to the SNCH. This is just to appear that they have a desire for the hospital to be re built. The hospital along with the city government have the same self dealing leaders. My bet is condos get built by Shokrain.

    The party leader will sell the hospital property to a developer and get away with it. Business as usual for Long Beach. For years the hospital was run by many of the same folks in city government and the Chamber of Commerce. Komanoff. Elovich, Kohut, Fleischman, Kramer……..

    This blog is frequented by two types of people. The uniformed and the informed, some of the informed are Kool aid drinkers.

    Examples of uniformed, are ones that do not know Scott Kemins is both building commissioner and Fire Commissioner. Nothing wrong with this, just uniformed people.

    The uniformed do not know about the Nautilus theatre in the West End.
    The theatre burnt down in the 1970’s. The vacant lot was sold to Lenny Beck (former councilman). Supposedly for parking for his restaurant. The sale may have had some connection to the tractor trailer, Lenny had on the lot emblazoned with ” Casino Gambling for Long Beach”. That was during Long Beach’s ill fated attempt to get gambling in Long Beach. Can you imagine what our city would look like if that had gone through?

    The city later bough the lot back for resident parking, followed by a sale of the same lot to guess who? Shokrain, to build houses.

  44. In the Matter of City of Long Beach, appellant, v Sun NLF Limited Partnership, et al., respondents, Louis Bombart, et al., respondents-respondents.

    “Contrary to the City’s contention, the Supreme Court properly determined that the highest and best use of the subject properties was as assembled with the other properties in the Superblock for mixed-use development. Numerous private assemblage proposals were made in the decades leading up to the condemnation, resulting in the sale of certain properties and a contract for the sale of the claimants’ properties which valued the parcels as assembled in 1987. An application for development of certain of the Superblock parcels precipitated a building moratorium on the Superblock, while proposals for development of the Superblock as a whole were solicited by the City. The City ultimately rejected another private assemblage proposal in favor of condemnation. Accordingly, the claimants established a reasonable probability of assemblage of the parcels in the Superblock absent the condemnation (see id. at 324-325).
    Since the City’s appraiser did not appraise the subject parcels as assembled with other parcels on the Superblock, the Supreme Court properly based the award on the claimants’ appraisal with such adjustments as the evidence will support (see Bienenstock v State of New York, 287 AD2d 587; Matter of City of New York, 94 AD2d 724, affd 61 NY2d 843; c.f. Crosby v State of New York, 54 AD2d 1064, 1065). The alleged flaws in the claimants’ appraisal noted by the City were either unsupported by evidence at the trial or already considered by the Supreme Court in downwardly adjusting the claimants’ valuation (see Matter of Metropolitan Trasp. Auth., 86 AD3d at 326; Masten v State of New York, 11 AD2d 370, 372-373, affd 9 NY2d 796). Moreover, since condemned properties must be valued as of the date of the taking, the subsequent drop in real estate values cannot properly affect the award (see Arlen of Nanuet v State of New York, 26 NY2d 346, 354-355).”


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