Magnolia Park Rebuild Video by Christina Tisi-Kramer

Rebuilding Magnolia Park back in 2013 was truly an amazing experience. Photographer Christina Tisi-Kramer captured this awesome day with photographs, video and a birds eye time-lapse. Check it out:

“If you like what you see then join my facebook group: Visions of Long Beach, to keep updated on my latest imagery of LBNY.” – Christina Tisi-Kramer

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2 thoughts on “Magnolia Park Rebuild Video by Christina Tisi-Kramer”

  1. Christina, thank you very much for capturing on film, and with music, the true spirit of Long Beach.

    We can become “the Beautiful City By The Sea” through the combined efforts of volunteers, business sponsors and a supportive City team.

    Looking forward to future films as our rebuilding continues.

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