‘Tree’ streets should have the trees the street is named after!

This post is inspired by reader/Long Beacher Joey Naham, who writes:

“The plan has NO Maple Trees designated for Maple Blvd. Did the designers even take into consideration our Streets and Blvd’s Names?

Joey makes an amazing point. The ‘Tree’ streets should have the trees the street is named after!!

cherry1bMaple, Beech, Magnolia, Pine, Walnut, Cherry Trees on Washington!! 

What am I missing?  The city says completion by June 2015, but I thought Spring/Fall were the best times to plant trees. They are going to beed a ton of water and those trucks ARE going to be huge.



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5 thoughts on “‘Tree’ streets should have the trees the street is named after!”

  1. Maple trees are not suited to the area. Their root structure is such that sidewalks and sewers would be damaged as they grow. Oak trees are also inappropriate. The salt in the air is also a consideration, not all trees thrive in an area like this.

  2. C Peck there are over one hundred species in the genus, “Acer.” Of those hundred and twenty species, there are literally thousands of cultivars and hybrids of maple.. One of which was even listed by the organizers of our master tree planting plan. The proposed honey locusts are 30′-40′ tall, spreading 20-30, and October Glory maple is a thousand times more attractive grows 35-45′ tall and spreads 25-35′. The cultural requirements of these two specimens are nearly identical. Both are acceptable street trees.
    Crab Man,beech trees are truly my favorite tree, (especially cascading beech’s) but they as well as olives, chestnuts, and walnuts will not tolerate the air pollution. Other polluting factors and environmental conditions will steepen the risk of mortality for the other specimens.
    I think a seven out of 10 grade isn’t a failing grade at all for this plan. I would patronize it. But, as Anthony is a visionary who sees cherry trees on Washington(I love that idea Anthony!!) , magnolias on magnolias, pines on pine (pine barrens), maples on maple are completely logical. There are magnolias planned around Lindell school ( where busses idol their pollutants). The aesthetic vision should be tightened up, and most importantly the bio dynamic maintenance must be ratcheted up! We can’t allow the status quo of water and synthetic chemicals to inundate our ecosystem in my opinion ( I do have two environmental degrees, one is a horticultural degree). Especially when a better and more inexpensive, and more efficient means I’d available to us.

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