Long Beach Must Have A Hospital [Guest Author]

Over the last few days there have been some significant actions in support of Long Beach having a full-service Hospital.

The letter below from the City Council to the South Nassau CEO states that a series of public forums is overdue and necessary to hear Community input.

Additionally,  is a link to a Long Beach Herald article that comments on Todd Kaminski’s communication with the New York State Health Commissioner requesting a public forum. [LINK]

And, the Beach-to-Bay Central Council (BBCC) issued a Mission Statement that calls for a full-service Hospital, under new management, with 120 beds, to be built in Long Beach with FEMA funds.

Our demands that “Long Beach Must Have A Hospital” need to be voiced by our entire Community. Let’s all rally around these recent actions.

-Edward Glister


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33 thoughts on “Long Beach Must Have A Hospital [Guest Author]”

  1. The old hospital needs that renovation $$ to start flowing and to be operational ASAP.

    I get it that hospitals and that entire industry is a pile of admin paperwork but they need to put their feet on the ground and get some action going already.

    Too many people are at risk due to SNCH taking their sweet time. Clearly they want to grow their hospital network. Let’s see that put into motion.

  2. I believe the hospital was restored after the storm and was inspected and approved. Now it looks like the demolition permits are flowing and soon there will be no hospital to save. Maybe Long Beach City Hall should find the balls to stop the demolition by holding up the permits and exert some pressure for saving the hospital on our behalf. Maybe someone can get to the bottom of this boondoggle and report this failure of our government. THIS IS NEW YORK’S $120M BRIDGE TO NO WHERE.

  3. I’m not even there,just on the outside looking in..at my former lifelong home town. The place I worked with so many wonderful people LBMC..all I am seeing is SNCH dragging along everyone,making excuses to put more money in there pockets with the delay. Demolish the old..sell off the property, to make money. then open a smaller care clinic somewhere in town ..Like maybe the old central federal buildiing or the former Sunrise Medical offices…possible they are waiting to see what happens with the Komonoff sale also and grab it with the Fema money..do not trust crooks people think ahead..with HIGH STAKES involved anything is possible…

  4. Where were they in convincing the original BOD to dissolve in 2012 to make way for a take over? Their feet dragging is what has made this such a long process.

  5. Mick, you correctly point out that we’ve been without our Hospital for too long. We need significant action soon to render Long Beach safe again.

    We need the community to initially try to work with SNCH to get our full-service hospital. If SNCH fails to cooperate, further action is needed by the Community. The time for action is now!

  6. Can we please call a spade a spade here! It all boils down to money, no amount of city council bs letters or Kaminski asking for hearings are going to help. Unless they see a way to make a hospital in LB a profitable endeavor, WE’RE NOT GETTING ONE!!! The alternative is a public / government run one, which will suck , pretty bad. You want a hospital they figure out the money side of the equation, once you do the rest will be smooth sailing.

  7. follow the money you have said it…..and the community as awhole has not supported it opening..bad all the way around//very unsafe and getting worse everyday with the lay off of EMT’s…wouldn’t move back there on a bet

  8. Follow the money,
    The problem is the game is fixed. A hospital In town can be profitable! The old hospital, which was mismanaged, and in disrepair only ran a 2 percent deficit. Why don’t they want to reopen a hospital here? Because they rather take the $150 + Million in fema money to just expand the Oceanside facility and use our hospital campus for new real estate development! Take your own advice and follow the money. Real estate moguls and close connections with politicians stack the board of directors at south Nassau, a supposed “non profit” !

  9. Dear Follow The Money, fortunately many people disagree with you.

    The $150 million allocated by FEMA reimburses for the loss of OUR Long Beach Hospital. Seems to me (and many others) that this is money that should be spent on OUR Long Beach Hospital, and we’re willing to fight for it.

    And, there’s more money involved. The economic loss to Long Beach residents of not having the Hospital here is an estimated quarter BILLION dollars. Are you interested yet?

    And, the Berger Report (prepared by the State) shows that a 24-bed Hospital in LB, run by a management team like SNCH’s, would be profitable. If you really want to follow the money, I have prepared a spreadsheet (using Berger Report data) that calculates the profit/loss of various Hospital services.

    And what’s the value of lost lives and delayed Hospital services?Last week a family suffered the death of their Mother and attributed the loss to delayed transport to the Hospital. And two weeks before that ambulances were turned away from SNCH in Oceanside due to lack of capacity.

    Are you willing accept that because you have already assumed there’s no chance of a Hospital. How dare you call the City Council letter bs…they’re doing the right thing..are you?

    It’s disappointing to see 30 blog comments on GasGate and so few people concerned about OUR Hospital. Don’t listen to naysayers like Follow The Money, or we’ll end up with exactly what he forecasts.

  10. I do agree that a open dialog between South Nassau and our community is long over due. I live down the block. We have no idea whats happening. They keep pulling buildings down; ok, whats going to be done with all that land?

    In the absence of a statement of intent from SNCH our fear is that it’s all going to be developed as multiple dwellings.

  11. Nick, If you wait for a “statement of intent” your fear of the developement of multiple dwellings is sure to come true. Words mean little (and will come after its too late) and the actions are already being taken. They are tearing down hospital buildings and even offered to buy resident houses nearby. That speaks to their real intentions! They are not building a hospital – small or big… They are setting up for big real estate developement on the Bay.

  12. Why not ask Todd Kaminski why his father, who was on the Hospital Board of Directors, voted to close the place down? Why not ask who the private developer is who will put 20 story buildings on the site and why the Democratic Party Chief is representing him? Why not ask why South Nassau Medical Center paid D’Amato’s Park Properties hundreds of thousands to “lobby” the State to close LBMC? No, you liberal Democrats won’t ask those questions, will you? You’ll plant lawn signs can collect money for fund raising dinners. Fools.

  13. Hey, first, let’s start off with The Facts: I’m not a “liberal Democrat” (registered a Republican for 30 years, now Independent). Oh, another fact…I’m a volunteer and haven’t gone to one of your supposed fund raising dinners.

    And, here’s another fact: I sent two letters to the SNCH CEO seeking a full-service Hospital in Long Beach to service our community. What have you done?

    But, here’s the most important fact: if people follow your approach of “do nothing” there will be no Hospital here. The only chance for us to get OUR Hospital is to involve the City Council, NYS Health Depatment, our politicians, civic groups, the Chamber and concerned citizens. And while we seek to work with SNCH, we are prepared to initiate a law suit to get OUR Hospital.

    Call us fools, but at least we’re doing more than just spouting off on a Web site.

  14. Ed I am not disagreeing with you, we need a hospital, even a small one. However, as you and someone above put it, there are shady things happening with the money and decisions around this project (if we can call it that). However, I have asked people outside of LB who are familiar with the hospital systems and they are the ones who have said they do not see how one can be run profitability, not That it has to be for-profit but that it can’t run on a deficit. All I am saying is SNCH system is not seeing the money potential of a LB hospital and that’s where the problem stems from. So we either strong arm them or get another non-profit to come in and help us out. And plus one of asking Kaminskis about why his dad voted they way he did.

  15. I spent years working in healthcare finance both in facilities and as a consultant, including to LBMC. When you decide who your CFO will be based on where he lives instead of what he knows you have taken your first step down the road to problems. On two different occasions the company I worked for was brought in to LBMC to review their procedures and make recommendations for improvement. We even collected quite a substantial amount from Medicare and Medicaid for them (no we had no magic wands, if we were able to do it, they should have been also.)

    It is a fallacy to say you can’t make enough money by serving a heavy Medicare/Medicaid patient mix. They are the easiest payers to work with, follow the rules and ten or eighteen days later you get paid. With most private insurance companies you jump through hoops and they still drag their feet, 90-180 days is their usual time frame. The key is to have immaculate records, excellent data input, and to file claims in a timely manner. So often they didn’t file within the required time frame or have a clear understanding of the appeals process.

    You also have to be realistic about the salaries paid to administrators and the money spent trying to look like a profitable venture.

    Pure and simple, mismanagement caused the failure and even at the end they still could have saved it had they been willing to accept the need to change their ways.

  16. C Peck, it’s refreshing to hear from someone who understands the mistakes of the prior LBMC, but who actually has good working knowledge of the business potential for a future well-run LB Hospital.

    If you want to be involved in the effort to get a new, well-managed, profitable LB Hospital please contact me at edglister@gmail.com. We can benefit from your insights on the team.

  17. It’s my understanding that we had a deal awhile back in place with north shore – but they wanted to include ambulance service as well. Our very own Union firefighters said no, which killed the deal. Their greed cost us the solid relationship with a good hospital and is now costing them half their jobs. Smart leadership huh. Alternative 1 is the way to go – financially and for proper advanced paramedic services. Let’s get it done now!

  18. danny boy, I could not have said it better! Why does it appear that our City leaders are dragging their feet on life vs. death most important issue?So..oo, if I am experiencing a symptomology that may lift threatening.. I am going to the “Pavillion” first…They do not have the diagnostics necessary to ascertain exactly what the pathology is while in an ambulance transport, which will take forever in traffic,et.al. to SN

  19. On Monday April 13 at 730pm at City Hall the NYS Department of Health is holding a public forum regarding our Hospital.

    My understanding is that Todd Kaminski, Denise Ford and members of our City Council will attend, supporting our request for a Long Beach full-service Hospital.

    Representatives of various civic groups also plan to attend. Will you?

    All those who believe that we need a Hospital in Long Beach are encouraged to attend. Express yourself, get what we all need and deserve. Act as if this is a life and death issue…because it is.

  20. Captain, our requests/demands are very simple: follow the NYS guidelines…3 Hospital beds for every 1000 people population.

    There’s no specificity regarding number of floors, if they have shades on the windows etc.

    Just save lives!

  21. Ed,
    Where do these guidelines come from and when were they last updated? Do you know how many hospital beds we have in Nassau county and with the exclusion of LBMC have those numbers decreased in the past decade?

  22. Captain, great questions.

    The 2008 Berger Commission reviewed NYS Hospitals and made several recommendations. They cited the need to reduce NYS Hospital bed capacity.

    Specifically, they recommended that LBMC reduce to 154 beds (http://www.health.ny.gov/press/releases/2008/2008-07-02_berger_commission_measures_implemented.htm).

    Elsewhere, they also recommended that NYS should have 3 Hospital beds for every 1,000 person population. That would equate to 120 beds for LB.

    Further, beyond the Berger commission, there are other reasons to conclude a 100+ bed Hospital is needed to meet our medical/safety needs, including patient volumes from the past.

    I don’t know answers to your other questions, since our focus is on Long Beach’s needs.

  23. Time for action! Tonight at 7pm there is a Public Forum at City Hall, enabling residents of our barrier island to comment on where Hospital services will be located.

    The Forum will be led by the NYS Department of Health, and attended by Todd Kaminsky and other elected representatives, as well as key members of our community.

    If you agree that LONG BEACH MUST HAVE A HOSPITAL please show your support by coming to tonight’s meeting and voicing your opinion.

  24. Wow, last night was special! Several hundred people (standing room only) attended last night’s Public Forum regarding our Hospital needs. There were 50 speakers, with all but one saying that “Long Beach Must Have A Hospital”.

    Todd Kaminsky, Denise Ford and the LB City Council spoke in support of a LB Hospital. In addition, various Civic leaders, Drs., Nurses, Emergency personnel, business leaders, a pastor, as well as leaders from our school system expressed their reasons for supporting a LB Hospital.

    Equally important, there were representatives from various communities, our neighbors, speaking with passion and clarity; and several with personal stories of loved ones who died because of insufficient health services.

    The South Nassau CEO’s comments at the end of the 3-hour meeting reflected their new reality…that the South Nassau proposal for an Emergency room (and maybe a Medical Pavilion) is not enough, and that the conversation must continue.

    Please be assured that the Beach-To-Bay organization will continue to work with our neighbors until we get a commitment from SN and the DOH to invest in Long Beach’s health with a LB Hospital.

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