a SAFER Long Beach?

A person named ‘Safer’ wrote:

“Good job Anthony. You just exposed a car for an undercover cop and fabricated a dumb ass conspiracy only the likes of project 11561 and long beach matters to you (aka the long beach Republican Party) would be proud.

Take this stupid post down as you’re hurting the police department and making long beach less safe by keeping it up

First of all, if the LBPD wants to be discreet with their undercover cars, don’t gas them out in the open in daylight on the busiest road in Long Beach. We see a plain jane car getting gas, so we question. I cannot understand why some of you don’t get that. I want to know where my tax dollars are going. (Assuming that you work for the city) You work for me. I don’t work for you, asshole.

And on the topic of ME making Long Beach less safe: I don’t feel safe at all when all I see are automobiles flying though stop signs, speeding on Park Avenue or going through red lights all over town, 24 hours day, seven days a week.  I don’t believe my little post is making Long Beach unsafe, especially since I’ve been an advocate of road safety in this town since the blog began in 2008. So don’t pin that crap on me.

I generally don’t directly respond to trolls, but the bit about me making LB less safe is ridiculous.

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  1. I applaud you Anthony! This is precisely why I love your blog! This is a forum where you can speak your mind and not have your name pinned to it to receive the BACKLASH of the political BS that goes on when you disagree with the politicians, police or fire department. But I fear for you a little bit because they know where you live and don’t think the police won’t be collectively monitoring you looking for a way to enforce their fear tactics. I had a conversation with a person on the Volunteer Fire department and they say there are 150 volunteers ready to go at any time. I still don’t understand why we even need a paid fire department. And the Volunteers went throughout all the exact training as the paid guys. Besides, in the event of a large scale fire situation, the neighboring towns would help as they always do. But it would raise holy hell on Facebook if I posted as myself. Just a concerned citizen who is tired of being taken advantage of by the few who run it.

  2. Mr Ulcer, Don’t know who you spoke with from the fire department but they completely misinformed you. The career standard and volunteer standard for training are not even close. The paid guys have about 10 times the firefighter training than the volunteers. Not knocking them, but that’s the real truth, go ask the chief and he will explain that too.

  3. I’m glad you responded to that because that comment just irritated me to no end!!! People are just cruising around blogs to get a rise out of…well…themselves! Also it never ceases to amaze me that people come on any thread to derail it with other issues. But Anthony your doing an amazing job keeping me informed even about the “less popular” issues…I truly appreciate it!!

  4. Someone doth protest too much. Who could that be? Ah yes Safer. You sound like an angry jerk. Not proud of the lbpd right now. I hope you don’t represent the majority of them.

  5. aw thank you and I appreciate your concern. I’m not so worried..if I am followed and do get a traffic violation, then I deserve it for breaking the law. I joke around with my friends how I’lll never be able to add an extension to my house lol. But we have laws, zoning laws, etc. If I notice somebody is targeting me and I have proof, I can always just blog about it 🙂 I honestly don’t think anything will happen though.

    My frustration here and on the gas post isn’t directed towards our current admin, just more so questioning the gas usage as a tax paying citizen.

    Running this blog I hear so many things. A lot of people contact me with their “info,’ a lot I don’t post, so I do make sure it’s a worthy topic before I post. That “Gas” photo was actually discussed with what I would like to call “a panel of people” – concerned LBers who also questioned it, so It’s a process before I post anything.

    My frustration also stems from years ago pre-sandy when I watched and followed (on bike) a city worker drive their truck up the boardwalk on one end, go for a joy ride and went down the ramp at the other. It was a traffic violation ‘meter maid’ truck. I blogged about this and showed photos – hence my “no trucks on the boardwalk” campaign began. In some ways it’s more about trying to end maybe stuff people were able to get away with. I love this city. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in New York State than here. I am also a fan of law&order and safety, so my posts and comments are not directed at the LBPD or Firefighters directly. We need them. We need patrolling. Heck, I want speed humps at every stop sign and wish we had an express lane on park avenue so cars can travel faster east to west, with a local lane for shopping. But yep, I dream.. lol. Anyway, thanks for the concern and visiting the blog.

  6. Long Beach is no longer safe from terrorists. The LBPD has to redouble its orders for H & K automatic rifles. And maybe buy another Hummer and armored troop carrier. All your fault, Anthony, for outing that silver Toyota.

    Maybe they can trade in their boat for a cannon.

  7. Bravo Anthony!!!!!!! It is a worthy topic of discussion. As far as “outing” and undercover police car, really?????

    SAFER – You don’t think everyone in town knows which cars are unmarked police cars. If its so “undercover” they shouldn’t gas it a public pump as others pointed out. I’m sure its not parked in front of LBPD headquarters everyday either.

    EDDIE: You forgot maybe they can trade in the motorcycles as well. Both the motorcycle unit and the boats weren’t supposed to cost the city anything when they were created(except pulling officers from patrol). Until they sank the first boat by not properly tying to the dock to allow for the rising tide, then they “needed” to get a brand new one and now they just sit there doing nothing. Same goes for the motorcycles that were “free” from the PAPD but then needed upgrades/repairs and ultimately replacement after Sandy.

    I am all for law enforcement and I do support them but it shouldn’t be a toy box with the taxpayer’s paying for all the toys. As far as the Humvees they were at least free as DOD surplus and it doesn’t look like they went crazy with retrofitting them (finally someone thought about dollars and cents).

  8. Anthony, the car in question was being fueled so it could sit stake out outside the department in surveillance of the next shooting. Now those potential perpetrators may go down the block. Not sure what sheriff Brody is going to do now.

  9. Why shouldn’t they be given a car if it’s part of their employment compensation? That’s how jobs work. Oh yea, Allison, because Section 8 and Welfare doesn’t give you one, right? Maybe you should put in a resume. Oh yea, the White Man won’t let you get a job, I forgot.

  10. @allison because people have jobs to get to, kids to pick up/drop off, and they don’t have the luxury of 2 hours to do it and expensive p/rider costs using LI public transport and personal jet packs dont exist – despite it not being 1983

  11. Mark my words …….you will never get an answer from this Council as to who has cars , how many are without City insignia or what controls are imposed upon those take home 24/7 cars. What I will tell you is that the guys that get them are the highest paid in the City and pay no gas, repair, maintenance or insurance for any of these vehicles. WE DO !!!

  12. I love that there are multiple Allison’s with equally awesome comments regarding transportation modes.
    1983 perk indeed and Tom that’s fine and dandy but why am I paying for some over salaried city employee for personal car use? I call bullshit on that. These are public servants not private corporate workers.

  13. I am a private corporate worker who drives to multiple locations per day for work and the perk of a car is no longer included. I fill out milage sheets and get reimbursed.

    While some positions may warrant a car during work hours, very few city employees should get to drive one 24-7. I’m sure our transparent city council will get right on providing their constituents with that information. Don’t we already have the most expensive City Hall on Long Island considering just salary alone? How much is enough?

  14. @allisonb @joe totally agree with you. Free cars, free gas, free maintenance on the backs of the taxpayers. I don’t like it and don’t care if it was part of their compensation package. Do they get to cash out “unused sick days” as well?

    Maybe – just maybe – we can allow the practice to continue for certain department heads, but there should first be 100 % transparency on the practice

  15. When FBI uses undercover cars they are refueled and serviced at facilities that have no links whatsoever to the FBI, the federal government or any other government agencies. You can trace the registration plates only to entities that perfectly fit the undercover role being played.

  16. I thought you meant why does anybody have a car – not protesting public sector employees getting cars. But maybe it wasn’t you who wrote it in the first place? Whatever.

  17. Mandy, it’s never enough ! Remember these guys tried to get us to pay for their Health insurance for LIFE after 5 years of service. They will continue to push the limits until we throw them out. Their greed will be their undoing as it has been in the past.

  18. In order to work for this City you should have to be or become a tax paying resident. That will deter some of the poor spending habits. So sad that were paying for someone’s ride to and from work to Brookhaven. What a waste of money I hope that it’s all just BS.

  19. Some individual called Austin on the internet said it’s an “unmarked car used by a commanding officer” and people assume he actually knows something… then they jump to the conclusion that it’s actually an “undercover” car which if it were, the person in the know would not have said anything.

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