Private Showers = Local business opportunities [Guest Author]

From Long Beach Resident Joey Naham:

It was confirmed last night that our Boardwalk is getting a police Satellite station.  I asked our city council about indoor showers so out of towners (Who are already spending a lot to spend time on our beaches) can shower and change comfortably so that they can frequent our local restaurants, shops, stores, which really need every bit of help they can get.

The response from the board and commissioner LaCaruba was, “Showers are too much of a liability, and they were last on the list.”As I’ve observed in previous years countless rent a cops walking up and down the beaches inspecting coolers, bags, etc. .  and now with the addition of a police satellite station on our boardwalk this will give the impression of an overwhelming police presence.

I Feel that this is not the message we need to be sending to our visitors. Especially while we’re paying out $2 million a bathroom, and we won’t even talk about a shower stall for thousands of people who will benefit from it, and so will our businesses additionally.  That’s my opinion.
It’s also my opinion that if they’re so eager to put a police satellite station on the boardwalk than the liability of having an indoor shower should be suppressed by the police presence. Our rec-swimming pool has a locker,shower,and changing room, I’m disappointed that Jones Beach provides this service to their guests, and they’re not even expected to stay and patronize local shops.
Our own boardwalk infrastructure is being redesigned and the council, and the commissioner of public works are not entertaining new ideas to help our hurting local economy. If their only answer is to these establishments “Invest in a food truck” I think they ought to take a minute, a breath, and reflect on this opportunity that they have.

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  1. I could not possibly disagree with you more on this. Outdoor open air showers on the beach are tolerable for rinsing off, but the LAST thing we need is people having full shower stalls and changing rooms right on the boardwalk/beach. Nothing about public showers inspires a feeling of a high end community and as a home owner, I want the perception of Nantucket not Atlantic City.

  2. Long Beach has several issues some long standing, others the result of Super Storm Sandy. It may be hazardous to value perceptions of a community more than the community itself. There is no doubt that the local commerce needs help and there is no doubt that environmentalism is an issue overlooked in our community. We have rebuilt the boardwalk and can no longer have bathrooms or outdoor showers on the beach/sand level due to important FEMA regulations.
    To give people the opportunity to take care of themselves in a well regulated and well maintained facility is possible and should not cause alarm to any homeowner or be the last on a list. There are several issues that might cause more alarm – lack of proper communication between public works and the community – lack of willingness to have a dialogue in general – more police on the beaches (including police vehicles)… You do not have to agree but to dismiss it because of your own opinion is to lose an opportunity for growth as a community and as members of a community.

    I liked this article because it invites a dialogue and from the narration seems that the meeting was not open to dialogue. For me, that is the issue.

  3. Victoria, Under this proposed plan will the city be removing the outdoor showers they placed at the foot of each boardwalk ramp on the beach?

  4. At no point did I dismiss it, I gave my opinion that I vehemently disagree with it. I recognize I’m in the minority, but that doesn’t change the fact that I would rather Long Beach be a place for locals and friends, not Nassau county’s zoo for 3 months a year.

  5. @BitByKrimn I understand your opinion, but using a sensational example of Atlantic city is pretty sensational… Jones Beach does the same thing, are they Atlantic city?It’s funny you mention Nantucket, I just watched the Carl Reiner and Alan Arkin movie “The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming!” .. Great comedy. Highly recommend.That gives me an idea (but anyways).

    You used the word “tolerable to your perception of changing and just using out door showers..
    Are we only providing Tolerable services here in Long Beach? A hundred year old water tower, more sunken roads with pot holes,than satisfsctory roads, As well as Parking spot stand offs that havent seen the day since the OK Corral..these are affecting our way of life and our guests’ways of life, re: health, auto, bicycle, maintenance, and harmonious community living.

    I have lived here for 30 years and the only visiting out of town people who repeatedly stay till 6pm and after in Long Beach after they’ve gotten sandy and salty are those who are invited into friends’ homes. Outdoor showers are refreshing and convenient to a point, but no one who took a train or a bus here is going to throw the clothes they brought with them on right infront of everybody. Theyre going to make the decision that this is all the city has to offer, say I spent a a good chunk of change coming To Long Beach, heave their unused change of clothes with them and head home, because getting on a train sandy and salty is better than getting on a train sandy salty and exhausted. Instead of trying to guage where people’s tolerable and intolerable line is, let’s just attempt to satisfy. We’re spending $2 million per bathroom anyways..

  6. i agree that bathrooms with showers is a good amenity to have. the bathrooms are closed at night. The issue with the outdoor shower experiment they tried a few years ago on Riverside was that people were taking showers at all hours of the night. That was a value issue.

    The existing ramps were built with the thought they were temporary. They are to be replaced by ramps that go over the yet to be built dunes. (Fall of 2016 if the ACE stays on their schedule) The new ramps will be perpendicular to the boardwalk.I have to believe that the showers that sit at the bottom of each ramp now will be utilized with the new design.

  7. That is my point, I don’t want it to be convenient for day trippers. I would be perfectly happy with the masses seeing LB as unsatisfactory for a day trip and they head to Rockaway or Jones instead.

  8. How many Indoor shower stalls do you think would need to be built in order to have a significant impact on local business?

    I’d imagine if there were say two showers in each of those buildings you’d end up with tremendous lines.

    A large bathouse facility with showers and locker rooms is what would be needed to have the impact your talking about.

    Charging for showers or lockers could be a source of revenue for the city?

  9. QUESTIONS? The BW level restrooms at Riverside have been bathing/toilet facilities for bums and homeless for years. At time’s, they are so crowded or filthy that they are unusable and unavailable for boardwalk users. There has long been a night time crowd of gays who cruise LB Road, Monroe, Lincoln and retire to beneath the BW for whatever they are doing. Will the lavish new facilities be bringing this circus up onto the boardwalk level? Is this actually a “make work” project for the boardwalk “repair crew” and their fleet of heavy trucks that kept the old BW in a permanent state of wreckage?

  10. There are two kinds of shower stalls in the world: Gross shower stalls, and really gross shower stalls. Seriously, after one season these are gonna be trashed. Insert obligatory pothole example here.

  11. BUMPOUTS IMPACT ON PARKING AND FIRE PROTECTION Bump out’s will project into street ends. If there are concessions on the bump out’s, delivery trucks for the concession’s must have parking and turnaround room. Concession’s will require delivery parking regardless of location up on the BW. Street ends also serve as access and turnaround areas for arriving fire trucks when there are fires in oceanfront building’s. Has anyone considered the impact on street end parking spaces of all of this? I predict a loss of most street end parking in an area that already suffers from vastly inadequate number’s of parking space’s. Anyone disagree?

  12. Exactly right. The more free facilities you build for tourists – the more tourists who come. You want to put private showers in, make tourists pay $5 to use them and use the money to fill some potholes. The showers would have to be self cleaning anyway. You are going to have homeless people living in these $2M facilities – complete with showers, toilets, lockers, changing rooms – hell why not add a sauna or a steam room in there, even a jacuzzi.

  13. If you look at the location of buildings at Franklin and Monroe and the boardwalk it is easy to see they will have to impact parking and that will affect the residents of those buildings all year round. These facilities aren’t for the convenience of residents, they are purely for day trippers, but we residents will undoubtedly be paying for their construction and maintenance as we are inconvenienced by the parking. And quite frankly, I don’t want a public bathroom near the entrance of my residential building.

    How did the merchants survive all these years without this absurd notion that anyone else should be responsible for keeping themselves in business. Provide a good product at a reasonable price and locals and visitors will patronize your business.

  14. I thought the temporary air-conditioned bathrooms were excellent. They were always super clean, nice, cool, and portable.

    I really don’t see the need for anything more than outdoor open rinse-stations.

  15. These are just for private rinsing changing uses. A simple sign can have a lot of impact, like a sign that would express “trespassing on dunes it’s prohibited, or receive a fine. ”
    Btw, everyone on the beach has sandals, that’s what they’ll use to walk in and out of a public shower with, just like at our rec center.

  16. All that is needed are outdoor rinse showers to get the salt water off.
    And perhaps toilets that are kept clean and locked when lifeguards are off duty.

  17. What planet are you from? Or century for that matter. There is no night time crowd of gays cruising the boardwalk, and there is no under the boardwalk anymore anyway? Not to mention that the Riverside facility is no longer there.

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