16 Replies to “Renderings of the Boardwalk Bathrooms & Shade Bump Out”

  1. I’m not sure what I had in mind but these do underwhelm BUT I think they fit in instead of stand out which might be a good thing. Ditto on the bump outs – we need places for people to stand where they are not in or near the bike lane.

  2. I questioned the design last night and was told the buildings are a “blank slate” that lends itself to community art, murals and the such. I’m with you though, Anthony.

  3. And not for nothing but even the renderings have people walking and running in the bike lanes and people riding bikes not in the bike lanes. At least they got that part right. –props to KG

  4. I could not tell on the drawings, but some appeared to be on the beachside of the boardwalk, if so… Why would you locate these on the beach side of the boardwalk? besides ruining the view, i.e. the supposed reason we are on boardwalk… Why would we locate the $2,000,000 bathrooms and all the plumbing and everything on the ocean side of the boardwalk? and the bumpout, i think would be better on the beachside of the boardwalk, to enhance the viewing area of the beachside view….
    just asking…….

  5. LTC,
    All the new structures will be on the North (street) side of the boardwalk. It was mentioned at the meeting the other night, but I am unable to see the location mentioned in the presentation. I believe there are some DEC/ACOE/FEMA issues on where they can be placed due to environmental/dune replenishment/resiliency issues.

  6. interesting opinions. finally constructive debate amongst neighbors that isn’t nasty. bravo to all!! if ever you have a chance, check out the Rockaway boardwalk. well constructed. majority of it held up well during Sandy. the interesting part is that almost all of their “bumpout” areas, are on north side of boardwalk to simply avoid any possible storm surge. I get it. if there is a surge, it will get hit anyway, but the thinking is the dunes and the south side of boardwalk will break some of the surge.
    what all should be howling about is the sheer incompetence of the Council and the clear corrupt nature of this contract.
    FOR INSTANCE: why were these “bumpouts” NOT INCLUDED in our original $44 million ripoff of a boardwalk??!! With that asked, then WHY ARE WE GOING BACK TO THE SAME MORONS WHO RIPPED US OFF??!! Does anybody even care to make the City Mgr and the Council Dunces accountable? this is simply an $8 million gift to their buddies at Grace and LiRo. Follow there contributions. See where the money leads us. Can Flash Gordon have this deleted too?

  7. Gordon is great at deleting on FB and blocking people once they say anything negative on FB. Pretty soon there will be no one left to comment on the City’s FB page except Gordon’s aliases. At least we are safe here thanks Anthony!!!!

    Now about these bathrooms 8 million seems outrageous. I am not a contractor so it is hard to say what they should really cost. I thought the $2 million for the beach ramps was outrageous originally butafter seeing the finished product I think we got our moneys worth there let’s see what happens with the bathrooms

  8. The problem is they look like they are on the North side of the boardwalk….the point of people on the boardwalk is to see the ocean…

  9. I like the ideas presented since they will give men a better place to hook up with other men instead of just under the boardwalk in the old days. Not that there ‘s anything wrong with that.

  10. I totally agree with D. Especially in the summer. when the boardwalk is so crowded, and people just stop in the middle of the bike lanes and take
    pictures or chat on their phones, not giving a care in the world, The bump outs are a great and wonderful place for people to sit, stand, chat, take pictures and all out of harms way.

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