PSA: Please keep off the dunes and beach grass!!


I’m really surprised when I see parents allowing their kids to sleigh down the dunes & trample all over the beach grass. Don’t they realize they’re making it worse for not only our wildlife, but our protection as well? This is a really serious issue, as one reader tells me:

 “When I was a kid my parents taught me the importance of dune grass, how it captures sediment, stabilizes, and grows the dune.  I was always told to keep out of the dunes because of how sensitive the grass was.

Seriously folks, stay off the dunes. Not to sound like a grumpy old man, but please teach your kids to respect the dunes. Lead by example. Besides, this is Long Beach where all sleighing should be done down the beach boardwalk ramps.

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  1. They may be tire tracks but those look like kids with snow toys at the top. Along with not sledding how about teaching kids not to throw garbage out windows. I could go on but this is about the dunes.

  2. Hold on, there was an ADULT there condoning this?! Not just kids being mischievous? Just when you think you’ve seen the bottom of the dumb pit . . .

  3. I witnessed this sledding last week – the children were accompanied by ignorant adults! I remembeg the hours spent on my knees planting the dune grass – made my furious!

  4. Well said Anthony and PB! I saw close to a dozen families sledding in the dunes last week. Trampling the dune grass planted by those of us who volunteered hours in the cold, destroying city property.

    Parents, don’t be cheapskates, take your kids to a park or a ski mountain. Teach them respect. They’ll have more fun!

  5. Sad to see parents who are allowing their kids to act unruly. Or perhaps they too are not aware of the right and wrong? Our generation is really getting worse.

    Other people’s efforts are wasted by people who don’t know how to appreciate and respect things.

  6. yeah, let’s face it: As kids, we all wanted to play in the dunes, but there was always an adult yelling at us to get out. But when an adult is allowing their kids to do this, it’s inexcusable and disrespectful to our community.

  7. Here is a related question – for those fortunate enough to own beachfront property on the West End: will they still be allowed to cross the dunes and enter the beach without paying? (or will the dunes be sealed off, as they should be)?

  8. For those of you who saw the sledding actually going on, did any of you say something to the adults & kids who were there?
    I find a good bit of dialogue and complaining being done on this blog, but nobody actually speaks up and says something to the persons doing the act. That goes for seeing people litter, toss their butts out, not picking up their poop, not having their dog leashed.
    Speak up when you see it happening. We aren’t helping educate the ignorant if we just stay quiet and yell online about what we just saw.

  9. I didn’t take the photo in this case, but I have said things to adults in the past – including a mom w/ her kids who were laughing as they threw sand at a nesting osytercatcher. Oh boy did I yell at her.

    I agree that action speaks louder than words, but it’s also good to put this kinda stuff out there to make more of us aware.

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