NY STATE “Owned” Sandy-Damaged Homes for sale….

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 1.38.44 PMHere you go, folks. This document is a PDF and too big for me to convert for the blog, so sorry if you can’t view it on whatever device you are using. VIEW: 150 PROPERTIES OWNED BY NY STATE (PDF)

Below is a list of the Long Beach homes. Here is a NY Times article which further explains the situation: Battered by Hurricane Sandy, Bought by New York and for Sale for a Song

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 1.37.04 PM

Thank you LONG BEACH MATTERS TO YOU for the heads up.


3 Replies to “NY STATE “Owned” Sandy-Damaged Homes for sale….”

  1. Well since the state is selling them on the open market it would probably be safe to assume that they will be developed as single family homes and not as Low-Income or multi family housing as had been suggested by some. Whoever develops them will have to comply with LB zoning versus the state developing as the 800 pound gorilla and saying ZBA rules don’t apply to them. This is a positive development in my mind unless you are trying to unload a storm damaged property on your own right now.

  2. I heard if a home is in foreclosure with no mortgage, social services can buy and make it whatever they want; section 8, etc… and that this immediately lowers the blocks property value as well as possible safety concerns. Is there a way to find out before they get these houses?

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