South Nassau’s Long Beach Medical Arts Pavilion

“South Nassau is considering construction of a two-story, 30,000-square-foot Medical Arts Pavilion on the Long Beach campus site. The building could house services such as a dialysis center, behavioral health, radiology and medical imaging services, same-day ambulatory surgical center and family medicine. [LINK]

It’s supposed to also include a 24/7 emergency department. Check out the video here: Animated fly-over of proposed Medical Arts Pavilion


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  1. In the video it appears they have space for 4 ambulance bays. Since the proposed emergency dept will not treat the most serious conditions(heart attacks, strokes, etc.) unless 80% of the starting 5 on the LBHS basketball team all sprain their ankles at the same time that seems to be overkill. Not to mention our EMS only has 2 ambulances.

  2. So do heart attacks, strokes (other serious conditions) even go there at all to be triaged or stabilized, or do they still have to take the long slog through traffic to somewhere else?

  3. Now the process is – they bring you to this new pavilion first to justify its construction, where they can’t treat you, and that delays your arrival at the actual south nassau hospital by an additional 30 minutes.

  4. NY City hospitals are starting to do this in certain spots in NYC. It is basically an emergency room that can provide many options for patients , the only thing it doesn’t have would be beds for admittance to the hospital.
    This is what is happening in certain parts of the country as hospitals are closing.
    This is a better option from what we presently have.

  5. According to the article in Newsday:

    But all acute strokes, heart attacks and trauma patients will be taken to the appropriate state-designated hospital, as required by the Department of Health.

    “Even before the Long Beach Medical Center closed, such cases routinely bypassed the former hospital as per protocol,” South Nassau said.

    Anyone have any knowledge or experience as to whether that is true?

  6. Yes,I was transported by ambulence to LBMC…with symptoms of a MI(myocardial infarct or heart attack). I was examined and given heparin immediately to prevent clots from forming.Then admitted there and not transported anywhere…which as a retired medical professional was and I think should be standard operating proceedure.As it turned out I had a pneumothorax( collapsed lung) which is very serious as I could not breathe. Transporting that distance to SNCH most probably would have me arriving there as a DOA.

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