Resident calls for the tearing down of Kitty Condo

A resident named Barb has had enough with Kitty Condo [red building in above photo] and wants it torn down:

“I would love to bring some attention to this eyesore in the empty lot between Lincoln and Monroe Blvd.This is what people see when they walk on our lovely new boardwalk. Disgusting. It does serve a purpose though, the colony of homeless cats have somewhere to shelter from the cold.
This topic has been brought up several times already, but worth repeating because Barb is absolutely right. Our beautiful boardwalk is tarnished with eyesores such as this red abandoned trailer. Of course there are some legal issues surrounded the lot that it’s in. Last time we discussed this was back in September when there was word of a possible stipulation between Corey Klein our city and the property owner (read –HABERMAN SETTLEMENT, A NEWSDAY ARTICLE, YADDA YADDA YADDA). Any updates on all this??


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  1. That cat infested eyesore was originally the sales office for the Seapointe Condos at Lincoln and the BW. It was built and maintained (you should pardon the expression) by the Haberman’s who were the developers of Seapointe. Back then they also owned the little run down garden apartments, north side of Shore Rd. Between Monroe/Lincoln.

  2. Haberman still owns those apartments on the north side of shore. “Lincoln Shor Apartments”. I’m not sure when the “e” fell off the building, but I don’t think there are any plans to replace it.

  3. Had to fix it. for future reference it wants regular HTML:

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  4. Let’s rendezvous at midnight.
    I’ll bring a bucket of ModgePodge, you bring the glitter and random cutouts of cats and sharks. Let’s collage this shit!

  5. I’d ask but think we’re, as in taxpayers, still on hook for suit where the Counsel allegedly signed a document without permission of Council but don’t believe I’d get an answer. Was that Kitty Condo Gate?
    One needs Cliff Notes for 1W Chester.

    It’s again a privately owned property. If it’s a mess make a report./complaint with Building Department. FOIL the number of fines against the property.

  6. If torn down (and I do agree it is not attractive) then other accommodations, for the feral colony living there, should be made first. It would be heartless and cruel to just leave them to the elements.

  7. Another eyesore is all the trash in the Haberman parking lot (around the Kitty Condo). It is never cleaned. For over a year now, I have been picking up as much plastic and styrofoam trash as I can in the Haberman lot.

    I am worried about all the plastic in our oceans, so my priority is picking up plastics that could blow into the ocean.

  8. Nikki’s, yes, the goal is to make Long Beach beautiful. Last year members of the community cleaned up most of the West End main streets (Beech and Park). This year we plan to initiate a similar effort to clean the East End.

    In your opinion, what are the shabbiness areas that need cleaning?

  9. Well then maybe you would like to contribute to have it made prettier Beach Gal. It’s an eyesore and makes the community look like a ghetto.


  11. I am bumping this thread to see if anyone knows what happened to the homeless cats. They all seem to be gone! And the ugly eyesore is still there

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