Park Avenue. Then & Now. Any grants for us?

The City of Long Beach just posted this period photo of Park Avenue on Facebook:

1525481_824695824276840_7158536204457358996_nI love looking at these old photos of our city by the sea, but they also get me kinda sad seeing how much things have changed. For example: Where did those beautiful pedestrian lamp posts go?Whose decision was it to remove them?? And how can we get them back???

I’m not sure how long ago this photo was taken, but I would love for Park Avenue to get back to (at least) some of its roots (sans the same old terrible sidewalk and parking meters, of course). But those pedestrian lights. WOW! Talk about making things quaint. Also, notice the lack of signs? (I’ll save that issue for another day).

Newsday just ran an article on how Great Neck business district was to get a 1Million dollar upgrade from a Department of Transportation’s Transportation Enhancement Program grant:

“including the reconstruction of roadways, new brick sidewalks, LED streetlights, benches and trees [LINK].

The article mentions Freeport, Port Jefferson village & Town of Islip as other Long Island areas who have received this grant. Surely there must be some money for Long Beach, no?

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  1. Anthony,
    Other than the time of day, street lights, parking meters and year of the car it looks like the image you took of our thriving downtown. The more things change…….

  2. Take a good look at the parking meters in the photo. Democratic Boss Phil Kohut was caught taking a $22,800 bribe from the Duncan Parking Meter Company to have the City of LB buy the meters. Phil was “Public Safety Commissioner” (translation: both Police and Fire Commissioner) of The City of LB at the time. Cops and Firemen had to pay to get jobs, then pay again for promotions. Boss Phil tooled around LB in a Lincoln Continental Mark II that cost $10,000 when you could buy a fully loaded Cadillac for $4,500. The Continental was a “voluntary gift” to Boss Phil from grateful city employees,4784968&hl=en

  3. Who cares about Uncle Phil ? We now have nephew Steve Kohut the right hand man for Zapson. Kohut’s wife runs the Water/Sewer department and he has his son as the #2 man at the Rec. Things don’t change that much in Long Beach!

  4. Kohut supporters used to say the story was false and shouldn’t be allowed on websites, until I posted links to news articles and court documents. Now they say it’s old news and shouldn’t allowed for that reason. It’s history and so are the street lights and parking meters. What’s your connection to Phil moneybags???

  5. Anthony the parking was changed to parallel in the early 50’s after the accident at Hittlemans bakery a car drove tree through the window with the angle parking.

  6. About the old street lamps. They are nice looking but used the old incandescent bulbs. They lit the second floor of buildings, but lit the sidewalks and streets poorly. The bright modern lighting is much safer for the public. Back in the old days the residential neighborhoods has short (maybe 10 feet) concrete poles with a single glass globe with a light bulb within. Again they looked great but functioned poorly. I’d hate to think what would happen crime wise if they went back to old lights. The North Park crowd would be shooting their guns off on Park Avenue instead of in front of LBPD Headquarters.

  7. and these are the entrenched fiefdoms that probably are the reason why nothing gets done (or if it does, it gets done wrong). Generation after generation of friends and families all with deep roots in various government departments, completely irrespective of their qualifications. Everybody protecting their own.

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