Gentle Brew highlighted in NY Times article

B4wh5szCcAAWESOCheck out this article in the NY Times which highlights Gentle Brew Coffee, how their coffee beans are freshly roasted on location.

NY Times: Coffeehouses Where the Brew Is as Crucial as the Bean

“We decided to put the roaster in the front to showcase what we do because people don’t realize we roast all of our own coffee on site,” said Mr. [Bryan] Baquet, who started the business as a part-time roaster in Hicksville in 2010 and moved to Long Beach two years ago, expanding offerings to include espresso and cappuccino drinks, alternative brews, in-house baked goods and weekend waffle breakfasts. [LINK]

I drink Gentle Brew coffee everyday. In fact, I am drinking it as I post this!

Gentle Brew Coffee
151 E Park Ave, Long Beach, New York
(516) 605-2370

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  1. I’ve said it before, long beach needs more places like this. Pick something, then do it really well. Seems simple but there are so many try-and-do-everthing-shitty businesses out here.

  2. GB is one of LB’s best offerings. So glad to see them get the recognition they deserve for their coffee cred even as we regulars appreciate their outstanding brews and welcoming vibe everyday . Yes LB is lucky that Brian and his team decided to make LB home.

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