A reader asks: WHERE ARE MY TREES?

2015-03-28 11.11.05Q: Where are my trees?
A: They are coming! At a recent very special city council meeting on March 24th, our city:

“authorized to enter into a contract with Louis Barbato Landscaping, Inc., Holbrook, New York for the furnishing and planting of approximately 2700 trees and all associated incidental work, in accordance with plans and specifications on file in the Office of the Commissioner of Public Works, at a cost of $1,390,385 [LINK]

Planting should begin in April and be done in June. Here is the entire plan so search your block to see what you’re getting: Tree Replanting Master Plan (subject to minor changes like no more Black Japanese Pines)

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  1. Industry standard is planting in the fall (period). I’ve seen alot of specs on landscaping and involved in alot of planting over the years. It’s not done. I wonder if you can get any sort of guarantee from the grower or the planter doing this.

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