The City is joining in on Sign Week/Month! [Traffic Safety Slogan and Sign Contest]

The City of Long Beach has officially joined Sign Week Month! They will be running a contest to design the best Traffic Safety Slogan/Sign! I’m not sure if my previous posts on the topic inspired them

Now is your chance to beautify (Yes, Beautify) the city! Oh and please submit your sign ideas to this blog! I would love to share them! Read about the contest below:

11081435_827289920684097_4159114467207934942_nCity of Long Beach Traffic Safety Slogan and Sign Contest

Here’s your chance to get involved…

The City Council’s “Long Beach Listens” program has conducted surveys and focus groups on numerous projects, providing the community with opportunities to get involved and have their voice heard. As you probably know by now, the City Council recently voted to lower the City speed limit to 25 miles per hour as part of the new “LB Safety Initiative.” In an effort to inform the community of this new speed limit and safety initiative, the City is launching a contest to determine its new traffic “slogan” and “signs” that will be displayed at all five City entrances.

The City is actively seeking submissions from residents to help with this new initiative. Please submit your ideas for a new City of Long Beach traffic slogan and/or sign to

We know you have great ideas to make the City safer and we want to hear them – so be creative! Finalists will be selected by the City, and residents will have the opportunity to vote on which slogan and sign they like best on the City’s website in the coming weeks.

For full information on the City of Long Beach Traffic Safety Initiative, please visit our website at or our Facebook page at

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  1. Partnering with another organization already working on safety initiatives is a very smart idea. No need to reinvent the wheel here. I think it’s great the city is doing this.

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