Why not a Nail Saloon?

nailsaloon1Long Beach has a lot of bars. And yes, a lot of nail salons. In celebration of yet another nail salon opening up on Long Beach (see the agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting), a reader of the blog suggests a new type of business that might work here:

“Someone should combine the 2 most successful types of business down here and open a “nail saloon”, get hammered but look good doing it.

I would actually go to this…mmmhmmm…. maybe not.

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5 thoughts on “Why not a Nail Saloon?”

  1. Is there any information on who the beneficiaries will be from what looks like a $3.5M allocation for (golden parachutes?)

  2. No kidding – I think that idea is genius! Can you imagine the bridal and bachelorette business alone? And it would give the place a real leg up on all of the regular, old salons around here! Who wouldn’t rather a pedicure and a margarita to a straight up pedicure? Make it a double, and now I can sip a drink while waiting for my nails to dry!

  3. Yeah hamburgler, who is getting those windfall pay outs? Could it be some folks who realize they need to cash out before their luck runs out?

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