Promising to freeze taxes for two years, stop overdevelopment and restore transparency to City Hall, Angelo Lomonte, Catherine Quinn and Brian Higgins announced their candidacy for the Long Beach City Council.According to James V. Moriarty, Long Beach Republican Chair, the three candidates have been endorsed by the Long Beach Republican Committee along with Legislator Denise Ford.

Lomonte is a media and marketing executive who resides in the East End. Quinn, an attorney, is Associate Director at Fordham School of Law, Career Planning Center and resides in the West End. Higgins is an operations manager for Verizon Communications and resides in the Canals.

“During the next six months we will be reaching out to residents to listen to their concerns and outline our ideas for improving our community”, the candidates said.

“We will also seek to hold the current administration accountable for their record and we will ask them to explain why the City faces ever increasing city property taxes, a crumbling infrastructure, more overdevelopment, including two planned 15+ story towers to be built on the Superblock, more traffic, less parking, a 50 million dollar Haberman Judgment against the City, discord in our Fire Department, an unprecedented amount of shootings and drug related activity on our streets, and a complete lack of transparency when it comes to answering questions from our residents”, said the candidates.

“The Long Beach Democratic City Council said things would be different after they won in 2011 and they were right. Things got worse. They have brought patronage and cronyism to its worst level in many years where “insiders” are rewarded and taxpayers foot the bill. It’s time for a change in City Hall. We need a two party government with checks and balances that put the interest of taxpayers first and not the Democratic Clubhouse”, said Lomonte, Quinn and Higgins.

“We invite people of all political persuasions to join our grassroots efforts to take back our City.” To volunteer or make a donation please feel free to contact us at Long Beach Republican Committee P. O. Box 1058, Long Beach, New York 11561, call (516)640-0047, email: longbeachgop@gmail.com or “like” us on Facebook “Long Beach Republican Club & Committee”.


  1. Who, who and who?

    This is the best they can come up with?

    Embarrassing slate. I guess the Dems will be in control for at least another two years.

  2. Would you rather the same old names year in and year out? I’m thrilled for some new faces – hope they can shake up this town and its corruptionX

  3. I’m no fan of Zap and the Dems but I call it like I see it.

    Three no names running for a dying Republican Party. This is a humiliating ticket. Even their close friends and supporters have to know they can’t win.

    What did these three ever do for LB? Where have they been since the storm? Election is over before it began. Congratulations to Len Fran and Eramo.

  4. Wow. Hennessy wasted no time creating a SBTC account.

    Who in this administration is corrupt and what exactly did they do that was corrupt? If you want to make an accusation please elaborate. Thanks.

  5. the “clean slate is back”!!!!!! Lol

    Only this time they got a fatter guy and ditched the hot chick in exchange for a young Mona goodman

    It’s basically the same exact campaign that just got slaughtered.


  6. @Ghost, if LB for Life doesn’t want to elaborate on the corruption, how about we focus on immoral and unethical? City Council was told either indirectly, or perhaps directly, by former Senator Alfonse D’Amato to shut the fu%& up about the hospital and to forget the close to $200 million dollars in FEMA money to rebuild. Keep in mind we lost over 1,000 jobs and $250 million out of the local economy. Uncle Alfonse installed his own VP of his lobbying firm on the Board of South Nassau as well as his developer buddy John Vitale and others and paid themselves to lobby for the FEMA funds. This City Council has made a week-kneed effort only to save face come election time. Along with watching that money get siphoned off to Oceanside, they know full well that dismantling the LB Fire Department and working in “cooperation” with South Nassau on emergency calls is all part of the scam to become reliant on SNCH. If you’re ok with them sitting idly by while we lose, then keep voting the way you always vote. The fact that they passed a rule that they don’t have to answer questions at City Council meeting speaks volumes to the kind of politicians they are. Or how about trying to sneak in pensions and life-time health benefits after only 5 years? The list of the unethical and immoral dealings is way longer than I care to discuss. There is no reason why we shouldn’t listen to what this new group has to say about the direction they would like to see LB going.

  7. LB cannot be saved at the voting booth, the demographics of the voting body will never do anything except elect the same Democrats over and over again, which is why nothing ever changes. Vote with your feet, like many residents are doing, just drive around and see all the for sale signs on houses all over the city.

  8. Some possible answers
    1) increasing city property taxes – are caused by the unsustainable salary and pension structure for public union workers, I am glad to see the Republican candidates will be addressing that, the CSEA, LBPA, et. al. might not be too thrilled, so let’s keep that quiet.
    2) a crumbling infrastructure – a multi-decade failure in our city to address the infrastructure needs in an organized manner and schedule has caused this, let’s hope they choose to continue to build on what is being done today, unless of course they are independently wealthy and will be paving all our streets on their dime
    3)more overdevelopment, including two planned 15+ story towers to be built on the Superblock – The republicans are so right on this one, we have all grown accustomed to an abandoned garbage strewn lot on our beachfront it is sort of like a landmark already, leave it empty
    4) more traffic, less parking – Great idea but most of the residents down here think more visitors is actually a benefit to us “local businesses, more revenue, fairs, yada yada”
    5)a 50 million dollar Haberman Judgment against the City – this has been coming for a long time, when did the roots of this get planted?
    6) discord in our Fire Department, HA! – Like these republicans are going to be any different than previous R administrations and not try to eradicate the FD?
    7) an unprecedented amount of shootings and drug related activity on our streets – So now these 3 are going to solve deep seated cultural issues, some of which were detailed over 50 years in the Moynihan Report (I might actually pay to hear them address that)
    8) a complete lack of transparency when it comes to answering questions – Oh great so these 3 are going to actively engage Halftime Howie on the podium, that will surely make the cost of picking up my garbage less costly.

    Oh and seriously a “grassroots efforts to take back our City”, so now the LB Republican Committee is forming grassroots organizations? The sad part is more people will fall for that “grassroots” line then fell for the “Independent” republicans last time around.

    Oh and please lets all join in and hash tag each comment with ridiculous ones like #takebacklongbeach or #tblb, who exactly is this grassroots taking our city back from?

  9. How nice and typical of the other side to name call and shoot down people for taking the effort to put themselves out there. Very mature LB Dems. This is exactly why we need to elect these folks, cause having five Dems run the city council has gotten us a great deal of one sidedness. Our political system works best when there are checks and balances and we don’t have that right now. All we have is five zapson drones.

  10. wow. Ok. Lots of lies here.

    D’Amato runs the county repubs w Mondello and the gave their blessing to this republican slate.

    The only “rule” this council passed for good and welfare was to have it at every meeting. Don’t worry though, two of these three republicans have never attended a city council meeting so they won’t know. Angelo goes once every six months and is just a shill for the Tea Party.

    The council voted down the benefits package, not for it.

    Still nothing immoral or unethical.

    To call these republicans new is a joke. They are puppets with Jimmy Hennessy and Jimmy Moriarty running pulling the strings. Mona Goodman will be walking their petitions door to door. Nothing new.

    I had hoped to see true independent candidates this time around but we got the same old Republican garbage.

  11. 1. Council did not vote NO on benefits package. They tabled the vote after a large public outcry. The agenda item was never put back for a vote.

    2. They stopped answering questions that is true. It is also true they added good and welfare to evey council meeting.

    Anthony isn’t the Patch.

    Why so threatened? 6 people will run, share their ideas and visions and we will vote. No need for patch crap.

  12. I watched stream of last council meeting. They answered lots of questions. It’s on the long beach website (longbeachny.org) if you want to view it.

  13. I attend LB City Council Meetings and up to date on several “LB” blogs. All I see, hear and read is how much change needs to take place: taxes, schools, overdevelopment, roads, increase in crime, beautification, firefighters, lack of transparency, etc. the list could go on and on. We love it here, which is the cause of the passion, but there are changes that need to be made. So why continue to show undying support for the same existing Democratic machine? Here is a chance to change things up. I Can’t tell you who I will be voting for in the fall…but I will say that I will give this trio a shot and see what their vision is. I’m tired of being unhappy with my local govt.

  14. These responses are totally typical from the LB Dem spin machine (Gordon Tepper). If the rep candidates were seen at council meetings they are GOP insiders and if they haven’t been seen at a council meeting they are not involved enough. These candidates are perfect because anyone is better than what we have. We should at least let them tell us their vision and plan and then we vote for who we like. I for one and voting for the new republican slate.

  15. @ just the fax. They “voted down” the benefits package. Hilarious. Oh that’s right, someone just slipped that in in the meeting and they were just as much surprised as the rest of us. Nice spin. Besides, they “tabled” it for another rainy night. Even funnier is that you think Alsonse D’Amato is a Republican. He’s a self serving lobbyist. His VP at his lobbying firm, Park Strategies,(who he installed on the Board of South Nassau) is Anthony Cancellieri, Former Chief Deputy County Executive for democrat Tom Suozzi. Google “Anthony Cancellieri,Suozzi” just like that and have fun reading about the corruption. D’Amato/Park Strategies has been paid almost $1 million in lobbying fees since Dem Cancellieri was installed at SNCH. Look it up, it’s public record. Now tell me, who do you think was told to shut the F#$% up and by whom. City Council is letting $200 million in FEMA funds get siphoned off to Oceanside and 1,000+ jobs dissapear. Why? So they can let D’Amato’s developer buddy from Island Park, John Vitale, also installed on the SNCH Board, develop the LBMC property, collect more taxes, hire more friends and not fix a damn thing. The truth hurts.

  16. To:”new kids on the block”.Bravo! You most certainly told it like it is! Your list was long and true.The Long Beach Hospital scam that has been allowed to continue, superceeds the list in my opinion.This critical situation should never have germinated…and our “elected leaders” are the invertabrates that should have fought against this takeover.I say,Shame on all of them…It is time for them to be replaced.Actions speak louder than words.They could care less about the residents of LB. I look forward to hearing from this new Republican slate.

  17. What Shocks Me about this Blog , and This City , Is that we are all educated Professionals letting the LB Political Machine push us around , and Dictate what should be happening with OUR city . We need a Mayor . That’s what we need . A Mayor , not a City Council . How do we do that ? How do we change this Backwards system of Government , back to something More Manageable? We need an Attorney to Research it and advise us how to Accomplish this .

  18. Here we go again. Tepper tried to get LB a mayor in 2007. It was on the ballot and got voted down.

    This election is simple. If you like Jack Shnirman, you vote for the Dems. If you like Jimmy Hennessy, you vote for the Republicans. If you like neither, you don’t vote. End of story. It’s sad but that’s our reality.

    Chalk another easy one up for the Dems in November. It’s not necessarily what I want but these three are sacrificial lambs without a chance.

  19. I agree with West Endy. There is no accountability and too much partisan politics in LB. Only a mayor can be held accountable. As far as “no names”, I’m delighted to see new faces no matter what party. We are an overtaxed, sinking island in desperate need of common sense, leadership and transparency.

  20. Too old, too tired. I got seriously dinged by Sandy and had to sell my house. I now am gone to warmer climes most of the year so can’t do much from afar. I still live in LB and own an apartment for when I am here.
    I have been a long time resident and tried many, many times to get change but LB is a dysfunctional p lace.

    Meetings of various civic organizations were like watching the same movie over and over and over again.

    Trying to get change at City Hall was like banging my head against the wall.
    IMHO what is needed are some bright, altruistic people , without any ” connections” to take the reins of government and right the ship.

    A new beginning by members of a new political party dedicated to the betterment of what could be a near perfect place to live.

    if you give me back forty years I’ll gladly put up, get out and do it.

    Seriously seriously.

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