Who’s the boss?

“With elections coming up, if you do a piece about the local party bosses I think your loyal subjects will go nuts commenting, especially if you add some humor.”

Everybody wants me to write an article about party bosses, but what do I write?  Do I even want to bother? “Who’s really running things in Long Beach?” I’m asked, “who’s the boss?

Oh, Who’s the Boss? I can write about that!

There’s a power struggle at the Bower household. It’s Angela’s home but the very driven Tony is the one who keeps it clean. Tony has major influence over Angela, but most of that is just sexual tension. Tony also struggles with Samantha, but she’s only there because they are related. What’s the deal with Jonathan? Is he even needed? I don’t know, that kid is such a dweeb. Oh, but the true Phantom Menace is Mona, Angela’s mom. Mona lurks in the background, strategically jibs and jabs and secretly controls them all with smoke, wires and mirrors.

Who’s the Boss? Aired on ABC from 1984 to 1992 [wiki].whostheboss

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3 thoughts on “Who’s the boss?”

  1. On issues like the Hospital, Port Ambrose, its Governor Cuomo, who at times is influenced by Lobbyists, however, Government officials who are influenced by Lobbyists, at the present in New York, are losing the support of the People, and now more than ever on issues that effect Public Safety, the People are the Boss.

  2. Trying to watch the city council meeting but whenever the questions get tough the feed gets funky. Funny how that works.

  3. Gordon, suggest you check your computer connections. I was at the meeting and there were no problems hearing all the comments.

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